Inactive [GEN] DefaultCommands v4.0.0 - The "default" plugin [1.4.5-R0.2]

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    Generally that error only happens when your java version is out dated.

    This scenario will work:
    your java version is 1.6.x
    jar/class file compiled with java 1.5.x

    This scenario will NOT work:
    your java version is 1.5.x
    jar/class file compiled with java 1.6.x

    This scenario will may or may not work as I'm uncertain on this particular case.
    your java version is 1.6.14
    jar/class file compiled with java 1.6.26

    Players can go afk if the only thing they are doing is chatting but once afk their next message will disable the afk flag.
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    My dumb-ass server mate decided that the first thing he was going to do with this was spawn 1,111 slimes. :mad:

    My server is now unusable (for obvious reasons). I figured we should try the /dckillnear command, but we're lagging too badly. Any idea how I might be able to fix this?
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    Ok, it seemed the server dident randomly crash at all xd but here's some errors : Default command could not pass PLAYER_JOIN to ---- etc and
    Defaultcommand could not pass player.item.stack.damage something
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    Having everyone log out of the server or restarting it should make them despawn. Fixing the problem.

    The latest recommended build (3.6.0) of DefaultCommands is for 1185 of bukkit only.
    Use the dev build (3.7.0) if you want it to work with 1240. The bukkit devs moved some of their inventory API around causing the error you are getting.

    Not sure if 1317 breaks anything just yet.
    The current dev build was created on the 12th so I'm assuming it is for 1317.
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    Update Java.
    I have no idea what else could be causing that. "/

    Ill add /setprefix <player/group> <name> [prefix]. :)
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    Thank you thats awesome!
    I'm switching over to relying completely on DefaultCommands and phasing out other smaller plugins (like WorldGuard). But WorldGuard still has a couple features I want to keep. Could you maybe think of adding these features? Might help more people convert over to your plugin (which is as lot better btw!)

    disable-grass-growth: false/true
    disable-ice-melting: false/true
    disable-snow-formation: false/true
    disable-mushroom-spread: false/true
    disable-snow-melting: false/true
    disable-ice-formation: false/true
    disable-creature-trampling: false/true (for crops)
    disable-player-trampling: false/true (for crops)
    always-raining: false/true (for stormy worlds)
    anti-wolf-dumbness: true/false
    no-physics-gravel: false/true
    no-physics-sand: false/true
    sponge_fix: enabled/disabled
    sponge_radius: 3
    sponge_absorb_lava: true/false
    keep_items_on_death: true/false
    hunger: disabled/enabled
    Might be asking too much, but some of these features would be great! (and some are pretty easy) Thanks!
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    When I have Default Commands enabled, I find that I cant place any blocks and I cant use any of the /dc commands, ive oped myself on the server itself, but Default Commands seems to not let me access any of the commands or place any blocks, do you know how to change what i can do on it?

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    Could you perhaps also (or instead) add an option to let it save only the inventories of the world the player is currently NOT in? So DC saves the inventory of a player when he warps to a different world, instead of saving it when he leaves the server? (Not only with /join or /warp, since I'm using portals to let my players join different worlds.)
    Like that you would fix the xAuth problem and I could still use the seperated inventorys of DC, otherwise I have to use additional plugins to manage seperated inventories between creative and survival (Thats what I currently do. :/).
    I guess thats a kinda big request, but I thought I might just ask.
    ps.: Dunno if my sentences make any sense. It's 2am here and I'm not a native english speaker. :) Thanks in advance.
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    You need to set op_permissions: false to true
    plugins\DefaultCommands\Worlds\world config.yml
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    Oh, thanks for the help! i'll wait untill he's develpoed the fully stable build, thought.
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    Help! This Plugin conflict with with Anti-Xray! If i install DC , /axr on , /axr off etc NOT WORKS
  12. I'm using PermissionsBukkit and i get one bug with /dcwarp (/warp) command in permissions config.
    "dc.warp.self: true" is not working. its write in chat window both messages that i was teleporting AND have not permission to do this. nothing happens but "dc.warp.*: true" works.
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    Wow, just wow, thanks for the months of awesome service and development, but im afraid ill have to drop DC,
    within one update i get;

    1] Additional crap in my console for every chat message sent, as if server logs aint spammy enough yet, with no (clear) way to disable it
    2] Whatever the duck you did, it broke permissions, bad, im using permissionsEx wich supports all forms of perms, but your plugin no longer works unless some1 is op
    3] the best dc feature is still broken, cant do g:Mod or w/e

    This really really really sucks, i want to use your plugin, its done me so much good over the past months, and now this, please re-concider the reworking that your appearantlly doing, its not working out well (at this stage anyway) and reading trough your thread and page, theres alot of people like me.

    Went back to a older defaultcommands, wich errors on 'boot' but at least works fine after that. but at least somewhat works...
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    Add the permission nodes to you or your group. :)
    If you want to use op-permissions, set op_permissions to true in Config.yml.

    Since your inventory would get rollbacked when the player joins again, I wont add that "feature". xD

    need more info than that...

