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    Plugin Category: FUN

    Suggested Name: FUS RO DAH - Shout Away your Troubles!

    A bit about me: I have been on the bukkit community for about two months, and am very happy to have found this site right after I made my very own server. My server is all about having fun and being unique, and I try to find the coolest plugins and features for my server.

    What I want: I just want a plugin with the ability to use a FUS ROH DAH shout and it would knock back Mobs and players. It would be nice to have a feature where you could set the power of the shout. The default shout would push Mobs back at a pretty reasonable distance. The power 2 would push Mobs farther and also push players a medium distance. Power 3 would push Mobs even farther and players farther as well. Then there would be a power 4 that would be automatically a OP only unless given permission. It would blow mobs very far, players farther then power 3, and would also slightly damage small structures above ground level (unless pointing at the ground). Finally there would be a power 5 that would do the same with mobs and players as power 4, but greatly damage structures (about as much as 6 blocks of TNT). Lastly, there needs to be the signature FUS ROH DAH shout when a shout is activated. It would be cool to have them say FUS (for Power 1) and FUS RO (for Power 2) and then FUS ROH DAH for everything else. This would require Spout to be able to add the sound effects in the config.

    For players to use the FUS RO DAH shout, they will need certain things in their inventory to use.

    Power 1: 5 Gunpowder, 5 Redstone
    Power 2: 10 Gunpowder, 20 Redstone
    Power 3: 20 Gunpowder, 50 Redstone
    Power 4 (if given permission): 30 Gunpowder, 50 Redstone, 1 Diamond
    Power 5 (same as 4): 64 Gunpowder, 50 Redstone, 3 Diamond

    Ideas for Commands:

    /frd fus
    This would activate the Power 1 shout

    /frd fusro
    This would activate the Power 2 shout

    /frd fusrodah
    This would activate the Power 3 shout

    /frd fusrodah2
    Like I said, it would be OP only Power 4

    /frd fusrodah3
    Power 5, OP only

    Ideas for Permissions:

    frd.*: Allows for all level shouts
    frd.fus: Allows for Power 1 shout
    frd.fusro: Allows for Power 2 shout
    frd.fusrodah: Allows for Power 3 shout
    frd.fusrodah2: Allows for Power 4 shout
    frd.fusrodah3: Allows for Power 5 shout

    When I'd like it: I have no idea how long this should take, so if someone wants to tackle this they could give the estimate time.

    Remember all I want is the FUS RO DAH shout, no other Skyrim elements are needed.


    Bump Come on guys any takers?

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    Sounds interesting (I like Skyrim too :p)
    How would be the Power 4-5,make explode where you looking?
    Or how did you imagine it?
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    I'll take this on. Just out of curiosity, don't you think it would be more bad-ass if you activated it by actually shouting it in chat?
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    I imagined it as an explosion to what ever you are looking at for a certain distance. So like however long the shout's range is determines what will be exploded.

    Sweet dude! Yeah I guess that would be cool. Do you think it would be easier to just type in the command and have it announce in the chat feed? Kind of like this:

    /frd fusrohdah

    grant1222: FUS ROH DAH!


    /frd fus

    grant1222: FUS!

    Than everyone on the server will know you just shouted. Do you like this idea? And do you think it would be possible if you could add a lock on feature, and maybe a configurable range and radius for each shout? Tell me what you think.

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    Yea that and here is another one with the name Fus Roh Dah in it and if you search Fus in the bukkit dev under all catagories there are a lot of already made shouting plugins that should work. Here is one : http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/thuum-fus-ro-dah/
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    Glad to help
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    No, I mean you literally type "FUS RO DAH" in chat and it does the action. It would actually be easier.

    I'm still willing to do this if you'd like a more customized version.
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    Ok I would like that! Don't forget the voice sound effect for each shout. You know how in the game, he says FUS than pauses before saying ROH DAH? If you timed the blast with the RO DAH it would seem much smoother and more professional. So yes I would like you to still make me one. Do you have a time estimate as to how long it would take?

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