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Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Zenexer, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Cant get the /jail command tho work i have set a warp im getting up
    That command is improperly loaded
    How tho fix
    But the plugins are great i like them and i am using them on my server :)
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    Anyone else notice that /home /warp /spawn (all tps) take a huge amount of time now and are quite buggy? I expect a map loading issue is at play.
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    I love this plugin. It takes a while to do all the permissions; other then that, it's awesome.
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    Is anyone else having the problem where the config file loads without the correct format? It loads in some continuous format and has no line division...
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    hey on the permissions i edit it and all that when i go to save it it saves... but when i close it it resets it back to normal... not sure why its doing that but its not saving any of my edits... any ideas?
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    you probably made an error in syntax and launched the server.
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    just fyi, /heal permission doesnt work.
    Just installed essentials god,
    gave my mod grp essentials.heal in permissions 2.0, they get "no permission" msg.

    as admin w/ * access, I can /heal.

    Does the live chat link here work for anyone? I get a java startup error in chrome + MSIE

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    All I did was copy the .jar files and launch the server. It created the config all on its own.
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    Soul Reaper

    stacksize has been fixed with the latest dev builds
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    did you close the server by clicking the "X" button? Always type "Stop" when stopping it.
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    I am having some problems with the EssentialsChat plugin, I cant get it to show any prefixes. I am running Essentials 255, GroupManager 0.9e, and Bukkit reports this:
    My groups in GroupManagers config:
    I have also tried to set text inside the prefix tag, for example:
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    I had a similar problem but with another command, in my case the problem was that the permissions plugin is extremely picky how the groups are formatted. this might not be the same as you but change the layout to this style:
        default: false
        info: {prefix: b, suffix: '', build: true}
        inheritance: [Moderator]
        permissions: ['*']
    if you already use this layout just ignore this comment =)
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    Im confused about how to setup up permissions now with essentials...anyone help me?
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    it appears permissions is no longer supported
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    Yes thank you! I really don't mean this offensively but you really do need to fix this issue as it causes my players to have to constantly disconnect. Item issue as well. :)
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    I know that essentials is trying to support most areas which is very useful but can you please leave permissions down to the other authors. I just wish that this worked with 2.1 :/
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    Seems to be quite buggy. When using a nether portal from the nether I always end up at coord 0,0,0, same applies for when I die and respawn.
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    How do I setup group mananger? And I installed all of essentials and none of the commands work...
  19. God / heal is now seperated into EssentialsGod.jar
    --- merged: Feb 25, 2011 12:33 AM ---
    The map loading is a notch issue not us, EssentialsGroupManager and EssentialsGroupBridge are the same as groupmanager / fakepermissions. 2.1 files will work. Any problems please see us in live chat
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    same thing is happening in our server, we spawn at 0,0,0 when we die, but using /spawn takes us to the right spot.

    /setspawn doesnt work either.
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    Whenn i press /spawn oder /tp NAME ...
    than loading the map very slow :(

    Someone know why ?
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    they work with however it requires us to install stuff that we dont want to use...
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    Whenever someone talks it doesn't display their prefix/ color and on the console it says "Missing a prefix or suffix for null" I just switched to EssentialsChat and am updating my server to 1.3, any idea why it isn't working (it worked with iChat and I haven't touched the permissions file)
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    John wade

    Hi, im using This, Essentials Chat, And group manager and the prefixes and suffixes worked perfectly at the start, but when i restart the server they all disappear, they still show up in the group manager data file but not in server, and if i use /mangaddv, and add another prefix it over writes the first one in the data file and shows up, but again if i restart the server it disappears
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    When I type /item or /give, it gives me Error: Uknown item numeric:ItemStack(SIGN x 0)

    I tried /item sign, /item sign 64, /item 1 64, /give DarkM sign 64, /give DarkM 1 64
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    So, when are you going to release the god.jar? The reason I ask, I'm pretty sick of having god mode on. It seems to have glitched for me (I'm the only OP), and god is stuck on. This makes testing of certain plugins.....difficult.​
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    Go to
    Edit <USER>.yml
    godmode: true to godmode: false
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    How come everyone can use /kill, /setwarp etc.?
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    I don't know why essentials is generating an un-formatted version of the config file. Could someone PLEASE upload their correct copy? It would save me a LOT of hassle and make my day:)
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    Is there something wrong with death respawn? Cause when I die now it sends me somewhere random other than spawn...
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    Is this the one you want?

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