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    This plugin is still actively supported! Go to the bukkit dev page by clicking here to receive the latest updates!
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    Vote for 900+ will not work for bukkit 860 and below.

    Sure, I actually have it coded out, but haven't added the command. 0.8 Will have this feature

    I'll set it up to where there's an option to ignore unvoted players. Right now I have it laid out like it is because it's generally how voting works on other games, but I do understand how AFK players and idiots can skew the results pretty heavily. It's actually happening quite a bit on my server, which is making a ton of the votes fail :mad:

    EDIT: Added the option to the 928+

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    Hi, nice plugin! I tried it today and works fine and its nice to have the ability to make custom votes compared to the others who cant, great plugin!

    One quick question / feature request. Would it be possible to have a vote account for offline players? I would like to run a vote for a server feature change on my server and would like to leave it up for a day or two and when people log in, they could be warned of an ongoing open vote and then they would vote on if yes or no they would want that new feature on the server. I would then come back a day or so later with the results. Could this be done with the current implementation or is it something that could be added eventually??

    Thanks in advance!
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    It's currently possible to do because it'll add up people as they login and vote, but the catch is that you can't have any other votes going on at the time that one's active.
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    thanks alot for the reply!! (that was quick!). The limit of one open vote at a time is alright for me, not an issue. (thanks for the warning tho)

    So far, I don't seem to be successful in setting it propedly. I am testing it while being alone on the server for now, no players have logged in yet since I installed it (not in prime time over here right now)
    Here is the part of the config about it.

                VoteFailCommandDelaySeconds: 0
                VoteSuccessCommandDelaySeconds: 3
                Description: test
                VoteSuccessText: Vote succeeded! test
                - say test o rama
                CooldownMinutesToSuccessRevote: 1
                LastSuccessfulVote: 1309154432680
                TimeoutSeconds: 60
                VoteOnCooldownText: testcooldown
                LastFailedVote: 0
                PercentToSucceed: 60
                VoteStartText: test has started! type /vote yes or /vote no to vote
                IgnoreUnvotedPlayers: false
                MinimumVotes: 1
                VoteFailCommands: []
                VoteFailText: Vote failed! test.
                CooldownMinutesToFailRevote: 1
    From what I understand, the "TimeoutSeconds" would be the part of the config that sets the amount of time that I want the vote to last, right? So it should be 60 seconds but the vote ends immediatly after I run it.

    Any idea what im doing wrong??

    Thanks again!!
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    I'll have to add a new parameter called ForceTimeoutWait or something. It's working as intended because you're the only one online and voting, so it says "Hey, it's 100% vote ratio, we might as well finish it out now".

    As I think about it, I'm sure that would defeat the purpose of the plugin. I'll see what it takes to make a polling system and get back to you if I think I can make a polling system more easily than I made this plugin.

    EDIT: I figured it wouldn't kill me to make a polling plugin, so here's the Source. If it looks pretty familiar, it's because I butchered this plugin's framework to begin building out the polling.

    If you have any ideas/suggestions, post them here.
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    Awesome!!! This will complement the vote plugin very well ! Thanks alot for that, looking forward to the plugin when it will be ready. Read the feature list and so far, thats pretty much spot on, nothing to add. Make it so! :p

    Thanks again!
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    Is it possible to use variables? Say I wanted to /vote kick $player or /vote warn $player?

    My mistake, says you cant in the todo
    Id like to request this as a feature
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    Can you do votes that start up at set intervals? Or does it already do that? I don't see it saying anything about it, and I just want to make sure I can set it to make a vote for time/night every 5 or so minutes in-game so no one has to bother an Admin for changing time.
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    How are the votes executed? Are they just executed on the server? If so, could there be an option to have them executed by the player who initiated the vote, but temporarily as an op and with * permissions?
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    There's no option for the console to start a vote. This would add another layer to the voter that I wouldn't want to build because right now the vote plugin is extremely small in memory and CPU usage to the point where you won't notice it's running or not without trying a vote command.

    That's currently how it works, in a way. When a player starts a vote and the vote succeeds, an admin with the highest rights is mimicked with the player who started the vote. Giving the user temporary admin permissions is too risky, because people can easily exploit it, so I came up with a workaround where I trick Permissions into thinking that an admin is executing the command, but in reality it's the player who started the vote.

    If you were to set it up to where if a vote failed the vote starter would get struck by lightning, it would work. The only thing that wouldn't work is if you attempt to display the player's name, because I replace that (temporarily and only for the commands that my plugins execute) with an admins.
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    Ah, thanks for the clarification! The reason I wondered was for temporary execution of other plugin's commands, since some commands can't specify the player name.
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    I've installed this plugin in my craftbukkit 1000 server. It seems to work, as in /vote help shows me what commands I can do (day, night, kick, ban, restart).

