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    CommandCenter is a plugin that does things a little differently than others. Instead of having a ton of commands, there is only one command. This stops it from conflicting with other plugins' commands. Currently the plugin has:

    /cc combust [time] - Sets whoever issues it on fire for a length of time defined by [time], in ticks. It then announces to the server that you spontaneously combusted. Much funnier than default server's /kill. Permissions node: "commandcenter.combust"

    /cc ragequit [reason] - Announces to the server that the issuer has ragequit, then kicks them. Reason is displayed also. This can be a funny way of leaving the server :p Permissions node: "commandcenter.ragequit"

    /cc kick <player> [reason] - Kicks <player>, and displays [reason] to the player, and announces to the server that <player> has been kicked by whoever issued the command. Permissions node: "commandcenter.admin.kick"

    /cc ban <player> [reason] - Same as kick, but bans instead. Permissions node: "commandcenter.admin.ban"


    /cc apocalypse - Spawn activated TNT by every mob, and player in the server.
    /cc rank - Change a player's Permissions group in-game.
    /cc exec - Force a player to execute a command.
    /cc butcher <players,mobtype,animal,hostile,neutral> [radius] - Idea came from being in a server and /butcher killing everyone's wolves. Seriously, we need controls of exactly what/who to direct a genocide on :p

    ... and more. I am finishing up getting the bugs out of the current features, then will submit it. The idea is to create a general plugin with no conflicts with other plugins so they may be used together.
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