GearTags (Disable and enable certain gear with lore tags)

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Jocke155, Oct 20, 2015.

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    Plugin category: RPG, FUN

    Suggested name: GearTags

    What I want: A plugin that makes it possible to add a "Lore tag" on Armor and Weapons, that makes it possible for the admin to disable the tagged gear with a single command.

    I have "Tier" gear on my server. Every month there is a new tier and the gear is better than the last tier, but it seems impossible to make a "reset" and start over with mobs and gear at tier 1 because of the fact that players already got the "best" gear before the reset.
    The role this plugin will have is that i can add the lore "[Tag #]" on the gear and then when i use "/tag disable tag #" and the plugin will disable that gear if the players try to equip it.

    So for every tier i make, i'll add an unique tag ID number, and then when i want to disable the gear from being used by players i just use the command.

    Simply: Gear with [Tag 1] for example, can't be equipped if i used /disable tag 1
    If use use /enable tag 1 you can equip the gear again.

    This should work for bows and swords aswell.

    Ideas for commands:
    /tag enable # - Enable gear with the [Tag #](Number) if it is disabled
    /tag disable # - Disable gear with the [Tag #] Lore, it prevents players from equipping the gear with the tag #.

    Ideas for permissions:
    tag.enable - For using the enable command
    tag.disable - For using the disable command
    tag.op - For being able to equip gear that is disabled

    When I'd like it by: Whenever you can :)
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    Wouldnt it be more effective to just outright delete the items if they are out of date?
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    Well, i think it's better if they can keep the stuff, but not use it :)
    Cosmetic usage could be done when the tier is disabled.
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    Bump, anyone?
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    Keep waiting.. It's not a hard plugin, someone should give it a go
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