Inactive [Gen] CommandPad v1.5 [1.3.1-R1.0]

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    BukkitDev Link:

    CommandPad is a plugin where you can find several essentials commands for your server. We're currently still in development so there is only several commands at the moment. If you wish to suggest more then just reply below with a comment.
    * Commands

    • /feed (player) (Fulls up the player Food Bar)
    • /blowup (player) (Blows up the player)
    • /gm (player) (Switches the player Gamemode to Surviva/Creative)
    • /killme (Kills the player with a Special Broadcast Message)
    • /ping (Returns the word "Pong" to see if your lagging)
    • /commandpad (Returns the Plugin Version) ====
    * Permissions Nodes

    • commandpad.blowup
    • commandpad.feed

    • blazee15 (For Everything)

    Got a suggestion? Reply with your suggestion.

    Wanna take part of the development team or can you translate to your personal language? Just leave me a Private Message.
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    1. [GEN] in the title instead of [General].
    2. Changelog at the bottom of the original post.

    GL with your plugin.
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    Still looking for some suggestions.

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