Inactive [GEN] AsknSelfPromote 2.1.8 - Promote- and Rankingsystem [1.2.5-R5.0]

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    AsknSelfPromote - Promote- and Rankingsystem:
    Version: v2.1.0

    Promote and Rankingsystem for your Admins and Users.

    • Permission Systems and Economy
      • All permission and economy systems, its using Vault! :D
    • Sign Promotion
      • Choose own Sign Format
      • Choose Groups for Rank
    • Chat Promotion
      • Let them just type a word to chat
    • TimePromote
      • Let them Autopromote after a Time
      • MySQL support will follow
    • PayGroups
      • Let them pay for a Promotion!
      • Set how many they have to pay for a group
      • Command can be modified in config
      • Timebased Paygroups
    • Region give Support (Worldguard)
      • Give them a Region on Promote
      • Give them a Hotelroom on Promote
      • Define multi region prefixes
      • Ingame Commands to give a Region
      • SimpleRegionMarket support will follow! :D
    • Let users Promote themselfs
      • Without or with a password
      • Choose how much passwords you want
      • Choose some passwords that only work for some groups (Multigroup Support)
      • A fully custom command
      • Chatpromote feature
      • Signpromote feature
      • MCBANS: Set MinReputation and MaxBans
    • Language
      • Fully Custom Language
      • Color codes allowed (&d)
    • Promotion
      • Set promotion messages - you can set a message for all online players too
      • Admin commands to rank player by hand
      • Let admins only rank people to groups they have permission for
      • Set that they can rank offline player
    • RemotePromote Server
      • Promote Players and set your Server by Remote
      • You can use it on your Website or Webinterface to set things
      • You can use it to let them donate for you (get a rank for donate)
      • Supports all Ingame admin commands
      • Webinterface and App (Android - For IOS please donate) will follow :D
    Download it on Dev-Bukkit!

    More Infos, how to´s, Signpromote Info, permissions and commands of the plugin on Dev-Bukkit.


    - 2.1.8
    • Added TimePromote and TimeFeature to Buygroups
    • More Infos about Permissions and HowTow config Stuff will follow
    • Added Region support (Support to SimpleRegionMarket will follow ;D)
    • Added /mygroup - /giveregion - /givehotel
    • Fixed some Signpromote Stuff
    • Fixed hash problems in RemotePromote
    • More info will follow later in description.
    - 2.1.1
    • Added thing forgot in last update
      • Config Param to disable buygroup
      • Show group on /buygroup and params to configurate
      • Offline Promote Permission (asknselfpromote.offlinepromote)
      • Added Buygroups Show to RemotePromote
    - 2.1.0
    • Added VaultSupport
    • Added Metrics
    • RemotePromote Server added - Can be enable in Config
      • All recommended Commands added.
      • Added all new Commands.
      • (FUTURE) - Will Add Webinterface and Mobileapp
    • Fixed Bug that Addpassword and Removefunctions dont save to Config (opps!)
    • Fixed Bug that Consoleuser was asked for a Permission on Adminpromote (Nullpointer Exception)
    • Added /editpassword for Console, Ingame and RemoteServer
    • Added BuyGroups to Plugin
      • Standard Command "/buygroup". Can Changed in Config
      • Added /addbuygroup
      • Added /removebuygroup
    - 2.0.3
    • Added a few Ingame and Console Commands to Administrate Passwords and Promotegroups
    • Fixed Bug that you can Use unlimeted SignPromote (Forgot to check Permission IsGroup and IsRanked)
    - 2.0.1
    • Bugfix in Adminpromote...
    • Changed PEX Method - Dont use API any more...
    - 2.0.0
    • Cleaning up code
      • Added SignPromotion
      • Added Chatpromotion
      • Adding new Permissionsystems (PermissionBukkit bPermissions Groupmanager)
    • Changed:
      • /adminpromote is now added /rank
    • New Permissions
      • - asknselfpromote.welcomemessage #Set Welcome Message to this group
      • - asknselfpromote.nowelcomemessage #Overwrite Welcome Message
      • - #Users can promote if they only type one of the Passwords to chat
      • - asknselfpromote.nochat #Disable chat Promoting
    • Added values to Config
    - 1.9.4:
    • Added Permissions... More at Frontpage...
    • Little Bug with MCBANS feature ... Seems that MCBANS API is broken by thier Servers...
    - 1.9.3: I had edit the method to check for PEX... On some servers it dont work because the plugin is loaded before PEX.
    - 1.9.2: Fixed little Bug. Added -offline option to /adminpromote name group -offline
    - FINAL 1.9.1
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    I have a problem how do i use this plugin, in the Config it says '[Promote]' do i put on the sign (First line?) [Promote] and the group? or do i create a group using AskNselfPromote? i'm not sure what i should do to be able to use this Plugin.
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    I think I add the SignPromote Desciption here...


    And one more all

    Please write to devbukkit cause I cant check any thread every day :D

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    Wonderful plugin, but I just would ike to know how to change a player's rank. Dos it appear in the chat?


    Your Eternaly Insane Wolf,
    ~~iNsAnItY Wolf
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    Would it be possible to add a "Timer" feature?


    "Mahari3 has logged in..."
    (one hour later)
    Player "Mahari3" has been promoted to Rank "Civilian", for playing for an hour!
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    Yap planed.

    /rank [Playername] [Group] (-offline)
    Command can be modified in config to whatever you like. -offline requis permission.
    More at DevBukkit!

    To see it in chat you can set the value of "Config.ranking.messageall.option" in Config to 'true'.
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    - 2.1.8
    • Added TimePromote and TimeFeature to Buygroups
    • More Infos about Permissions and HowTow config Stuff will follow
    • Added Region support (Support to SimpleRegionMarket will follow ;D)
    • Added /mygroup - /giveregion - /givehotel
    • Fixed some Signpromote Stuff
    • Fixed hash problems in RemotePromote
    • More info will follow later in description.
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    hi im haveing trouble i dont know how to set ther usergroups like admin and mod and such.
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    You mean to set the Rank of your team (or others) by hand?
    /rank [Playername] (Group) (-offline)
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    I have some questions cause when i set someones rank using sign its not setting group but its adding the group so permission look like this

    - Gracz
    - rank i added using sign

    its there anyway to change the group he have
    before using
    - Gracz

    and after

    - Rank i wanted

    i am using permissionsbukkit
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    Can you give me your permissions file to test it with PermissionsBukkit?
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    Ok. I see the Problem. You will get a beta in next minutes... Add me in Skype ("askanh") then I send it to you :D

    I corrent this statement.
    My Plugin do it right, the Problem is that the Vault API gives only the Groups the player is in that EXISTS.
    The Group default is not exist in your config. Player who join will get it, but cant leave it.
    So you need to set the fistgroup, the standartgroup in permissions.
    Give the fist group, the onjoin group this:
    default: true

    If you type a wrong group to ranking commands you get this problem to...
    I will fix that next time... I think I look to a method to get all data...

    THX for Bugreport. The first think you can do is to set a defaultgroup.

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