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    Oh... Just saw the part about my CB... the one I tested on was 740. Well, on my 766 it doesn't create a config file (or I'm seriously blind) and just saw another post about the portals. I thought that they linked to eachother but it is simply a portal to a predefined point (warp, spawnpoint, player home and such).
    And what about "/dchealth" does that set life to a value or alter it based upon current?
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    Im working on a fix for it, seems like the built-in configuration stuff in bukkit doesnt work properly. :)
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    and "/dchealth" is that one altering current health (+1 -2) or does it set life to value input?

    Does this mean that whenever the server is reloaded/restarted all configs done to the server while it was running was lost? Or is it all changes since it recreates the files?

    And have the AFK command and kick-timer been removed?

    Sorry for the many questions :oops:

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    It sets the target players hp to the input.

    Just do /dc load and its fine. DefaultCommands loads all config on startup, and saves all config on shutdown.
    But it also load when you do /dc load. :)

    Its coming back!
    Its just not added in V3 yet.
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    Can you upload a config.yml since mine doesn't create it?
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    Looking through the configs now, thanks, and I must say, WOW!

    It is truly a all-in-one plugin. Does it also have something like channels? or just a global and a local channel?

    And I'm wondering about this:
    unknown_command: true
    better_chat: true
    better_fence: true
    better_pumpkin: true
    unknown_command, true/false, which one shows that message and which one doesn't?
    And what do the "better *" do?

    And what is the available strings for chat formatting?

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    unknown_command: false will turn off the "Unknown command" messages.
    better_chat: false will turn of DefaultCommands chat handling. Good if you use plugins like HeroChat.
    better_fence: true means that you can place fence like normal blocks (Ontop of other fences too).
    better_pumpkin:true means the same thing as with fence. You can place pumpkins everywhere.

    <hp> <name> <prefix> <suffix> <world> <group> <x> <y> <z>.
    I think thats all of them. :)
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    <hp> as in 0-20? or a healthbar? (if it is only 0-20 then perhaps a healthbar in the future?)
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    What is the render of the blood effect ?
    I've seen this :
    blood: false # Blood?[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12px]blood_despawn_time: 0.5 # Blood despawn time
    blood_level: 0.5 # blood level * damage = blood particles
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    Its a health bar.

    Red wool, why dont you just try it? xD
    It looks awesome!
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    Found a bug. Fourth fence in height results in the fourth becoming invisble
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    Its a bug in Minecraft, place a block beside it and its visible again. :)
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    hmm... no "/dcteleport <player> <x,y,z>"?
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    Not yet. :)
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    hmm... According to my friend, he could see me even though I had activated "/dchide"

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    Theres some bugs when teleporting through worlds, but it should work if you activate it while beeing in the same world as him/her.
  18. can ops see people who are hidden?
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    Two things:
    All my groups don't need "" for them to be able to build? Should I set "build: false" in Permissions for it to work?
    What is "dc.sit"?
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    If they have "dc.hide.see".

    Are you sure? Did you reload permissions?

    dc.sit was the node for /sit, which was removed.
    I made a better version, ChairCraft. :D
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    I always import my plugins on a turned off server and then start it so Permissions should have been reloaded... Gonna test again to see if it was just a temp-bug.
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    Excellent MOD, this helped reduce the amount of MODs we use. This replaced 4 other MODs on our server. But, one thing we lost was the ability to use a getPOS command from general commands. This would tell a player their X,Y,Z coordinates in the world. Any chance you will be adding this command tool to your plugin?
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    Its in /who. :)
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    I'm sorry to say this vilda, but I have confirmed that "" ain't required on my server.
    permission for the group is only "build: true" not much else, plugins:
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    Do you mean V3? You can still use the old version if you liked that better. :)

    Nope, sorry. I compleately rewrote the plugin from scratch.

    If you dont want the command, dont use it! :D

    Well, colors in /help would be pointless, as most developers doesnt use it in their command description.

    Thanks! :D

    Yes it is. You probably have op_permissions: true in your Config.yml. :)

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    doh! what does that one do? didn't know so I hadn't set it to false.
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    If you dont have Permissions or dont want to use it in that world, theres op_permissions config. :)
    When its on the build-in permissions will be used.
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    Don Redhorse

    hi, great plugin, just migrating from essentials

    but may I make a urgent suggestion... we need a wiki..

    I have so many questions and you have probably answered them already somewhere... I guess some people would help you setting it up.. me too when I have my server running..

    btw: how does fly work?
    how does the following setup work concerning config and inventory:

    creative world and creative nether
    survival world and survival nether

    both pairs should have same config and there should be no inventory pass between creative and survival, but ofcourse between the world and the nether.

    btw: there is a typo in the config.yml in the world directory: enviroment: NORMAL

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    Yeah, Ill look up the wiki thing tonight. :)

    Right click for flap your wings, left click for a big launch.

    Just set creative: true, blocks will break instantly and will be infinite.
    Survival? Just leave it as it is I guess.

    LOL, thanks! Not gonna change it though, it would break many nether worlds. :)
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    That dont seem to work on my server, but i got another problem to, i host my server from Brohoster and in the controllpanel all the file in the DefaultCommands doesnt pop up so i cant edit them...

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