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  1. Having trouble looking for an simple rules plugin?
    Want to have rules sorted by category, instead of a plain list?
    Want an INFINITY number of pages and don't need a /reload?

    This plugin has it all.

    • Rules sorted by category.
    • Easy to edit/add pages and/or rules.
    • COLOUR support.
    • No need to /reload for changes to be loaded.

    Just 1 simple command:

    • /rules <category>
    Changelog (open)

    1.1 added joinmessage= & prefix= in rules.txt

    1.0 First release
    0.8 First working version

    rules.txt example (open)

    joinmessage=@red@READ THE @green@/RULES@blue@!@@
    [main]List of pages:   @red@(usage: @aqua@/rules <page 1-X>   @red@)@@
    [main]Page @aqua@1@@: @aqua@General@@ - @gold@Main rules of this server.@@
    [main]Page @aqua@2@@: @aqua@Building@@ - @gold@How to and what you shouldn't build.@@
    [main]Page @aqua@3@@: @aqua@Items@@ - @gold@Banned items on the Server.@@
    [main]Page @aqua@4@@: @aqua@PVP@@ - @gold@For more information about PVP.@@
    [main]Page @aqua@5@@: @aqua@TNT@@ - @gold@Specific TNT rules.@@
    [main]Page @aqua@6@@: @aqua@Wolves@@ - @gold@The rules about wolves Aka. dogs.@@
    [1]General rules of the server.
    [1]- No griefing / stealing
    [1]- No clientside mods ( Hacks, Flymods )
    [1]- Respect other players. Admins are people too.
    [1]  @red@Breaking ANY rules@@ will lead to a warning or/and ban.
    [2]Rules about building
    [2]- @gold@Realistic@@ building, no @aqua@floating@@ buildings etc.
    [2]- @red@ONLY!@@ create towns if you got permission by any admin.
    [2]- Every building must have a sign with your nick on it.
    [2]- @aqua@ghost@@houses will be removed, @gold@chest@@ will be stored.
    [2]- There is no Protection outside of the maincity.
    [3]Banned Items and their rules
    [3]@darkred@Lava@@ - Not banned if used for any other then Grief/PVP
    [3]@red@Fire@@ (& flint&steel) - Same rule as lava
    [3]@red@TNT@@ - Read @aqua@/rules 5@@
    [4]Will be added later.
    [5]Rules of TNT usage
    [5]- No TNT inside/near towns/buildings.
    [5]- No overuse of TNT. ( Spamming )
    [5]- @red@NEVER!@@ use TNT for greifing purposes.
    [5]- No cannons
    [6]Rules about wolves Aka. dogs
    [6]- Only 1 (tamed) wolf per account.
    [6]- Using 1 dog in PVP is allowed.
    note: You don't HAVE to use numbers, you can name pages how you'd like.

    How the rules.txt works (open)

    How the rules.txt works
    It is very simple:
    There are 2 settings currently which you can change:
    Both support colours like the rest of the plugin

    To add a category, make a new tag [name]
    There is 1 main category named "main", this will always be shown if people just use /rules
    You can use the main category to point to the other pages, like I did in the example.

    Note: You don't have to /reload for changes to take place.

    How to add colours in your rules (open)

    How to add COLOURS in your rules.
    There are some @tags@ which you can add to make colours in the line.

    @@ @red@ @pink@ @gold@ @blue@ @gray@ @aqua@ @green@ @black@ @yellow@ @darkred@
    @darkblue@ @darkgray@ @darkaqua@ @darkgreen@ @darkpurple@

    (The @@ is the regular chat colour (white), becouse it saves file space and isn't hard to remember)

    You can see some examples in the example above.


    (The same rules here as in the example, so you can compare these 2)
    Its not supported by me, but its useful ;)

    v1.1.0 - Download

    Source Code
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    Clean up the post a bit, see the plugin submission guidelines above.
  4. Changed the post, I hope this is better (?)
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    I use this on my server, Because it's so simple and yet so good.
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    Please don't include the + in version #, you never know which build breaks it.
  7. Changed, sorry.. wasn't aware that was wrong becouse I saw some plugins with that, too
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    It would be VERY VERY VERY awesome if you could somehow make it configurable to make the main /rules appear when people log in, that way they are aware it even exists.
  9. settings will be added in 1.1, with that in it too ;)

    bump &
    Version 1.1 live:
    • joinmessage=
    • prefix=
    in rules.txt, see post "how rules.txt works" for instructions

