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    Version: v2.01
    I understand that there are a few (at least) people that have been waiting very, very, very (you get the picture) patiently for a update to simply just work on the newer Bukkit versions. However, the new pathfinding code (from my understanding from researching) Mojang had put in some time ago is messing with one itty bitty piece of my code that just happens to literally run the whole show. the method in question that is being affected is the setTarget() method.

    So this is the deal, I can either wait a for a fix for this issue, or i can put in a ugly hack the will make the chickens fake run to you via teleporting really fast (like that won't stress some servers). the latter would be fairly easy to implement if not ugly to watch in game, but it could happen sooner then the actual issue getting resolved. leave a comment saying which direction you, my fans (i can say that right?) would like me to go. Cheers and Thanks for all the support so far.

    Volunteers anyone? I am looking for a few (prolly just 10 people) people to beta test my next version. Reason why I am asking is that my next version will have multi world support (among other things) and my server is not huge on wanting more then just the one world and I can only do so much to cause bugs to appear while testing by myself on my test server.
    Why, might you ask, do I not send this next version to the masses and go from there? well frankly I want to send out the new link via PM with the changelog and some notes concerning some things to keep in mind while testing and if i put it all in my Original Post, I doubt people will read it and then wonder why things don't work. <-- this section is on temporary strike till i can fix the above mentioned issue

    The whole purpose of this plugin is to allow chickens to get angry(or homicidal, depends on how you look at it), in much of the same manner as the chickens present on the Zelda games. The only difference here is the chickens can die. Every 2(default) attacks on chickens will spawn 10(default) right above you and will damage you 1(default heart per chicken that comes into contact with you. Also the chickens that spawn won't count towards the 2 attacks required to anger the swarm, allowing you a chance to defend yourself. This plugin was in response to this

    Config Instructions

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    * When the plugin is run for the first time it will generate a config file under [SERVER DIRECTORY]/plugins/ZeldaChickens/ZeldaChickens.cfg
    * The config file is written to upon server shutdown. save your changes to the config file after a server shutdown or saves your changes before server shutdown, use the zcreload command then preform a server shutdown (if needed to begin with)
    * the various settings available are explained in the generated file.

    * zc.chickenswarm - use this to allow users to get attacked by chicken swarms


    * Doesn't require permissions to be installed, defaults to OP restriction for admin commands and everyone for swarm attacks.
    * in game/console commands
    * Chickens spawn and attack you if you attack chickens enough times (configurable)
    * Chickens will catch up to you if you try to outrun them (even if you try teleporting somehow ex. compass) <-- configurable.


    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    Media concerning ZeldaChickens

    Show Spoiler
    a video made by Nazerb; thanks for the support. :)

    props for using rocketboots to showcase my plugin.
    i tested using worldguards compass teleport but not flying, so it was refreshing to see just how resilient they are to getting outrun. :p

    video made by VoidingNixx

    Coffee and food helps me code faster.

    * chickens will not swim after you under water only teleport after you
    * upon mob trigger, if player logs out any remaining chickens from the mob will vanish. (introduced intentionally to prevent abusive farming until a proper chicken re-targeting upon player re-login is figured out)
    * permissions dependency <-- fixing right now for next version
    * issue where only one swarm could be summoned at a time on a server
    * if you don't kill a chicken in the first strike a second strike on same/other chicken triggers the mob <--not so much a bug as an only option now at this point


    * Add the option to make spawned chickens, flaming chickens as suggested by KuroSnow
    * convert to yaml settings file
    * add option for custom messages and wither on off settings
    * add an option to cancel drops from spawned chickens
    * add command to spawn attacks onto players :) <-- new in version 2.0
    * Add option so that the plugin can trigger upon chicken death count and not just chicken hit
    * add option for chickens to keep chasing despite a respawn (death)
    * Possibly implement the ability for chickens to teleport closer if they are getting outrun
    * Permissions support to except specified people from getting attacked
    * Add configuration file to change:

    - * Damage from chickens
    * Amount of chickens spawned
    * How many need to get hit before the spawn event
    * others I have not thought of at this time

    * possible fix for a null pointer exception caused by a player dying without (and maybe with) a chicken swarm attacking said player while poofafterdeath option is set to false

    * permissions 3.x supported (might not work with permissions 2.7.4)
    * requires CB 860
    * fixed an issue where there was still some permissions dependance errors if permissions was not present
    * fixed bug that only allowed one swarm at a time on a server
    * admin permission nodes will default to OP in the absence of a permissions plugin
    * various small performance tweaks.
    * fixed bug that allowed players to contribute to a "pool" of chicken attacks and the last player to make a hit suffers the swarm (basically hot potato)
    * added various messages such as global messages for when a player angers the swarm, rate my messages and let me know what you think, pretty please ;)
    * added a few more info messages to help debugging for rare cases that don't actually cause the plugin to error out (print stacks)
    * made the chickens a little more aggressive when being outrun

