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    I have so much to say! Lets start off, i love your work! Im think about donating to your work aswell! I really badly want to be a tester because i love this plugin with all my heart! I do have some problems though. The mystery box doesnt work at all. I do not know why. My config is correct, but i think its because it has to be 6 blocks away from another sign?

    (RESOLVED) Also how do you set it up so you can buy a door? Whenever i do it, it says i bought it, but nothing happens at all...

    (RESOLVED)My other problem is that when i set up signs to buy items, i copied the same exact sign as the example iron sword. But when i play it says its not set up correct.

    Another problem is that the spectater option just doesnt work for me at all. I set it up and it doesnt work???

    Last issue is how do i make it so mobs dont spawn except the ones designated for the map. Random mobs will spawn in the map and its very annoying.

    If you can help me in any way i will love you.

    Thanks so much!!!
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    i can help with the spectator problem make sure spectator is enabled in your config then add a spectator spawn with /zsaspectator EXAMPLE GAME
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    If you use a 3.1-dev build all your "problems" will be resolved :)

    Please note however that you will have to remake all your games
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    Guys dev4 is finally here with two popular requests now completed: revive and door/spawn linking so that when you buy a door spawns linked to it will activate too!



    door/spawn linking command: /zs-doorlink

    Revive requires no setup and is now a general feature which means it is always active (signs will appear in general area of player death. To revive a player, you must break the sign!)

    If you have never used the dev builds, you WILL have to recreate ALL your games. To use a dev build PLEASE delete the entire ZombieSurvival data folder inside the plugins folder and all previous versions of ZombieSurvival.

    dev4 only 1.4.7 compatible!

    Went ahead and updated the entire thing to R3.1

    You will have to delete your entire ZombieSurvival Folder for 3.1

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    loopyd new version ONLY works with 1.4.7

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    will i remake all my games that i already had to remake for the dev builds
    EDIT:and whats the repair sign is it zombie repair, repair, barricade, bar zombie bar.....
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    No. Just update bukkit to 1.4.7 :) As long as you made games with one of the dev builds you'll be okay.

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    i got misconfigured sign do i need to add amount to giv someone under repair?
    EDIT:it didnt work is this a bug if so how long will it be to next realease im only back from having to shut it down due to the door glicth
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    No, just like that:
    Make sure it is capitalized.

    To purchase a door:
    I guarantee that both signs work 100% perfectly fine. See them in action @ mc.mortalchaos.net


    repair signs are for barricades by the way, not doors. They must be NEXT to a barricade made with the /zsa-bar command

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    First of all I'd like to say thank you for the awesome plugin!
    My only problem is that I can't seem to get the mystery box to work correctly.
    I have:

    zombie box

    written on the sign, and have added item ids into the config.yml
    - "267:0"

    however when I start a game and right click on the sign nothing happens. I don't get an error message, my points don't decrease and I don't receive any items. Am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks in advance!
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    First make sure that your item(s) are not in quotes
    Second, make sure sign is within 2 blocks of the chest
    Third all new items must be on a new line
    Fourth, can you try and take the damage value off for me and see if just "267" (without quotes work)

    If none of those steps work, I'll see what I can do. (do not apply these steps to any other item list, this is for debugging/finding a fix to this bug ONLY)
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    ive got the problem with doorlink i linked 1 spawn to the entrance of an area and one next to it to the exit (encase players enter from the other side) yet when we turn off close zombie spawns they still spawn at the places i linked
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    1. Read the directions that come up when you link zombie spawns CAREFULLY (you're clicking on ONE door block then clicking on any number of spawns to link to that door regardless of wave)
    2. Make sure if you're linking the spawns, that the wave is higher then the door for automatic activation if you don't want to the spawns activating before the doors do, OR if the door is set to never open automatically (you put the wave as 0) then make sure the spawns you link are also set to wave 0 so they'll only activate when the door is purchased.
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    so what ur saying is if the wave isnt 0 even if the spawns are linked they will spawn regardless wether or not the doors open
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    Well yes and no. The spawns will still activate automatically at whatever wave you made them with, if the door gets purchased before that wave, then the spawns will activate sooner instead of waiting for wave 15 or whatever. Doors that open automatically can also turn spawns on, so if you have a door set to open at wave 10 and link the spawns to it and all the spawns are set for wave 0 then those spawns will activate at wave 10 with the door. Same deal if the door is purchased at wave 8, the spawns will activate at wave 8. But if the spawn is set to activate at wave 3 and is linked to a door that doesn't open till wave 5 or doesn't get purchased till wave 5 then the spawns will activate automatically at wave 3 regardless. Door linking is best preformed with spawns that are set for wave 0 (don't activate on their own, since there is no wave 0)
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    so if the spawns before the door is sutomatically or manually buaght then it overrides the door but if the spawns set after the door then the door overwrites the spawn
    EDIT:i did read them carefully but would the prblem be i had my spawns set to wave 1 and my doors a t 0 rather then both of them at zero

    i did them at wave zero but they still spawn regardless of the doors open does close spawns matter?

    im sure it dosnt work i did exactly as u said s maybe the fact it says ive rightclicked after only clicking one spawn

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    the plugin looks amazing, just a few problems, I find it really hard to find a tutorial on how to set up the game, well actually how do I make the public lobby? with all map signs so people can join and see stats? is it possible to make a lobby like sg plugin does? or tf2,, also I encountered a problem, my server is automated with large public , and I found when someone joins with armor wearing it, when they leave the armor dissapears only. why is that? ,, I also believe the plugin could be made much simpler by using clearer commands like /zs create and /zs join and also by linking create command with world edit region selection , like sg does or mob arena , also a very nice feature would be donation capabilities, so like different permissions for donators and non donators, like different starting kits or access to special doors. but whT I really am missing is the neat lobby , clear tutorial and also that bug is annoying.
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    Thanks for the help! I was able to get the box to work by removing the quotes and damage values from under mysterybox-items.
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    I have two questions.

    One: How do i make it so no other mobs except the desired mobs ingame spawn?

    Two: how do i turn it off so you DONT lose points when hitting a teamate. I cant find that anywhere in the config!
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    turn off pp in sever config its simple ur ovously new to server hosting
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    You are so stupid. Im not talking about pvp im talking about the plugin... Just gtfo
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    the plugin dosnt have a way idiot u dont need it anyway when u can stop players hitting eachother in the first place
    EDIT:and sorry for trying to help
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    i have a wierd request: could u make it so animals can be chosen to spawn in games and where they soawn becuase id like to make a real zombie survival that really tests ur survival skills and zombie skills it would be free roam and ud kill animals for food and the onger u survived the harder it would get
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    am just asking, but what is the complete signs commands?
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    I have problem.
    Top Players
    Doesnt work! Please help!
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    Anyone have working signs with the 3.1 release? I've tried everything, but I can't get the signs to work, they just say "misconfigured sign, please tell admin". Even the ones I've copied straight from the signs help page are not working :|

    Edit: got it working. Seems I omitted the amount parameter. So the correct example for Stone sword is:

    Stone sword
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    I've got a problem : i link a spawn with a door but after the server is restarted, the link doesn't exist. Please help me.
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    where are the map schematics?
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    Updated to Bukkit 1.5 R0.1

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

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    [quote uid=90695615 name="Bjornke" post=1590804]Updated to Bukkit 1.5 R0.1

    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
    Awesome update!
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    Updated to Release-3.3 and MC 1.5.1 (NOT 1.5 compatible)
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>
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