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  1. Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Gem Runner

    What I want: The objective of the game is to score the most points. What you do is you run around a map and you get points for certain ores. There is a video below to show it better.

    Ideas for commands:
    Normal commands:
    • /gemrunner (alias gn)
    • /gn help - Shows help
    • /gn join (arena) - Join an arena
    • /gn leave - Leave the arena your in
    Admin commands:
    • /gn create (arena) - Creates an arena with the selected world edit region.
    • /gn remove (arena) - Remove an arena
    • /gn disable (arena) - Disable an arena from being played
    Emerald: 7
    Diamond: 6
    Gold: 4
    Redstone: 3
    Lapis: 3
    Iron: 2
    Coal: 1

    What it is (open)

    Ideas for permissions:, gn.join, gn.leave, gn.admin.create, gn.admin.remove, gn.admin,disable

    When I'd like it by: Whenever, if you need help make a github and I will help out.

    I am not doing this myself due to lack of time.
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    bwfcwalshy im confused, what is this video, is it an example of the request u want, is it an existing minigame wanting to be made for you?
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    I guess I will try but I won't share code :D sorry but I will upload it to bukkit when i'm done or want to test
  4. XgXXSnipz This was taken on a server that has it (custom coded) I put that video there to better explain what the game is and how it runs.

    Zombieghost_391 Great, I just asked to share on GitHub so I could help out in my free time.

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    I'm going to need help with match making and multiple arenas
  6. Zombieghost_391 I must of missed this... Do you still have the code?

    BUMP in the night.
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    I'm sorry I have stop this project and started others and later deleted this project but if you need help with it or need me to help you to make any mini game tell me would give private lessons
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    bwfcwalshy I would like to make this, but I don't know how to implement WorldEdit, and nobody has a tutorial for it either. Everything else about the plugin would be easy to make, but if someone could tell me about implementing WorldEdit into my code, then I could do it.
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    bwfcwalshy I think my best bet is to code my own selection tool. While I don't know about implementing other plugins, I know how to code my own. I'll play around with making my own selection tool, and if it works out, I can most likely start this.
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    I'll make this. I'll start on it right now :).
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    TheWolfBadger Well, I guess I will stop this project, but it wouldn't have been that hard to make.
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    567legodude If you want, you could keep doing it. It's a very simple plugin for me :p. If you need the experience then you take it pal. I just thought of it as a cool minigame honestly.
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    TheWolfBadger Well, I just finished coding my own version of a region selector, and protecting blocks in that region. I would rather implement WorldEdit though, because my method of calculating if the block is in the region doesn't seem very efficient.

    If you could show me a little about implementing WorldEdit, that would be great. But then I also have to figure out how to regenerate the arena in the end.

    The WorldEdit is the only thing I don't know how to do, everything else, like managing the game, the points, and the players is already things I know. I just don't know about implementing other plugins.
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    567legodude I never use WorldEdit. If you wanna see a good api for cuboid selections and how I do it in my BadgerProtection plugin then you can check out the BadgerProtection link in my signature. Then on my signature link to my GitHub you can find BadgerAPI and you can use it if you would like, it is a very great simple API. - Jack
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    TheWolfBadger Ok, I figured out how to use the Cuboid API in your plugin.
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    TheWolfBadger Just a question, what would be the best way for me to regenerate the blocks in a region. I know that the Cuboid API has a getBlocks() method, which returns a list of blocks. What would I do to save that list then restore it later?
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    A little update, I have finished coding the plugin. Now I am bugtesting, and once all the bugs are gone, I will post it. It may take about 3 days to get it ready.

    Right now, this is the base of the game, to make it work. I will upload it as a project when it is done. In the future I will add more features, such as auto-updating signs, cool effects, and general improvements.
  18. 567legodude Thanks I think this would really benefit servers. When you post it you should make a GitHub I can contribute then.
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    This is just like TNT Run :p
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    bwfcwalshy I actually am adding in all the fancy features, such as auto updating signs. It will also support multi-arena. I've got everything about it all sorted out. There will also be an option to enable pvp when all the ores are gone.

    I'm just stuck on one little problem, which no one seems to be able to solve. But as soon as that one problem gets fixed, I just have to add permissions and it's done.
  21. KentDMC It is but with points.

    567legodude What is the issue, remember I am a coder myself I can help out.
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    bwfcwalshy Alright, picture this:
    I have a method that starts the timer to the game, so imagine something like this:
    1. public void pregame(String s) {
    2. // The string is the name of the arena that should start.
    4. new BukkitRunnable() }
    6. int count = 30;
    7. // Custom timer is actually grabbed from config.
    9. @Override
    10. public void run() {
    11. // Things
    12. }
    14. }.runTaskTimer(this, 0, 20);
    15. }

    Now here is the problem, the timer will run just fine, and when it reaches 0, it gets cancelled, and the game starts.
    Once the game is over, I join the game again, and the exact same method is called, but the runnable does not run. (I have verified that it is being called again).

    So, no matter what happens, it will not start again.
    And this is what also makes it weird:
    If enough players leave before the game starts, it is also cancelled, and the game doesnt start.
    But if the runnable is cancelled by enough players leaving, then when someone joins again, the runnable runs again just fine.

    Now if I get to the point where it won't run, I added a command that simply calls the method manually, and for some reason, the runnable will run just like it should.

    So the questions is, why does it not run again on its own, but it will run if it was cancelled from the other situation, or if the exact same method was called by command.

    EDIT: I found that on the times that it doesnt work, the runnable will run once, but it wont run the loop.
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    bwfcwalshy It just makes me mad because it worked before, and I havent changed anything since then, but it doesn't work now.

    bwfcwalshy I found out that the game doesn't work when I am by myself, but when there is more than one person, it works perfectly. So it actually just doesn't work when there is only one person. Since all games are most likely to have more than one person, it will work perfectly fine. I'll continue to add the rest.

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    bwfcwalshy Here is a little update on what I have so far.
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    I will, no matter what, install this plugin. It's so cool and fun looking. I might as well support you if you want.
  26. 567legodude That looks really good, thank you for taking your time to do this.
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