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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    How can I disable the:
    blablabla joined the server
    message, because I'm getting double with LoginMessage like this:
    blablabla joined
    blablabla from blabla joined the server
    Any way to disable the essentials one?
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    Zane B.

    Hey TooManyItems doesnt give u the stuff u spawned until you disconnect and reconnect, and its really annoying, anyone know a fix? Oh and the server doesnt give me my items, ( I'm OP ) unless I reconnect or do it from the server itself
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    Also I'm getting a:
    above these when they join for the first time
    help please?
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    Zane B.

    Go to plugins, Essentials folder, config.yml, go alllll the way to the bottom and change the {DISPLAYNAME} to {''} try that.
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    And my other problem?

    There's no {DISPLAYNAME} in config.yml

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    Zane B.

    that one was for that, just check out the config.yml you should find it if u look hard enough

    its at the bottom, open it in word, it says If not, replace {DISPLAYNAME} with '', then it says the code.

    # Should we announce to the server when someone logs in for the first time?
    # If so, use this format, replacing {DISPLAYNAME} with the player name.
    # If not, set to ''
    #announce-format: ''
    announce-format: '&dWelcome {DISPLAYNAME} to the server!'

    # When we spawn for the first time, which spawnpoint do we use?
    spawnpoint: newbies

    # End of File <-- No seriously, you're done with configuration.

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    This is my config.yml:
    # If you want to use special characters in this document, such as accented letters, you MUST save the file as UTF-8, not ANSI.
    # If you receive an error when Essentials loads, ensure that:
    #   - No tabs are present: YAML only allows spaces
    #   - Indents are correct: YAML heirarchy is based entirely on indentation
    #   - You have "escaped" all apostrophes in your text: If you want to write "don't", for example, write "don''t" instead (note the doubled apostrphe)
    #   - List items are prefixed with a hyphen and indented:
    #       lists:
    #         - look like this
    #       not:
    #       - like this
    #   - Text with symbols is enclosed in single or double quotation marks
    #   - CraftBukkit and Permissions have been updated: CraftBukkit and Essentials almost always line up, but sometimes other plugins fall behind CraftBukkit's multiple daily updates
    #   - You have saved the document as UTF-8, NOT the default, ANSI
    # A color code between 0-9 or a-f. Set to 'none' to disable.
    ops-name-color: 'c'
    # The character(s) to prefix all nicknames, so that you know they are not true usernames.
    nickname-prefix: '~'
    # The delay, in seconds, required between /home, /tp, etc.
    teleport-cooldown: 0
    # The delay, in seconds, before a user actually teleports.  If the user moves or gets attacked in this timeframe, the teleport never occurs.
    teleport-delay: 0
    # The delay, in seconds, required between /heal attempts
    heal-cooldown: 60
    # The number of items given if the quantity parameter is left out in /item or /give.
    default-stack-size: 64
    # Whether or not to reclaim memory on player logout; this is technical, and should only be disabled under special circumstances.
    # This generally increases server stability unless very specific runtime configurations are used.
    reclaim-onlogout: true
    # Should primitive spawn protection be enabled?  For most servers, this should be flase; it is better to use a third-party plugin to protect it.
    spawn-protection: false
    # Nether settings (switch between worlds with "/world nether" and "/world normal")
    # Sets whether the nether system is enabled, what folder to save the world in, and whether portals should teleport players between worlds.
      enabled: false
      folder: nether
      portals-enabled: false
    # Mob limit on spawnmob
    spawnmob-limit: 2
    #Show other plugins commands in help
    non-ess-in-help: true;
    # The message of the day, displayed on connect and by typing /motd.
    # The server rules, available by typing /rules
      - '-Do not grief, block-spam or steal'
      - '-Be responsible'
      - '-Be respectful'
      - '-No rude builds'
      - '-Racism is forbidden'
      - '-No Swastikas or Hitler skins'
      - '-Swearing is not permitted as an insult but is allowed as a general statement'
      - '-No advertising'
      - '-Cheats, hacks and flymods are forbidden'
      - '-No chat spam'
      - '-No single column towers'
      - '-Have fun! that is what the server is for!'
    # Disabled commands will be completelly unavailable on the server.
    # -Restricted commands will only be available to ops.
    # These will have NO EFFECT if you have Permissions installed!
    # These are here only if you want something simpler than Permissions.
      - bigtree
      - item
      - give
      - heal
      - plugin
      - time
      - top
      - tp
      - tphere
      - tree
    # Note: All items MUST be followed by a quantity!
    # Times are measured in seconds.
        delay: 10
          - 277 1
          - 278 1
          - 279 1
          - 293 1
        delay: 10
          - 276 1
          - 261 1
          - 262 192
    # End of File
    Most of what you said isn't in there :L
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    Zane B.