    But when I actually try "/vote day" for example, it doesn't do anything. It doesn't turn from night into day. I have Permissions 3.1.6 and Essentials 2.5.5 as other plugins. I have all permissions as admin, and I have given Member the following vote permissions:

            default: false
                prefix: ''
                suffix: ''
                build: true
                - Default
                - ''
                - ''
                - ''
                - 'vote.voteyes.night'
                - 'vote.voteno.night'
                - 'vote.startvote.night'
    I think I've done everything right but it doesn't seem to work. Anyone has any suggestions?

    so /vote list gives:
    ban - ban a player
    kick - kick a player
    restart - restart the server
    night - set time to night
    day - set time to day

    /vote day doesn't do anything

    /vote yes gives "An internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command"

    I don't know any more.
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    I forgot to check and make sure day and night was working correctly, but now it is. I also fixed the error that was thrown when you try to vote without a vote going on.

    You'll need to delete the Vote folder and reload the plugin to get day and night to work correctly.
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    I need /vote clear (weather)
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    Saw it coming, and have been working on a solution for a bit. 1.1 allows for weather voting
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    I love this, but can we get a perm node for being kicked/banned by a vote
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    Lol I can see how this could cause some problems. I'm adding the code now. The permissions will be vote.unkickable and vote.unbannable.
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    I think it may conflict with one of my other mods, but in the weirdest way. I try to initiate a vote for day, and the vote will go through as "successful", but then a few seconds afterwards it says I don't have permission to use this command due to not having (admincmd.time.set) which I, in fact, do. Regardless, the time set for AdminCMD is /time day. So I'm not sure how that is conflicting with /vote day. I'm kind of dumb when it comes to these things, though, so perhaps they're trying to perform the same action and are somehow messing with one another?

    Also, when I try to initiate weather votes, they also go through as "successful" at first, but then say I do not have the correct setvalue permission. Am I wrong in putting the 'vote.setvalue' in the permissions group file along with everything else? Am I missing something incredibly silly?

    Thanks for your time!
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    If you have Permissions enabled, you have to have 2 things for any one admin account. You can actually make a fake account to accomplish this, and I may just add these steps in code, but until then:
    1. Open up the ops.txt file in the server and add your name to the very first line of the ops.txt file
    2. Go into the users.yml in permissions and give yourself * permissions.

    This is required because it's not necessarily "you" that executes the vote, it's the first op in the ops.txt file that's mimicked when executing a command.

    For the day/night issue, go in and delete the whole Vote folder in the plugins folder. Minecraft changed the way that you can set day/night, so I had to change the way I executed it.

    V1.2 has permissions vote.unkickable and vote.unbannable.

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    Not sure if I just missed it or you just added that or if I'm blind, either way thanks I'll add this later :3
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    That took care of everything, thank you sooo much!
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    Thank you. The addon works now. I had to change the time set commands because we're using Essentials so then it has to be /time day and /time night. (without the '/' in the config).

    It works now. Resulted in a lot of player arguing when a couple of votes failed though, but it's all part of the democratic process. ;)

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    eehm low we are experiancing the same problem ...
    so i changed this
                - time set 0
    to this
                - time day
    but that dusnt work for me :(
    the weater works and stuff but the night an day vote dusnt work for us we are using esentials ...
    plzz help
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    Is it possible to add colors to the messages?
    If so, how?
    I tried adding & and a color code infront but it doesn't work.
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    Will there be any conflicts between this and MCbans voting system? They both use the same command.
    EDIT: I tested and there was, MCbans takes control over every /vote command. Dammit :mad:
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    Do you have the correct name in the ops.txt ?

    Please note that for this plugin to work, they are case sensitive.
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    Hmm... I didn't think that the name in the ops.txt mattered? You put a name in there at the top and the plugin just uses whatever name it is automatically.

    You do need to make sure there's at least one name in the ops.txt file though.


    I also had to change it to /time day but working fine with Essentials for me.
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    can you place an example on how you did it plzzz ???
    and why does it neet ppl to be in the ops.txt ..... becouse essentials works with permisssions to and i can do /time day in game with permisssions i dotn have to be in the ops.text shoo why does this mod need esentials ops.txt ???
    thats dusnt relay makes sence at all !!! but il try it
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    It's this plugin (Vote) that needs the name in the ops.txt file as it's set up to "fake" a player with admin/op permissions in order to run the commands (like /time day).
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    ok it works now thx :) ..
    can we add collors to the text too ?? and if so how can we do collors ?

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