    The node is 'dc-warp.self.<warp>', so you have to use 'dc.warp.self.*'.

    Whats the additional crap?

    Set op_permissions to false in Config.yml.

    It doesnt support permissionsEx yet, but Ill add support for it soon (with other permission plugins).

    Please remember that this is a development build. :)
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    What? Why? I guess you misunderstood what I mean. :|
    Player connects to the server ---> DC doesn't load any inventory information, just lets it get handled normally by the server.
    Player warps from World1 to World2 ---> DC saves inventory from World1
    Player warps back from World2 to World1 ---> DC loads Inventory of World1 and saves inventory from World2

    Ofcourse I'm not sure if it's possible as simple like that. But I don't see a reason to load the inventory when the player joins the server, since that is handled correctly by default.
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    But its not fail proof, if the player was in a world that was removed and the joins the server, he most likely would join the "main" world. Still having his inventory from the old world.

    Its also preventing me from adding a pretty cool feature, which would make teleportation of offline players possible. :D

    And of course, inventory editing of offline players.

    I could add a login feature if you want though, so you wouldnt need xAuth in the first place. :)
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    Ah right, didn't think of that.

    Lmao. That would solve all my problems at once and I could get rid of 2 plugins, so that's probably the best solution. :) I would really appreciate that!
    Oh and thanks for your patience. :p
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    Ye my bad, just kinda didnt cope with it, my mistake, not your fault.
    - The additional crap (once again, calmed down now) is that for every chat message, theres a chat, and a defaultcommands chat, something along the lines of;
    12:12:12 11-11-11 [info] banana: herpa
    12:12:12 11-11-11 [info] [DefaultCommands] banana: herpa
    12:12:16 11-11-11 [info] banana: derpa
    12:12:16 11-11-11 [info] [DefaultCommands] banana: derpa
    (if u want me to post actual data just ask)
    - Strangelly enough, theres no op_permissions anymore? can i just add it somewhere? or should it be on a specific line??
    - Thats just the thing, the whole idea of pex is that you (plugin devs) dont need to do anything, just use whatever perms system you like, pex will create a fallback. what i actually think is happening is that your plugin does that too? so there may be some conflict where your plugin sees multiple permissions systems? just guessing

    Rolled everything back proper now, ill just wait a week or more and try again :p
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    Please fix Default commands! It creates huge lagg and i can't stand it! Neither can my players! It can't handle player join, player inventory, sometimes randomly messes upp permissions ( i have to redownload it then)player teleport.
    player afk check... HUUUUUUGE lagg! =( Please please please fix it! :(
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    12:12:12 11-11-11 [info] [DefaultCommands] banana: herpa
    12:12:16 11-11-11 [info] [DefaultCommands] banana: derpa
    It should only show those lines since it actually cancells the chat event when better_chat is enabled.

    Hmm, you sure? It should be after the line "copy:" in Worlds/world/Config.yml.

    Nope, DC use superperms, so it can only be something wrong with permissionsEx. Not sure how it works since I never used it, but it should be similar to PermissionsBukkit. Is there a config to use superperms or something?

    I need more info than that to solve it. "/
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    Same thing is happening to me with better_chat disabled. Using the latest DC dev build.
  22. Oh, thx ^^
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    Ah, you have it disabled, thats it. :)
    Ill make another dev build in a sec.
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    I had a player login near his mob trap. Got 3 NullPointerExceptions in the console.
    Just those three and that was it.
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    Sorry, but that's all it says! Can't pass PlAYER_JOIN to default commands and the other things
    Well, a lot of other crap too, but can't type that, since default command dosent logs it, and i can't copy from the console.
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    AMAZING plugin! Its the core of my server, really! Could you please try to add these features though?
    sponge_fix: enabled/disabled
    sponge_radius: 3
    sponge_absorb_lava: true/false
    keep_items_on_death: true/false
    hunger: disabled/enabled
    disable-snow-melting: false/true
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    So, are you going to make a stable release for RB1337?
    Oh and since 1337 DC became incompatible with PEX, so none of the DC permission nodes work anymore. I know you don't officially support it yet, but since it works with the previous PEX versions, could you perhaps fix it soon?
    It stops me from updating Bukkit. :(
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    How do I configure each worlds gamemode?
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    I have a few requests, but I'm not sure if some of these features exist already or are planned.
    • Permission debug mode: when setting up permissions (DC has a LOT of permissions), allow the ability to display what permissions the player doesn't have to perform a task. This way it would be much easier to assign proper permissions to each group.
    • Game time: A command similar to /time that shows what time it is in the current world (24 and 12 hour), and the ability to lock the time at a certain point (good for Creative worlds).
    • Smite command: Basically /lightning on a specific person, or even with a specific tool.
    • Command to tool mapping: this would be nice, including the ability to list what commands are mapped.
    I have quite a few other requests, but they were listed a while ago when you mentioned your to-do list. Thanks again for such a feature-rich plugin. Keep up the awesome work. :)

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