    - * they now will spawn under any blocks that may be above you.
    * made chickens follow you under water and not drown. however due to a glitch, they will only follow by teleporting. it seems they do not know what to do while under water and just don't move at all at this point.
    - added commands:
    * zcswarmplayer:
    description: summons a swarm onto an unsuspecting player.
    usage: /<command>
    * zcswarmthyself:
    description: summons a swarm onto the player issuing the command.
    usage: /<command>
    * zcstate:
    description: toggles wither or not chicken spawning occurs or not. can set with options on or off
    usage: /<command>
    * zchelp:
    desciption: displays info on commands that a player is allowed to use
    * zeldachickens:
    description: gets information on zeldachicken commands
    usage: /<command>
    - added permission nodes for all commands:
    * zc.chickenswarm <-- people with this permission (or *) will be suceptable to attacks. those without are immune
    * zc.admin.reload <-- people with this permission have acces to the zcreload command
    * zc.admin.swarmplayer <-- allows the use of the swarmplayer command
    * zc.admin.swarmthyself <-- allows the use of the swarmthyself command
    * zc.admin.zcstate <-- allows the use of the zcstate command
    - various code clean ups (still loads to do, expect more updates as i clean up code, updates of this nature will be optional)

    Old News

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    * Removed permissions dependency <-- was incomplete fix
    * added config option "chickenHealth=[1 - 20]" defualt 4(normal health)
    * reworked some permissions issues concerning the zcreload command
    * reworked almost all the code to increase performance (please provide comments/opinions on this) and detection of certain conditions.

    * added a config option to allow chickens to re-acquire a killed target after said target respawns, this option is "poofAfterDeath=[false:true]" default false.

    * changed the permission node and how it acts on the plugin. the node now is zc.chickenswarm and when a group has this permission they will be susceptible to chicken swarms

    * added chicken catchup ability. chickens can now teleport closer to a player if they are getting outrun. the options for the config file are as follows

    - * catchUpEnabled=[true or flase] default: true (this defaults to true with new installs only)
    * maxOutRunDistance=[anything above 0.0] default: 4.0 (how far can a player get before they "catchUP"

    * added permissions support, use the node zc.swarmprotected to prevent people from getting attacked.

    * added config file for the following settings:

    - * chickenMobSize
    * chickenDamage
    * chickenHitsTrigger
    * chickenAttackRange
    * chickenSpawnHeight

    * Initial release
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    Sounds like a plan, man. =D Well, either way, it's fun as hell, and we love it =) So thank you very much =D
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    Just a quick question, will the update include per world config? My son hates the mod, my daughter and I love it. Would like to make a world for him that doesn't spawn swarms, but let the others have angry birds :D
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    i wasn't planning on it but i could take a look, if it's a complicated change it will most likely be in a later version.
    however a slight work around for your problem for now is to not assign your son the permission node that allows the chicken swarms to spawn or even explicitly deny the swarm permission under his personal (not group)permissions. this is assuming that you have permissions and that the only thing you want to control is wither or not they spawn at all.
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    Oh, hadn't even thought of that! Thanks! That would actually be better than my suggestion. Now why didn't I think of that? Runs off to fiddle with Permissions again.
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    meh it happens to the best of us, i'm sure. good to know the idea helps, let me know how it all works out for you.

    ok so i know lots of people (365 downloads of my latest version! wow!) have been waiting for version 2.0 that i promised for tomorrow (15th (it's 12:07am where i am)). well good news so far everything is on track. some RL stuff might have me push my release a little later into the day but it should still be released on time.

    now on with the update plans for 2.0:
    swarms are now targeting more then one player
    commands to swarm yourself or another player is in effect and permission nodes for those commands are working as well.
    updating to permissions 3.0 (read on my UndroppableDroppables thread in my signature for more info why i'm doing this, if you can't wait for details when i release 2.0)
    working on setting to prevent feather drops. <-- forcing a minimum CB version of 860
    taking a stab at mutli world configs, just need to learn how to implement it and hoping in time
    added messages that inform a player a swarm has been summoned (used the message a user suggested here on my thread)
    added global messages for everyone to hear what has happened (hopefully with a config option to turn it off if i have time)
    added a player message to inform the victim of who summoned a swarm on them (if applicable) (also with a config option hopefully)
    adding commands to do various things to settings.
    taking a look at changing the config to yaml style (please comment on wither or not you believe this is a vital change or not and why)

    and of course as with all rewrites there may be bugs but at least they should be easy to squash as the core parts (like the bit that summons chickens and detecting player actions) is all tip top shape. i have added some log messages in areas i believe might experience issues however i have not had any yet. :)

    Special thanks:
    when I started this project I never thought it would go as big as it has, I only saw it as a learning experience for my school studies when i saw it as a suggestion in the bukkit request forums. i honestly didn't think it would keep my interest of myself or others past a few revisions. seeing that people seem to really love this plugin and the encouragement to keep going because it has kept people's interest has been awesome.

