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    EmptyInventory - Empty your inventory:
    Version: v1.1

    Yes, it's another one. It's another inventory cleaner. The issue with most inventory cleaners is that they have one permission that can clean both your own and another user's inventory. This plugin only allows you to clean your own inventory. This plugin has actually been sitting in my workspace for a few weeks, but I figured I'd actually publish it now.

    Download EmptyInventory
    Source Code

    • "/empty" - Clear your inventory
    • "/empty -all" - Clear your inventory and hotbar

    EmptyInventory works best with the Permissions plugin to be installed. There is 1 permission:
    • "emptyinventory.use" - Use "/empty"
    Version 1.1
    • No more Permissions requirement, you can use ops.txt now too

    Version 1.0
    • Releasing EmptyInventory
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    Hmm, to be honest this isn't needed now that Bukkit has:
    /clear + /give ? -1

    People can use /give ? -1 to give them infinite items, then use /clear to empty...
    Like the capability of having not getting rid of the 9 bar along the bottom.

    I will try this out
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    Variation is good.
    Besides this has nothing to do with the /give command...
    Bukkit has /clear and if ur using essentials you got /clearinventory but they both clear the whole thing.
    I like this plugin because its got a command harmless to the hotbar, just what i need when im worldediting.
    EDIT: In fact, my bukkit doesn't even have /clear.
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    If it doesn't have /clear you either don't have the updated version or it hasn't installed scrapbukkit
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    Yes, you need scrapbukkit, which gives essentials-like admin commands including /clear.

    But I've never seen this in the plugin list before so i never missed it as i use Essentials for admin commands.
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    cb 711 - inactive
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    Still works on 803.

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