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    Sorry if you are aware of this already, just want to make sure you are aware of, when walking a level above of a room with zombie spawners and such, certain areas glitch out make you un-able to move. :)

    EDIT: Nevermind after a reload of the server it dissappeared
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    are you sure you added zombie spawns? Also, have you ensured that there are no other conflicting plugins which may cause the random despawning of the zombies? ancientRPG has shown to conflict with this plugin. There may be other plugins which conflict.
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    very very nice plugin 1 problem though. for some reason when i right click on a buy sign it says bought item for 0 dollars. It doesnt give me the item either it just says that even when the price is over 1000. any idea of whats wrong?
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    I found that if I buy from a sign and I don't receive the item, I just scroll through my hot bar or press the numbers relating to each slot on the hot bar and it updates with the weapon. :)
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    thanks its starting to work now there are two other problems now though. the first one is that when you open a door it doesnt regen after the game is over so players can just get to the end of the map right when it starts. ive seen this on other servers too so im not sure if its just me or everyone with the plugin. second my server is very based on iconomy but whenever we start a match their money gets reset and i get a lot of complaints. i know there is a way to disable this but then when the game starts everyone will start with like 100000 dollars. is there a way to completely disable iconomy in this plugin? thanks
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    Yes, turn force-points in config to true.

    This is a bug with bukkit. It has not occurred in the past and from my understanding Player.updateInventoyr() is "deprecated" which means I should not have to call it in the plugin. The inventory should update automatically when an item is added or the inventory is changed. Unfortunately though, for some reason in 1.3.1 the inventory doesn't update automatically like it did when bukkit was 1.2.5

    Sorry folks, it's a bug with Bukkit itself. I'll see if re-adding the manual update call fixes the problem.

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    If by adding you mean, /zsa-spawn? Then yes.

    I tried removing other plugins out, and infact, I was able to get to Wave 2 but gets stuck. Does Essentials conflict this? Cause that's what I have in there besides the ZombieSurvival

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    thanks! one more thing mystery boxes arent working for my players. 2 players have reported that they havent been working for them when they buy a mystery box they open the chest and nothing is in there yet it took their money away. [EDIT] the money is still being used by economy even when force-points is true. wuts wrong?
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    No essentials should not conflict. For the record, what Craftbukkit version are you using? If I run the plugin alongside Essentials I have zero issues so anymore information you can give would be awesome. Espeacially if you're using a custom Bukkit such as Spigot or something. I'm always looking to enhance compatibility and further the development and remove all bugs.

    However it is more difficult with little information, and even more difficult if I can't duplicate the issue. So as much info you can provide as possible will help majorly. Thanks so much and enjoy :)

    Make sure you have items for the mysterybox in the config. If you could, posting your config would help. Should look like this:
    Mysteryboxes work perfectly fine for me :)

    Have you typed /zs-reload after you changed force-points: true
    Seems to be working just fine for me.

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    Okay, still not getting items back after game finishes.. instead keeping the items we got in game. and when we kill zombies with snowballs we get between 5 and 50000 points which ruins the door and box price system and makes it imposable to make a reasonable buy price for doors and boxes.
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    The system works by taking a cumulative of the damage done and a dynamic range from other factors. Because snowballs are weird in how they damage (last time I checked snowballs shouldn't hurt anything anyways... so why are you using them?) you're getting odd results. The fix for this would be to completely ignore snowball events but then if you're killing them with snowballs you'd always end up with exactly 0 points awarded. I'm not even sure how you're killing them with snowballs which should deal no damage to zombies, skellies, or wolves for that matter.

    Try again without being OPed. Works fine for me. If it works while you're not OPed tell me so I can see what the issue is :)
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    ok ill send my config is there a permission for use of mystery boxes? cause ive found it works for all ops. and yes i have reloaded after i switched it to true.
    # Minimum number of players to start a game
    start-player-count: 1
    automated: false
    auto-cooldown: 120
    auto-join-message: Welcome to the server! We are running automated ZombieSurvival games!
    anti-grief: true
    items-at-join: true
    death-loss-percent: 0.08
    wave-wait: 20
    drop-chance: 2
    health-multi: 1.0
    damage-multi: 0.2
    infect-mat: false
    allow-spectate: true
    perp-night: false
    runner-chance: 10
    effect-chance: 10
    empty-account: false
    force-spawn: false
    seek-speed: 0.23
    fast-seek-speed: 0.4
    bite-effect-length: 20
    buy-door-find-radius: 3
    death-non-human-respawn: true
    all-hurt: true
    leave-timer: 10
    inventory-save: true
    inventory-clear-join: false
    force-points: true
    use-donator-perks: false
    heal-player-new-wave: true
    skelly-wave-chance: 0
    - 268
    - 268
    - 268
    - 0
    - 375
    - 376
    - 367
    - 0
    - 0
    - 282
    - 297
    - 322
    - 261
    - 267
    - 268
    - 283
    - 384
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    http://dl.bukkit.org/downloads/craftbukkit/view/01371_1.3.1-R2.0/ <--- I am currently using this CraftBukkit version.
  14. What plugins are you using?

    force-points is working fine for me. I also made sure that empty-account was false. mysterybox works fine for players without OP on my server but I don't use a permissions plugin and don't know if perms is the issue.

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    i fixed the points they are working fine as well now ill check permissions list for a mystery box related permission other than that idk what could be wrong
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    I has found they need build permission to use chest for me

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    With Item Frames coming out in 1.4, would you be thinking to use them instead for item purchase in the future? :)
  18. that would be so cool :)
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    BattleArena, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsGroupBridge, EssentialsGroupManager, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, WorldEdit, and ZombieSurvival.

    15:22:41 [SEVERE] Could not pass event EntityDeathEvent to ZombieSurvival
            at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader$1.execute(JavaPluginLoader.ja
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.jav
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.fireEvent(SimplePluginManager.j
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.j
            at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.event.CraftEventFactory.callEntityDeathEvent(C
    I get this error after the second wave.

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    Can you maybe make it so the map will restore itself after the game ends? Like doors will restore.
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    EDIT: Ok neverminds guys. The waves are currently working. :) (Just redownloaded the plugin. Lmfao)
    But the thing I dont understand is the doors when you buy it. When I bought the doors, it says I have opened the door to something, but I don't see any doors or anything.
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    hmm does that give them the ability to build in the arenas?
  23. No, I've seen that they can't build or destroy while in-game.

    If you used the /zsa-door command and selected solid blocks (not actual door blocks) the doors get replaced and the map resets if you allowed them to destroy any blocks/etc. (in config you can edit the list of what they can destroy or place)

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    ok ill try that then
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    i like the plugin but i think i will test it a bit later (i might have a server dedicated to it) looks good any whay
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    Hey, I enjoy using this plugin but is there anyway you could make it so when a door is purchased certain spawns are activated? Thanks.:D
  27. that would be sweet
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    Plugin is activ on my server now,
    can anyone help me how to configurate and start the gamemode?
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    This plugin is so addictive and fun! Me and my friend played for about 2 hours strait! But I had one question, with the mystery box on the config if I wanted swords would I put all of their id's or would I just put 5 for all of them?
  30. I think you add a new item ID per ine using the "- " before the line. Somtehing like this:

    - 58
    - 202

    Obviously you'd use the IDs of swords, but that's what it looks like.

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