    So to the people who contributed to the 366(as of this writing) downloads of my plugin, Thanks for sticking with me despite the odd blunders i have made. Also a super (i can say super right?) special thanks for Nazerb and VoidingNixx for the videos they made for my plugin, which are featured in my OP, also to Jamescosten for his video review (not featured yet in my OP) which showcases my plugin as less then stellar by any means, which made me want to finish up 2.0 even more.


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    Don't worry about the multi world for me :) Unless someone else wanted it, the permission node really was the fix for us. This plugin is a blast :D
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    good to hear, however I think that if nothing else I should at least learn how to do it ;)
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    It's... it's so beautiful.
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    :confused: uh.. thanks
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    Its already the 16th here in Australia - bring on the chicken mayhem! (looks at watch, fidgets nervously, looks at watch again, sweats a bit etc) :D
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    lol wow ok well as of this post it's 3:00 pm where i am ssoooo i'm still in the clear where i am.:cool:
    i still have a few more tweaks and changes i want to have in my plugin before release, just a few minor things really the big stuff i have tested and is all working fine.
    i should have a release up and running in about 6 or so hours but before midnight my time for sure.

    p.s. i live in Saskatchewan, Canada if anyone really wants to watch the clock:D:p

    p.p.s i find coffee helps me code faster, perhaps a small donation to my coffee fund.;)
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    Ok, it looks like Im the first to comment on the new finger licking fun. Have tested the new version and seems to work fine on permissions 2.7. A few things I've tested and noticed:

    1. Chickens chasing you after death is working, but if you just die for any other reason, this is still being received in the server log
    2011-06-16 04:11:16 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_RESPAWN to ZeldaChickens
    at com.icomeinpieces.ZeldaChickens.ZCPlayerListener.onPlayerRespawn(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet9Respawn.a(SourceFile:18)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:105)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(
    2. The broadcast message should be configurable in the config file, at the moment I am just getting zeldachicken 2.0: Warning incoming swarm. I am also not sure if that is a broadcast. I am still a fan of 'Playername has incurred the wrath of the Chicken Goddess, prepare for the consequences' but of course should be individually configurable and even able to be toggled on/off.
    Overall its clear you have done plenty of work on this and its a really fun plugin. Well done on the plugin so far!
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    i have lost many an hour and night's sleep working on it indeed lol

    configurable messages will be in a later release
    the "zeldachicken 2.0: Warning incoming swarm" message is for the player being attacked only.

    also it would be helpful as well to get your config file for my plugin and your CB version.

    @ferretlegs i can not seem to reproduce your error, perhaps it's a conflicting plugin?
    however I may know the cause, my guess is you have the poofafterdeath option set to false, is that right?
    if so i am post a fix right now that might fix that.
    let me know how it works out for you.

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    Thanks for the attempted patch, unfortunately I tested this morning and still the same problem. In the startup log however the version ID is still showing 2.0 on server start so maybe the download link was not working properly and I dont have the 2.01 version? Here is the latest error info from the log. Also, I am on CB860, and config file is placed below - I think the only change I made was to make 6 rather than 10 chickens spawn...
    2011-06-17 00:19:47 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_RESPAWN to ZeldaChickens
    at com.icomeinpieces.ZeldaChickens.ZCPlayerListener.onPlayerRespawn(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.ServerConfigurationManager.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet9Respawn.a(SourceFile:18)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:105)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(

    #This is the configuration file for ZeldaChicken V. 2.0:
    #how many chickens should spawn?
    #(valid values, anything above 0) default: 10
    #how much damage should a chicken do?
    #(valid values between 1-10) default: 2(1 = half heart)
    #how many attacks on chicken(s) should it take before a mob spawns?
    #(valid values, anything above 0) default: 2
    #how close do chickens have to be to do damage? (1 = one block
    #(valid values are and above 0.0) default: 1.0
    #how far above the player should the chickens fall from onto unspecting players?
    #(valid values, anything above 0.0) default: 1.0
    #are chickens allowed to 'catch-up' to a player if they are getting outrun?
    #(valid values, true or false only) default: true, anythign but true or True will result in false
    #how far can a player outrun a chicken before it catches up? (respawns above player using chickenSpawnHeight.
    #(valid values, anything above 0.0) default: 4.0
    #should chickens go poof after a player dies? (or retarget)
    #(valid values, true or false only) default: false (meaning the chickens will go after a same target once he/she respawns)
    #how much health should chickens that 'spawn' should have?
    #(valid values, 1 to 20) default: 4
    #permission nodes:
    #zc.chickenswarm <-- people with this permission (or *) will be suceptable to attacks. those without are immune
    #zc.admin.reload <-- people with this permission have acces to the zcreload command
    #zc.admin.swarmplayer <-- allows the use of the swarmplayer command
    #zc.admin.swarmthyself <-- allows the use of the swarmthyself command
    #zc.admin.zcstate <-- allows the use of the zcstate command
    #zcswarmplayer <-- force a swarm attack on someone. warning bypasses the chickenswarm permission node
    #zcswarmthyself <-- force a swarm attack on yourself. warning bypasses the chickenswarm permission node
    #zcreload <-- reloads the configuration file
    #zcstate <-- toggles the plugin's state between on and off, you can use zcstate [on:eek:ff] as well
    #zchelp <-- displays the commands a player is allowed to use and how to use them
    #zeldachickens <-- displays basic info about the plugin
    Thanks for helping.
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    hmm not sure what the heck went wrong with my link, i even have downloads of my 2.01 but at one point the link reverted back to an older version try redownloading

