Future option for PURE servers?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by austin101, Feb 27, 2013.

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    I'm wondering if it's possible in the future for the bukkit team working with mojang to implement a pure option on the server properties.
    What do I mean by pure?
    Pure means 100% vanilla / no mods.
    It would be nice if we had the opinion to force users to only use the default Minecraft files.
    Also, if could enable a customized option to allow for some mods, but not others.

    Valve does this already and has the option allow for pure mode while running there servers.
    Read more about it here: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Pure_Servers

    Minecraft has a numerous supply on client mods that can provide users with endless possibilities and unfair advantages on servers.

    Any server owners can agree that it can be troubling having to loading on numerous plugins such as NoCheat, Anti X-ray, ore obstructor, command logger, hacked item finders, etc. Being a server owner for 2 years, the more plugins I throw on to prevent cheating only causes more problems for the players. It even causes problems for the players that are playing without any mods, such as fake ores being visible, or no cheat giving false positives.

    It seems to me that a simple solution would be allow the server owners to force users to use a specific jar file, rather than making more server plugins just to stop cheating.
    What would this mean for the players who have modded clients?
    Nothing, their mods would be still working on single player and servers without pure mode enabled.

    Example: I have a custom HUD and some gun reskins for TeamFortress 2. I frequently play on a pure server, when I connect to the pure server none of my custom mods work. If I were to connect to another server with out pure mode enabled all my mods would work again.
    Allow for custom settings in the server properties:

    Normal (Any mods are allowed)
    Customized (Some mods are allow, but not others)
    Pure (The client must have default unmodded Minecraft files)

    What do you guys think about this and is there a way to possible implement this now?
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    this was discussed a thousand times and is impossible to write one that prevents modders from simply modding the client to bypass it.
    also, dont try comparing steam to minecraft. steam mod support is extremely different.
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    It's exactly the opposite of "a simple solution". Forcing the client to use a specific jar file is impossible because there's no way for the server to tell. It may look vanilla to the server, it may make quack like a vanilla client quacks, and yet not be a vanilla client at all.
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    Sounds like fun, good summary as well, but impossible to realize.
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    Why not just have the server ask the client some basic info... such as number of files inside the minecraft.jar or the exact size of the jar file or certain class files inside of it.

    If client file size == true (default unmodded client)
    Then allow them to connect

    Refuse connection and prompt user.

    Minecraft already checks to see if the user is properly logged and connected to minecraft. Why not have a server send additional information that would take less than a second to check to see if their client is altered in anyway.

    Nice to hear from bukkit staff, I hope this can be a possibility one day.
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    austin101 Because anything that gets sent over a socket or whatever can be modified. Modders just check the output once, then hardcode it in, and edit whatever they want.
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    Locked. Minecraft doesn't work that way in its current form. Much work would be needed to realize this, and believe me - Mojang has had this suggested to them many times.

    Great idea and all, just not currently possible and no point debating the merits on this forum - it must be done by Mojang (as said before, they've heard this suggestion plenty of times.)
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