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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Otisdiver, Jul 5, 2015.

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    Before I begin, I would like to say that I am aware of already existing plugins to record game time. However, these plugins are mostly out-dated and none of them fit my needs.

    Possible names: "Timekeeper", "Clocktower"

    Must-have features: record each player's total game time (preferably in MySQL or SQLite), have it accessible via /gt <name> or /gametime <name>

    Important features: record each player's per-day game time in MySQL or SQLite database (flatfile would be ridiculous). Have detailed gametime accessible via /gt <name> on <date> or /gt <name> since <past time>. If username is excluded, give the command sender's data.

    Suggested set-up for that:
    for each column have a date, e.g. 070515, and record the game time for that day. Each session on that day adds the game-time to that day.

    For example, I log in during the morning of 070515 for 2 hours, it adds 2 hours to the 070515 column. I log in later that evening for 3 hours, it adds 3 hours to the 070515 column. The next day it does the same.

    Regarding the commands: if I do /gt <name>, just add up the game time from each column and give it to the user. If I do /gt <name> since <date>, just add up the game time from that day and each day up until the present. If I do /gt <name> on <date>, just give the value of that column.

    Saving memory: when a column is a month or two old, delete it and put its contents into one column to record all old data. This is for the purposes of collecting the total game-time.

    Nice add-ons: configurable time to delete old entries, configurable commands to be triggered when a user achieves a certain in-game time. If either of these are added, a /gt reload to reload the configuration would be handy.

    A last feature request (not necessary, but would be good to have) would be time manipulation. /gt add to add to a player's game time (probably in the column with old game time data) and /gt reset to delete all of a player's records.

    * gametime.self - view your own total game time
    * gametime.advanced - view game time and detailed game times of anyone
    * gametime.admin - reload plugin, add game time, reset game time

    When I would like it: whenever is convenient for you is fine, but in the next week or two would be excellent.

    Thank you for your time!

    tl;dr record player's game time in detail (be able to see total time as well as specific time) in a MySQL/SQLite database.
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