[GEN/ADMN/WEB] glizer - Global Bans, Reputation, Whitelist, Profiles, Notes, Statistics

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by beecub, Jun 4, 2011.

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    Geoff Winans

    Looks like their site is having issues. May check this out once it's back up.

    @beecub, if you need a DBA to eyeball your setup (assuming MySQL ;) ), feel free to ping me.
  3. The website are extremely buggy. See screenshot. Please fix it. Its unuseable in this state.
    The twitter box covers large parts of the site so the text is unreadable (would suggest removing it completely) and many functions simply do not work (timeouts) or are responding very slow.

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    We're developing on a mac and don't own the internet explorer. the webpage ist compilant with the xhtml standard so if it doesn't render correctly it's just because of the internet explorer. use firefox, opera, safari or anything else :)
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    Hi it seems your website is down. Also am getting errors when starting server with new update 1.1.20. Will post error if needed.
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    When the Website is down the plugin will trigger errors. thats normal. but we've already "fixed" the problem with the webserver (now we have anti-ddos technologies up and running)
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    Why is this better then McBans?
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    First off all, we are free for ever. Okay that's just a add but what does this mean?

    Glizer (in the current version) is very similar the McBans, thats right. But this is just the beginning. The Idea is not just making a McBans Clone (or something like that), it's about trying to make it possible to communicate with your friends ingame, even when they are on another server. That's one of the reasons for the name, btw ;)
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    You'r missing the bukkit build in the title.
    And I would recommend adding the changelog in the topic, not in the here in the posts.
    and is there any permissions? or a command page?
    is there even commands?
    anyway this is a good idea :)
    I like this.

    edit: unr also missing the current version in the title.

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    Yes we're missing that, because the project has moved to dev.bukkit.org as you can see in the first post and 3 posts above ;)
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    So this is a McBans copycat?
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    its not a copycat, it's a complete different approach. this is a globalizer, and yes it also globalizes bans, but thats not all.
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    Do new users also have to register in your minecraft registration server?
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    no, only serveradmins.
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    can you make a alias /ban for /localban ?
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