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  10. Download link is BROKEN!!
  11. Sorry, fixed. Thought i updated the dropbox file but it seems i removed it instead
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    so i'm getting this error when i log in
    16:03:37 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_JOIN to EasyRules
    at net.gamesketch.bukkit.easy.playerListener.onPlayerJoin(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetLoginHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:87)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    Please help!!!
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it guess you had no join message? (not that it's wrong, but just to be sure)
    Anyhow, the new version should prevent this from happening, if it does though, please tell me.
  14. Thanks ;)
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    Well, im not really sure how to my welcome message i used to have something in the properties file that would change it but i can't find that anymore and thanks for updating :D

    are there any more colors that you could get?

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  16. Minecraft doesn't support more colours then these 16, so nope :rolleyes:
  17. Best rule plugin EVER!
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    Nice plugin! Really usefull finely have every thing good noticed! People are now actually following the rules.

    Greetz iCare
  19. Works for the new RB, #684.. NO UPDATE REQUIRED
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    Cool little plugin here Streammz
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    will support Cyrillic?
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    I need help with the rules.txt.
    I wrote this and it dosen't work(I know, it's not in english :p):

    prefix=Du får inte gå in på andras område!
    prefix=Fråga en OP för att få byggtillstånd.
    prefix=Man får INTE svära eller vara otrevlig mot andra spelare.
    prefix=Straffet blir 48 tim ban.
    prefix=Gör man det två gånger blir det en permanent ban.

    prefix=Vi handlar med coins.
    prefix=Skriv /Money
    prefix=för att få reda på hur mycket coins du har.
    prefix=Skriv /money Pay <Användarnamn> <Belopp>
    prefix=/Money Pay Sergeant1337 500
    prefix=Det ger Sergeant1337 500 coins.

    prefix=Här på servern blir du hungrig.
    prefix=På två minuter blir du 10 % hungrig.
    prefix=När det når 100 % börjar du svälta och kommer förlora liv.
    prefix=För att förhindra det kan du äta mat.
    prefix=Skriv /Hunger
    prefix=För att få reda på hur många % du är hungrig.
    prefix=Skriv /food list
    prefix=För att se hur mycket % dom olika målen mat ger.
  23. use this instead:

     [Info]Du får inte gå in på andras område!
     [Info]Fråga en OP för att få byggtillstånd.
     [Info]Man får INTE svära eller vara otrevlig mot andra spelare.
     [Info]Straffet blir 48 tim ban.
     [Info]Gör man det två gånger blir det en permanent ban.
     [Pengar]Vi handlar med coins.
     [Pengar]Skriv /Money
     [Pengar]för att få reda på hur mycket coins du har.
     [Pengar]Skriv /money Pay <Användarnamn> <Belopp>
     [Pengar]/Money Pay Sergeant1337 500
     [Pengar]Det ger Sergeant1337 500 coins.
     [Hunger]Här på servern blir du hungrig.
     [Hunger]På två minuter blir du 10 % hungrig.
     [Hunger]När det når 100 % börjar du svälta och kommer förlora liv.
     [Hunger]För att förhindra det kan du äta mat.
     [Hunger]Skriv /Hunger
     [Hunger]För att få reda på hur många % du är hungrig.
     [Hunger]Skriv /food list
     [Hunger]För att se hur mycket % dom olika målen mat ger.
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    Just a suggestion, but could you possibly add another layer of categories.
    Main points to first categories, General, Building and Mods.
    General points to a list of Banned Items, Offensive Language, Disagreements.
    Banned Items has the pages with a list of banned items.

    I'm not sure if that makes sense but I think it would add even more to the plugin.
  25. You can make whatever you want be pointing to whatever you like, its highly 'configurable' ;)
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    is it tested on build 740
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    Does it work with craftbukkit version 733? I use the default text file from the first post and CommandBook with disabled rules function.
    In the console is all correct (Easy Rules enabled) but ingame it shows if I writting only /rules, that the category doesn't exit and I have to use /rules (that what I had do) or /rules <category>.

    Sorry for my bad English.
    Caesar2011, ingame nick
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    Works fine with 740 :p so yeah..
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    Ok, so but I use a Plugin which need 733. Let's Watch for a update.

    Edit: Updated, Works fine.
  30. @PCITJunior This should work with any build for minecraft 1.4/1.5, but I rather only store the most used builds in the title

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