    K fixed it, if anyone else has problem, open up config.yml and take off /give and /item in the OP only and crap list.
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    I think my config.yml is old.
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    Zane B.

    Hmm want mine?
    Change it back to .yml, file uploader didnt recognize yml files.

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    Zane B.

    nonono i screwed up the config. lol no wonder toomanyitems wasnt working
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    Nope can't place blocks of Water or Drop buckets of water, period. For farming in general. I do not know why.
  15. we don't announce players joining or leaving in this way, this is inbuilt to bukkit.

    Are you using essentials protect?

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    Ahh, somebody told me that it was bukkit; but I found a plugin to remove this ;)
    Thanks for you help :D
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    I open with Notepad++ (It edits and reads .yml files) this is what it looks like:
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    tha d0ctor

    is anyone else having problems getting login message to work with essentials /motd?
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    Is the site down for everyone else also?
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    the site is up again :)

    im having some problems with essentialsspawn! /setspawn works but when i try /spawn im getting the message: "Error: null".
    i have craftbukkit 670 and essentials 2.1.36
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    Howdy, I hate to do this. In fact I usually just lurk the forums and post helpful advice, but this needs to be done. I'm at CB#684 and essentials is conflicting with iConomy. I have disabled the money and balance commands and yet it is still effecting iConomy. I removed essentials and iConomy works fine... However, I'm going to attempt to modify the source code and remove the essentials money conflict for my server.

    I'd appreciate it if you could attend to this matter, we really like essentials. One suggestion would be to move the Essentials economy to its own plugin. Thanks anyway :)
  23. I think the node "essentials.mail.send" is broken in one way or another because every time i try and use it, it says that i dont have access to this command (im testing for my clan server and im on the rank you gain the command at) Thats the only node to do with mail I have, do I need another node to actually make it work?
  24. Can you be more specific on the conflict?

    you need essentials.mail perms too

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    Yes when Essentials is not installed, someone can type /money, nothing comes up in console and they get there balance. When it is installed and we have disabled commands, "User has tried command: /money" appears in console and they get no return on there balance. However when the command is enabled and they are both installed, as you presume, they will get the no permissions errors (since we have not given them permissions for your system). I'm wondering if the command disabler is conflicting with other plugins, or your plugin is ending processing of the command before an other plugin (iconomy) can get to it.
  26. Yeah you will need to remove it from disabled commands. Version 2.1.34+ of essentials should fix the money conflict, can you tell me your version
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    Any way to disable the mail system completely? Or at least disable the login notifications of "You have no new mail"? Using permissions only restricts the usage of /mail, etc, but not the actual log in notification.
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    Hold on, yes you're correct 2.1.32. Let me attempt enabling it with 2.1.8.

    Yep did it without even disabling the command. I appreciate the help!
  29. I have both essentials.mail and essentials.mail.send and its still saying I dont have access
  30. Does it work with build #689 ? I would like to upgrade to 1.5
    If it's not working I'll just wait then ;)
    However, VERY good plugin, love it :D
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    Yes, it does. Running it on my server ATM.
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