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    Yes! However when I open the file in notepad, the formatting is all wrong, and it looks like a continuous paragraph. Even with word wrap, it still is minconfigured. I had to open it with another viewer. Any suggestions why? Do I need to upgrade to another text viewer/editor?
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    Use notepad++
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    Essentials 213 and CB 438, my players decided to visit the nether. They got scared and used /spawn to get out. Now there's an invisible ghast flying around spawn nuking everything. Suggestions on how to deal with this? (I mean, besides laughing my ass off at them.)
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    Has anyone experienced an error message when you edit lines of code in essentials or even permissions. What I mean by this is (for example) editing the rules in the config, or adding a member to a specific group in permissions. I get an error message saying it couldn't parse the input, and it shows me the line where the "error" happened, only the so called "error" follows the formatting of the rest of the config, so I don't see how it would be wrong in the first place. Is this a bug in the plug-in, or am I doing something wrong?
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    Ok so im not exactly sure if this is an issue with CraftBukkit, this plugin, or both, Since the update to 1.3, teleporting and whatnot have been very strange, i use this plugin for my teleporting, and ability to go to the spawn, when i try to teleport to somebody, or to the spawnpoint, i fall through a void and only relogging will fix it, also when somebody dies and respawns, they appear in the air, in a tree, or somewhere completely random, instead of at the spawn point.
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    Soul Reaper

    Long range teleport load times is apparently a minecraft issue with the new save format from what i've read.

    anyone have the server showing nicknames instead of real names? I can't get that working -.-
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    Long range teleport load times is apparently a minecraft issue with the new save format from what i've read.

    anyone have the server showing nicknames instead of real names? I can't get that working -.-
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    can we please get a /seen command showing when a player was last seen online?
    also, any chance of using a geoip DB to get the country people are from? I hate having to load informant for 1 line on login.. (X is from Y)
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    Anyone else receiving a problem where /help displays the default Minecraft Help message instead of the essentials help message?
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    Thanks, works perfectly^^
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    For some reason with newer Essentials when god mode got split into its own plug in, I am stuck in god mode. Regardless if I toggle it or not I can't get hurt. However if I load a older version of Essentials, then it works fine and I can lose health.
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    Same issue here. I as admin am stuck in god-mode.
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    I had the same problem. To fix it, i turned off the plugins with /god command, then found the /god from essentials, deactivated, then activated the plugin with /god command. That should work


    Disable WorldEdit
    Do /god (to turn it OFF)
    Enable WorldEdit
    Do /god again.
    Do /god again.

    Should work


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  16. nether: false in config
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    when i change the config in German - '
    &cWillkommen, {PLAYER}&c!'
    - '&fTippe &c/help&f für die Befehlsliste.'
    - 'Currently online: {PLAYERLIST}'
    like that and i restart my server icant do Commands and see nothing
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    OK i have another problem, if I type "/warp" all warps are displayed but if I type "/warp (for example) zentrum" I don't fly to the warp. I have the same problem with the kits.
    And I can set homes but not use!
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    Hi - I've used /setspawn to change the main spawn point - it seems to work for new users, but not me! i spawn at the original point.. is this a recognised bug, or can anyone provide a solution?

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    Can someone please help?! Whenever I got essentials it makes my name red when on permissions i edited my own colors.. How do i make it so i can use my ichat name?
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    Whenever I try to /setspawn and choose all the groups, the spawn doesn't actually register

    I have CB: 440. Permissions 2.1 and Essentials latest.
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    I am indeed using MyHome plugin.

    I have home disabled in the essentials config.

    Using latest recommended craftbukkit and essentials.

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    Awesome this worked perfectly. Thank you.

    Right now I'm having two more little issues. I have spawn at home set to true, however when I die I got to the spawn point anyway.

    Also, when anyone dies the color of their name goes to white until the log out and re-log in, then its the color it should be.

    In permissions I have it set like this:

    prefix: '&3'
    suffix: '' <-- It seemed when I would leave this blank the color in the prefix would not work.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you.
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    No idea, but Essentials Spawn isn't working, yet! So that could cause it. Anyway, don't do " in Suffix, do "&f" This causes the text to be default white.

    Hope that helps!

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    /setspawn /spawn /setwarp and /warp don't work for me
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    I rewrote it to German too and mine works.
    Example of mine:
      - '&cWillkommen auf dem &9Test Server,&c {PLAYER}&c!'
      - '&fBenutze &c/help&f um deine Liste an Befehlen zu sehen.'
      - 'Momentan online: {PLAYERLIST}'
    Maybe you should make sure you use something like Notepad++ to do it? Dunno

    Also I still don't really know how to give players an individual color tag, like so

    I don't want to set a color on group level, but per individual.. any help? I tried the old
    prefix: '&4' for example, but it doesn't work.. well I can't even tell, because the data.yml under essentialsgroupmanager keeps resetting itself
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    I only have a little question:

    When I don't use Permissons, who will be able to use the commands of your Plugins?
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    I know. but its not very user/admin friendly and not configurable at all. it is the little things like Item Names, time limits and only being placeable on bedrock that makes it a easy to maintain player trade system
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    Hmm, spawn works for me and so does home, but when dying I go to spawn and not home. Weird.

    I put "&f" in all the suffixs instead of '' and it still changes my name color to white after I die.
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