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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Is this version going for the new minecraft version?
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    I am trying to rewrite home locatins of Warpz0r to Essentials but i wonder what are these numbers for:
    home: [-186.77993454605198, 76.0, 226.202288367658, -27.0517520904541, 20.817712783813477, world1]
    Of course the other ones are x,y,z and world in which this home is, but what are these two? Thanks a lot for any reply:)

    p.s. sorry for offtop, but can anyone tell me how i can generate couple worlds in one server (for example 2 islands - one 1000x1000 called "homeworld", the other one 100x100 called "MiningPlace" just for digging) with possibility to travel between them? Any names of mods, map gens. will be really helpful. Thanks in advance:)
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    for map limits, try a borderguard plugin to limit the map to that size, and a plugin like serverport can load maps and create portals between them. just change the world name in the and u can deal with them from there.

    sorry i cant help with the extra coords, reminds me of rvb when they get in the tank and wonder why there are 6 pedals :p
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    @kstepyra The extra numbers are pitch and yaw, or i.e. your angle of looking and your degree of rotation. IIRC.
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    Would be very nice, if you could add a:
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    Please update for #699 or the comming

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    +1 to /weather command :)
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    Hold your freaking horses people. You can't expect devs to update for a non recommended build after so short a time, especially between MC updates. They'll be working on it, stop asking.
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  10. Thanks for fixing the /spawnmob command in craftbukkit 699! I will now compile and use the svn version every time because of the very fast fixes ;)
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    Is there a place that shows the changelog of the Essentials Plugin Suite. I want to know what changed from 2.1.37 to 2.1.38 and every version since.
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    How to I configure the /world command to go to a differant world?
  13. is there any way i can tell you about bugs as the /ban and /ban-ip on essentials give error-c in build 705 also /spawnmob doesnt actually spawn mobs and /invsee gives a long error message
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    What build should I use with #677?
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    I reported the ban issue to the link they provided. It's pretty critical
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    Seriously people, there's no RB for 1.5 yet! Stop complaining until there's a base for them to work off of! (i.e. these may not even be problems in the RB when it is promoted).
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    Nothing wrong with reporting bugs prematurely dude. If they want to ignore them, they can. I've run stock 1.5_02 with bukkit #705 no plugins and ban and unban work perfectly, so there's a pretty strong chance it will still be an issue when the RB is promoted.

    At least it's on the books for them to check out when the RB is released.
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    anyeone know how to use trade signs with colored well.... the dec+hex item code
    1 35:8:100
    To sell 1 peice of lightgraywool with a stock of 100 for $250 a peice?
    How would i do this?
    redwool and such fits, but lightgraywool for example wont fit with the 100 stock at the end in a sign line.
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    Sell 10 lightgraywool for 25$

    Or there might be a plugin that allows more text, idk.
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    Just a suggestion for future updates,

    A more user-friendly, detailed currency system would be nice.
    (i.e. Ability to define a currency "name", include interest, customize display messages, ect.)

    I really like the fact that essentials has a built-in currency system, but iConomy *is* tempting with all of
    its fancy bells and whistles. It would be nice to see some of that creativity in the Essentials Eco.
  21. Is there any chance, when this is updated, the alias /money could be removed? because it conflicts with iConomy and apparently the /money for essentials hijacks the /money for iConomy
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    a small bug report for all 700 builds, the creeper explosion options dont work, like the protect area when it explodes, tnt also explodes when the protect is turned on but the blocks are replaced when it explodes

    this isnt a bug but is a little issue the plugin simple backup uses the commad "/backup" and so does essentials is there a way you can change this command to something like /"ebackup" so i can have both of the plugins working properly cheers
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    All Users become the Message "no Permission for this action" but they ahve the permission and they can also do it.

    Any Idea?
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    open essentials.jar with winrar and remove all reference to eco, it display a little message in the console when it start, but no bug ingame, and no mre conflict with Iconomy.
  25. I rent the server so we dont have access to any .jar files, but ive discovered its the other way round, iConomy Hijacks the /money from essentials, at least for me it does?
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    Johnny Lunder

    How you fixed the stupid /money conflict lately?
    I can't use this as long as the commands keeps stealing iConomy-commands.
    And finding a post with this horrible search is impossible.
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    I pray and beg for a more timely update this time around.
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    i believe in the newer versions, the esseco command is /emoney and /ebalance. why would you run icon and eco if you want eco?
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    I'm running the Essentials 2.1 (that I was using with CB#670) today along with Residence v2.0 in the CB #705 and it seems to work flawlessly. Been testing for a while and have not hit any errors yet. All commands appear to be working so far.

    - 65Wolf
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    /ban doesnt work. or /heal, /spawnmob and some other random things
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    Essentials needs to add weather to their plugin.
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