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    I am honestly not expecting anyone to make this, but im going to go ahead and write up
    a concept here since i dont know where else to put it.

    Category: Fun (since its a minigame)

    Suggested name: Mirai Nikki / Future


    Ever watched an episode of the amazing anime Mirai Nikki?
    Mirai Nikki quite literally translates to "Future diary" because that is the item that the anime revolves around.
    -Watch it to know a bit more about what i am explaining.
    The later episodes get a bit... Graphic. (warned you) (god damn it japan)

    Anyway, heres the request.

    Players join a game via a sign, by teleporting to a set arena.
    They are never told who has joined a game, they are just given a player count. (remove the [Player] joined the game! message)
    After 12 people have joined (12 min, 24 max), there will be a 1 minute countdown before the game starts.

    Players are granted with a written book when they spawn, thats it.

    That book contains the knowledge they need to survive. There is only ever ONE page of the book.

    They can read the book to let them gain insight onto what may happen next.

    The book changes depending on what it predicts will happen.

    The book will predict things, including death.

    The book talks in third person. Always.

    For example:
    Normal occurrences:

    (playername) walked down the path
    Trigger for that- If a player has been walking in a semistraight line for the last 20 seconds.

    Have multiple of these, they are basically normal events.

    Death occurrences: The book will predict if a player is about to die.

    (Playername) is assassinated in a brutal murder.
    (Playername) is followed and murdered.
    (you can make up your own, but they follow this concept)

    Trigger for that- a player that has been in the players proximity for less than 3 minutes the whole game is following the player holding a weapon.

    If a mob type is near a player (near = less than 10 blocks)
    If possible, do some calculations w/ player weapon and armour, mob count, player health, mob health (and such) (ik, im making this even Harder!! :D)

    If a player is near lit tnt
    Lit tnt takes 6 seconds to explode.

    If the player is on fire (judge by time left on fire and player health)

    The last player alive wins,

    All players names are the number they represent (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, so forth)

    Players can also find weapons like guns around the street, but i could add that with loot chests.

    Have fun with this concept! >:D

    Forgot to add-

    All death messages have "Dead End" in them.

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