Inactive [GEN] DefaultCommands v4.0.0 - The "default" plugin [1.4.5-R0.2]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by vildaberper, Mar 2, 2011.

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    Im working on a config file for customizing the help menu for different grups. :)
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    1. /clearinventory stacks all blocks to 0 (zero) that are not with id=0 instead of stacking all known id's to zero
    i use SuperSlopes with ItemCraft on my server and /cinv doesn't delete those custum blocks between 100 and 200

    2. /item,/i,/give needs a rework, it causes a client-crash when i give myselfe a non-standard item (from superslopes), i get only a dummy and then after rotating the camera around 20° to the right side ... crash, badlogin until restart
    someone said that this doesnt happen with SimpleGive, but i hate it to put in an extra plugin for only ONE command :/
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    Hey Vilda, looking forward to help customisation and kits! I was wondering if it would be possible to add an optional override on the functions that are toggled (eg /dcfly, /dcgod, /dchide etc). The story is that I've written an alias to hide players in-game as well as on the dynmap plugin we use for live mapping, and I'm finding that if someone invokes another alias that uses /dchide, when they go to use the show command, it toggles it back to enabled.

    So basically, since dynmap uses defined 'show' and 'hide' flags, I have no way of implementing them to toggle in the same way DC does, so I have to create a separate alias for each. If I were able to force the /dchide command in the same way, that would prevent it being flipped incorrectly if it's already set.

    Wiki is coming along nicely, too. Thanks for the mention! I'm happy to help with an awesome plugin such as this, and you've always been super kind to me (and all of us), so I'm more than happy to do my part.
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    I cant support ItemCraft, sorry.

    Yeah I thought about that too. Ill add [on/off] to all toggles! :D
    /dcfly [player] [on/off]
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    That would be mint, cheers!! =)
  6. Well I just figured out how to use MySQL. If you stored a bunch of info from the plugin in a MySQL DB instead of a flatfile, my server would be so much eaisier to manage. (Any time I edit something, I have to shut the server down)

    If you dont mind doing that, then you could also probably add other stuff too.
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    Just a small question. Is there any way you can control the animal/mob you mount?

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    Got another one for ya vilda. What about timed commands? So all commands that flag ones person (i.e. fly, hide and god etc.) can have a timer so they only have that flag for that long. Example "/dcfly NopeDK 30" would allow me to fly for 30 seconds and then it stops. Would be nice for PvP and such as they can acts as powerups.
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    That sounds awesome!
    I might extend the idea though and make scheduled commands. :D
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    And perhaps get a hold of the War team? They block commands inside arena, so perhaps ask around and see if CommandSigns can execute commands for players that are inside a game (or something you yourself make?). Bit difficult but otherwise the War team has to allow commands inside arena... admin abuse...
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    Hey, i truly love this plugin except for the fact... It doesnt echo in the console!! it drives me nuts! i cannot see who is using any commands... what can i do to fix this? ive been looking for a while now
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    I get this error after doing /stop and restarting computer
    Unacceptable charater #0 (zero) special characters are not allowed
    in r"<reader>", position 0 (zero)
    Whats up with this? I edited nothing, just did /stop, and after the server was completely shut down, restarted my computer.
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    DefaultCommands.log :)

    Post the full error.
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    Yes i know but it still doesn't show who is using commands. Everyone is op so could that be why?

    EDIT: my bad the log does, but i want something realtime
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    "vildaberper made vildaberper join world"
    ....^sender..................^target.......^action :)
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    i edited my post but i mean someone uses the give command, i want it to show in console, is that possible? everyone is op, thank you for your time
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    Got a "problem". Inventory is saved between worlds, and whenever I restart my server I get my old inventory back, discarding changes. Is there anyway to get DefaultCommands to use the default server player.dat instead of custom ones inside your plugin?
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    You have to use /stop when closing server, can't just click the magic red X button.
    Don't know if that is what you are doing, but I stopped doing that and that never happened again.
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    I just use the "amazing" -.-' TCAdmin which is supplied with my server. But I still would love an option to use the standard world-specific datas and inventorys as I sometimes wipe the server map, to wipe now I would have to look around in all the DefaultCommand folders to find all player data
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm... how do I setup the following with seperate inventory?

    creative world and creative nether
    survial world and survival nether

    I don't want to path inventory between creative and survival.. but ofcourse between world and nether
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    hi I use default commands on my server for friends and I think it's great, but since the new version it keeps saying "unknown command" to commands that aren't from default commands. Like for example console commands, /whitelist doesn't work and commands for other plugins too.

    is there anyway to fix this?

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    Hm.. I add '-dc.*' line in my permissions and defualt players still can do everything, from changing time to spawning mob's - any ideas ? I want them only to send messages.
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    Congrats, Vilda on such a great plugin, and for being comitted enough to do a total re-write. After holding off for a couple of weeks I finally jumped to 3.3 for all of the crazy new features. Transition was a little rocky, I must say, but thanks to you I've now got multiworld and core functions in one plugin!

    A few questions:
    1. What happened to /top? Is it coming back? I was a bit sad to find it missing, but I'm sure we'll survive in the meantime.
    2. How come this plugin suppresses /me? I remember it was a bit dodgy in 2.x (the server said "unknown command" but executed it correctly anyway). However, now it just says "unknown command" without doing anything. Disabling DC brings it right back, so what's going on there?
    3. To add my 2 cents to the ever-growing list of feature requests, would it be possible to add a command that could tell you the light level of the square you're looking at? It'd be useful when mining and on the surface to check if mobs could spawn on the block. That and maybe the ability to turn Jack-O-Lanterns on and off with redstone without having to install the heaving CraftBook?

    Again, thanks for such a great plugin!

    P.S. I was getting a NullPointerException whenever someone tried to chat with the fancy chat option on. I have a feeling it was probably a bad config on my part but either way it might be a worth a look. Doesn't really affect me anyway since I use iChat (which, just to be sure was disabled at the time) so I turned it off and the error went away.
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    THe download site doesn't work? Anyone got a mirror or know how to fix this problem?
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    It works, try another browser. :)

    Ill add /top, thanks! You can look up and use /jump for now.

    /me will be added in the next version.
    You can disable "unknown_command" in the mean time.

    Nice idea, really simple to add. Thanks! :D
    Dont know about the pumpkins though, might add it if its easy to do. :)

    * means everything.

    Disable unknown_command.

    Do /dc save and /save-all before you stop the server, I have that problem in TCAdmin too. :)
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    At least I got word from my provider that they are looking to integrate McMyAdmin with the TCAdmin panel so soon I will get a proper stop function, yay!
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    Don Redhorse


    Adding to that: How does the copy in config.yml work? Can I use more than one world? If yes how do I configure it?
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    I believe that you input the name of the world you want to copy in the copy slot, so if you want to use the same permissions for Nether as well as World, you would put Copy: World into the config for Nether
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    Don Redhorse

    you mean the settings? but how would this work as there is also a setting for nether and normal?
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    From what I can read by the config, both enviroment and spawn precedes the copy and therefore counts for itself each time. So if you set it to Nether and copy of World, settings preceding the "copy: " is not copied, therefore it creates a netherworld with a different spawn point but otherwise with the same settings.

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