Inactive [GEN/ADMN][Vault][1.4.6-R0.4] Vote (Day, Night, Kick, Ban, Sun, Rain, Custom)

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by RabidCrab, Jun 6, 2011.

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    This plugin is still actively supported! Go to the bukkit dev page by clicking here to receive the latest updates!
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    Tomorrow I'll be posting a video on how to create your own custom votes. Something like a death vote would take about 2 minutes to make with a custom vote.
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    For some reason, I'm having issues with it. I can set up the vote, and everyone can do the actual vote, but when a change is attempted, I get the message "no world by that exact name found." Am I missing something in the config or permissions? I'm using PEx with multi-verse. Thanks! :)
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    It sounds like an issue with who is starting the vote. If it's not a player starting the vote, it can cause issues, namely with the weather and day/night commands. This plugin is multi-world capable, so if a player starts the vote in, say the nether, the command will attempt to be run in the nether. Since day/night and weather commands are world-specific, this could be a problem because some worlds don't have weather/day/night.

    The solution is pretty simple. Make sure a logged-in player starts the vote, and make sure they're in the world that they want modified. If there's still an issue, it's probably multi-verse causing problems, which I'd have to look into. If you can't get it to work with the suggestions above, toss me another reply.
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    I have updated to V1.3.1_04 to be compatible with 1.3.1-R2.0. The file should be available for download in about an hour from this post.

    I will be updating to 1.3.2 as soon as a beta build is available.

    EDIT: It's been 9 hours, still no approval. Not sure what's going on, but it should be live soon.
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    I'm very sorry for the late reply. RL has kinda kept me away. Yes, a logged in player started the vote, and I still get the message. So, it must be something with multi-verse :(
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    Please update new sources
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    Latest source has been updated. Almost forgot about GitHub.
  9. Thanks for the great mod. This is just what I was looking for on my server to let the players change it to day!

    I thought I would also bring a couple issues to your attention. Currently percentage votes will fail every time someone votes no during the vote, because the values being divided to check the vote percentage are ints, not doubles, and a value like 0.6 will get truncated to 0. Additionally, on a failed vote the VoteEndFailText is getting displayed twice; once in voteTimeOver just before voteFail is called, and once within voteFail.

    I attached the file I modified to fix those two issues. My Java/programming is pretty rusty so there might be better ways to fix it. Thanks again.

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