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    Plugin category:
    Role-Playing, Fun
    Suggested name:
    Gang or Gang Wars
    What I want:
    A plugin similar toward Factions & SimpleClans, but it leaves out some features.
    The plugin would have
    -Creation of Gangs
    -Leaderboards (Shows all gangs, which one has the most kills & deaths)
    -Joining & Leaving Gangs
    -Gang Chat
    -Economy support
    -Friendly Fire (Gangs enabled or not)
    -Promotion (maybe for like fun ranks or whatever)
    -(Possible limitation of creation of gangs in config so their can only be like 3 or 4 or 5 gangs)
    The plugin WON'T have
    Ideas for commands:
    /gang (or) /gangwars (Shows information for creator)
    /gang help (shows all commands depending which permissions)
    /gang invite {player}, kick {player}, deny (deny the join), join {gang}
    /gang chat (toggle able, type same command to toggle out or in)
    /gang allies, /gang rivals
    /gang leaderboard (1,2,3,4, etc)
    /gang ff (toggle able, type the same command to toggle it)
    /gang promote {player} {Moderator (access to invite & kick)}
    Ideas for permissions:
    gang (or) gangwars
    gang.admin (all commands)
    gang.member (all member commands help,gang,chat,allies,leaderboard)
    When I'd like it by:
    within 1-2 weeks (if possible)


    I would like to have this plugin because I am working on a Grand Theft Auto Server that would LOVE to have this plugin instead of Factions or SimpleClans.
    I can promise you that I can give you something INGAME like Donator Rank or INGAME money, or weapons.
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    Grand Theft Auto server... Where will the Autos be on the server?
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    Car plugin.
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    Anybody? :3
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