Inactive [GEN] DropClear v1.7.6_1 - Clearing All Those Nasty Drops Since 2011 [1597]

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    DropClear - Clearing All Those Nasty Drops Since 2011:
    Version: v1.7.6 (Versioning = MC Version 1.7 Release 6) (Sept 02/11)

    Clears all drops/mobs within a defined radius around you. (By using a command)
    Clears all drops/mobs within a certain world. (Console command)

    superperms/Permissions 2,3/Group Manager Supported.

    • Console command is /dc WORLD *mob/drop*
    • Clears all drops within a defined radius using /dropclear *mob/drop* RADIUS
    • Has an aliased command /dc *mob/drop* RADIUS
    • Configurable Maximum radius for Ops/Permissions node and Non-Ops/Permissions node
    • It defaults to the permissions node. If Permissions is not enabled it uses the Ops/Non-Ops configuration.
    Permissions: (open)

    dropclear.killadmin - Ops/Admins
    dropclear.kill - Non-Ops/Mods

    Download DropClear
    Source Code

    Other Stuff:
    [​IMG] Please donate to help support me :D

    Version 1.7.6_1 (Sept 16/11)
    • Fixed Console message duping.
    Older Changelogs: (open)

    Version 1.7.6 (Sept 02/11)
    • Added Permissions 2/3 support and Group Manager support.
    • Code cleanup.
    Version 1.7.5 (July 19/11)
    • Added SuperPerms support.
    Version 1.7.4 (July 18/11)
    • Should kill arrows now.
    Version 1.7.3 (July 14/11)
    • Command restructure.
    Version 1.7.2 (July 14/11)
    • Added console commands.
    Version 1.7.1 (July 10/11)
    • Added Self-Updating config file.
    • Made messages more reliable.
    Version 1.6.1 (June 24/11)
    • Initial Release.
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    Nice work on the plugin, it's just that I really need you to update it because I am using the 1.2.5 version for my tekkit server and I can't join it because it says:
    Connection Lost
    Internal exception: java.NullPointerException
    And this started happening when I did /i 240 1
    And it kicked me from the game and gave me that message.
    Whenever I try to do this in console:
    dc world drop
    it gives me the help message!!!
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    hi, why every time i try to use the command " /dc drop 100" show the info of the plugin? anyone can help me in that?
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    This plugin NEVER WORKS for me! :mad: everytime I do /dropclear 30 it just brings up the help menu over and over and over but never clears the drops! Please HELP!

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