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    Yeah. Just like the name said. The plugin that work the same as Garry's Mod Tower.

    WELL actually Garry's Mod Tower AKA GMod Tower basicly is that there's a one main lobby/tower that is the center of everything. We can access shops and stuff via the main lobby. The tower acted as the base of the gamemodes. If that gamemode is full, people can go to queue.
    Gamemodes list:
    1. Virus. In virus there's two teams, the human and the zombie. and the first infected is random. The humans have to live until the timer end. The zombies have to infect people by touching them.(or maybe kill them for this plugin)
    2.PVP Battle. In this gamemode there is two minutes timer. The player will be given random weapons and spawn on the map with pop culture references. There is power ups around the map. The player is able to double jump but after picking up the power up, the player can't.
    3.Lava survival(I think of this by myself). The players spawned at the big, tall tower. The goal is that to survive from the lava that is flooding from layer to layer, and be the only one that still alive
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    Yes. Because all of us know what Garry's Mod Tower plugin is.
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    Garrys mod runs on the source engine, its different from minecraft ...
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    Yeah I know. But is it possible to make a minecraft plugin that "works" like garry's mod tower?
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    Define "works"
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    Don't you get it? A plugin that is able to run the same function as the garry's mod tower. Ex. DayZ Plugin is the plugin that makes minecraft works like DayZ or run the same function as the actual DayZ
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    Yes a plugin that does the same thing Gmod Tower does. ie functions the same way.
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    yep thanks for clearing that
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    The point the above devs were making is that most people have no idea how the GMod Tower functions :p

    Could you tell us basicly what it does and how it changes the in-game experience? :D
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    thanks for that suggestion! thread updated :D
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    You can do this anyway? Build a tower at the bottom use a shop plugin, 1st floor add games with lobby boards, 2nd floor teleport to peopels homes(rooms) why do you need a plugin
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    It has to be automated. Each gamemode must start, end, and reset by itself.
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    Plugins do that? survival games starts and stops by itself, paitnball also... I dont see an issue here
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    Wanna learn some gmod tower stuff? they got a few videos on it. tons more just they are the only people im subbed to who play it..

    Edit1: Some features are easy to make from gmod tower and some are. Hard
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    what does Garry's Mod have to do with Minecraft?
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    They're fun games.

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