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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see that the thread got another page.

    Umm... I don't see those commands explained on your wiki. What do they do?
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    Looks like I forgot to document them!

    • /tpchere: Requests that a player teleport to you
    • /tpc: Requests that you be teleported to a player
    • /accept: Accepts a teleport request
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    *looks at the wiki real quick*

    Oh, ok... That's perfect. However.... Instead of having to see requests all the time, it would still be nice to have a notp command which disables all tp'ing, including requests, to the player. But this does solve my issue.
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    Baffaled [​IMG] Sent Necrodoom on here last night to post a simple bug report for what he found in the help docs " yea is one our staff good guy very reliable" and I see practicaly re wrote the plugin. Geezzz you work fast Zenexer!.

    I think I'm just going to remove my config for the old version and let it re generate the only thing I did to it so far was disable some commands.

    Question tho, you say Mcdocs is better help I had that in Hmod did not need it then and removed it due to Hmod already having a working command help system and detected plugins commands, are you telling me MCdocs does this now ?, I don't really want to install a new plugin just for a /help for command lists.

    I should check stop typing now and check out your latest build see if the new config for adding commands to the help list made it into one of them.

    Later [​IMG] Thanks for the mega efforts of you and your helpers.
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    @Zenexer Thanks. I really appreciate your support and because of that, I think i'll also be donating if you think you're going to stick around for a while...:D
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    @Aelux Oh, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. :D

    @ledhead900 There is an auto-detection system similar to what you described in Bukkit. However, as far as I know, Essentials is the only one ever to have used it, and it has one annoying bug (that can be worked around, of course). I had to revert back to the old commands system without documentation, as the new system proved too incompatible with other plugins using the older system. As such, we're stuck with basic /help until us Bukkit plugin programmers all get together and upgrade, I'm afraid. I've done a little rallying here and there, but so far all I've received are downright no's. I received a lot of heat for deprecating specialized plugins, so I'm trying to avoid expanding further within existing commands. As such, I tend to recommend MCDocs, but I'll probably end up implementing a better /help system anyway. In the meantime, yes, MCDocs is pretty much your only option.
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  11. lol /tpc /tpchere anyway maybe we could merge it into this as I have too many "maintable" things, whenever i try to file a big it keeps throwing me to the project page *shakes fist
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    Oh, that was your pugin? Right, you ported it! Ha, I'm a big fan *shakes hand vigorously* All yours to manage, lol.

    Gratz, this plugin is entirely yours until I wake up in... about three hours and add you to the authors list.
  13. Is there and IRC chan btw
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    zenexer, thank you for this plugin. Really good. I only have 1 question.
    Im using the permissions plugin and I cant make it so that a few can use the commands. Either all of them hace access to them or none have it =(

    I cant seem to find the problem.

    I pasted the permissions yml file:
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    Your inheritance syntax is off, it should be
             - Default
    The parser is VERY picky.
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    Oh and btw I get this when starting the server.
    --- merged: Jan 25, 2011 10:36 AM ---
    It should say that on every group? I thought every group should inherite the group under it.
    Also in the default group I wrote nothing under inheritance. Should I?
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    What I mean is.... the syntax you used for some of your groups is like so:
    inheritance: Builder
    But it should be like this:
        - Builder

    As far as the invalid character... The only way I can see to fix that is to copy/paste your groups into a temporary permissions file and only copy yourself as a user. After doing that, remove each group until that error goes away...

    However if the error goes away after only adding yourself as a user, then it's obviously a problem with one of your user declarations.

    :: Edit ::
    I also see that you have some which look like this:
        - 'ABuilder'
    They must ALL look like the following:
        - <groupname>
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    Is it possible to make a customized cooldown on home & spawn? :)
    - Would be awesome on my server :D - home & spawn is just too overpowered ;)

    EDIT: Home 1 hours & spawn 3 hours cd etc. :)
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    @Rallerbabz Doesn't setspawn set the spawn point for all users? Or just yourself?
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    ohhh! =) oh wow, ty =)
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    @pabbie No problem, happy to help.
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    Well first I would suggest getting the latest build of the Essentials plugin, just to make sure it's not a build issue. Make a backup of the config.yml and delete the working copy so that Essentials can generate a new one with the new format.

    After doing that, if the invalid character still exists, review my edited post above the last one for my suggested workaround. If you need me to explain anything further, let me know.
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    ty so much, ill let you know it that helps! =)
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    Sounds good :)

    :: Edit ::
    Off to bed, G'night.

    :: Edit 2 ::
    @Zenexer One last request before bed, it just hit me... A mass mail send to all users online and offline. This would be helpful for notifying users about server mods and future updates. I'll leave you to decide how you would implement it.

    Thanks again for all your support and quick releases.
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    Yeah setspawn is for all players. But I'd still like a private cooldown on it. - If its possible ofc ;)
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    I second this could be handy, as for how to do it easy!

    As a user uses the mail system have essentails take note of the players name and save it in a users file, Then when the appropriate ranked player uses your mass mail command it check for names to send mail to the details for how to handle this I'm sure you know better then I do.

    I also have a tiny request, Add option in the config to set /give to work the old hmod way and less like Vanilla servers.

    To explain in a little more detail, If no player name is given it gives to the player using the command, Don't give the item in a stack of 64 if no quantity is given give only 1 of the itemID.

    Also if you do decide to do this make it use a Items.db file to get its ID and names from so we can edit it to our liking, This also lets us remove items that /give can do as well or simply just be used to make dupe ID's with shortnames.

    I'm sure you have better things to fix or do so its not a top priority but if you could take note of it for later I'd be thankfull.
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    Zen, you are a coding madman! 30 builds in two days! We immensely appreciate your effort!

    P.S. We are really missing /compass if you have the time. ;)

    Thanks again!
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    Is there any documentation in the iConomy support added to essentials? I can't seem to find info on how to use the two together. Using iConomy credits for buying commands would be nice.
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    I've got a few ideas since no one seems to be porting over some things.

    /depth - shows your current depth relative to the bottom of the map.
    /deathtp - allows you to teleport to the last place you died

    And some sort of death notification with customized server messages. Like if I died from fall damage, the server would output to the server i fell to my death. I believe the hook for that exist, but I could be horribly wrong.

    Just some ideas if you get around to it. Thanks for all your work, this plugin is amazing.
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    Hello, I figured out and fixed all permissions issued I've had, but there's one command that isn't working for me - even as an OP: /kick

    The command is not disabled (even though I use the Permissions plugin), and it's not limited to OP. As I said, even as an OP /kick does nothing. Any help is appreciated. :)
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