    also please give me a list of plugins that you use and i'll see if i can track down the problem
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    Not sure what happened with download link but I've seen that happen heaps on this forum. The good news is that I updated to latest versions and the problem is now FIXED. Well done sir, the plugin is now working well. Looking forward to the customisable broadcast so my other players can be amused when somebody ticks of the chicken goddess. Well done on all of your work and a really fun plugin!
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    thnx for letting me know it works, glad your enjoying the plugin :D
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    Loving the updates to this. I do have another possible request. Have various configurable swarms with % chances of occurring. I'd love to have like a small swarm of 5, a large swarm of 10, a small swarm of 4 tougher chickens, and a BOSS CHICKEN OF DOOM. lol =D And configurable messages for each swarm type...

    Maybe that's asking too much. But it'd be sexy win. =)
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    like do you mean waves?
    if so... i think this is moving out of the spirit of the plugin, in my opinion.
    however if more people want this feature i would take a look into it.
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    no, i meant, chances for different swarms.

    like, 25% chance for each different swarm type. so you don't know if you're gonna get off with the small easy swarm, or if you're gonna go against doom chicken.
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    ah i see what you mean, well since that kind of thing was never observed in the Zelda games (as far as i know) so unless there is a more interest in a feature like this, i probably won't try to implement it. plus it would result in a fair bit of extra coding i reckon.
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    Fair enough. Thought I'd ask. =) Still, I'm loving this plugin. Had more than a few new players get surprised while hunting chickens and all of a sudden there's a frustrated flock furiously flapping in their faces fastidiously. Amazing. I should record it sometime.
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    glad to hear your having some fun with the plugin :D
    If you do decide to record it, post it here and I'll add it to my media section of my OP :cool:
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    So, a one of my users had ask, after I told him of the hellhounds plugin... can you choose to have the chickens on fire and be fireproof? lol Angry chickens are scary, Angry flaming chickens from hell are terrifying. And would add one more adjective to my previous alliteration.
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    hmmm again I feel this might be out of the spirit of the plugin lol however I find this idea quite comical to imagine. :p
    Sooo I shall add it to my TODO list, I will start looking into implementing this in the next version.
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    well, sometimes it's good to expand beyond the scope of what you had intended. flexibility is never a bad thing. Besides. If you were just going for the feel of the Zelda games, the only other thing left to do is to make it so you can pick the chickens and they'll make you fall slower... :D
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    hmmm fall slower, had not thought of that. that might be funny :)
    Anyways i hear what your saying and agree, which is part of the reason I will look into getting your request added in. You might note that i have added it to my OP's todo list already.
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    some things to look forward to in the next version:
    wget friendly link (will submit link to CraftBukkitUpToDate plugin)
    multiworld config file
    config file will be yaml (and yes you will need to copy over your values [most likely])
    (hopefully) no more need for reload command the plugin will refer to the file for most checks, so just save config and go
    configurable messages and options to turn each on or off
    (hopefully) ability to disable feather drops from chickens.
    (hopefully) option to make flaming chickens (read the last few posts for why :p)
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    I'm getting the Could not pass event player_respawn to zelda chickens. Like the user a few posts back.

    I just downloaded and installed it. So it should be the latest version.

    I have around 50 plugins. If you need to see a list of them I could probably type them all up
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    make sure my plugin is saying ZeldaChickens 2.01, you can find this out very easily by typing out zeldachickens in the console or in game and then pass that along to me please.

    also please pass me the whole error(if there is more, such as stack trace), your zeldachickens config file, your CB version, your permissions version(if your using it at all), and your plugin list. I prolly don't need all the info i asked for but if the error is in a funny place, then it's better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

    @Bloodykittens if you take another look through the posts you will notice with that with the previous user to have your issue it was a case where my download link had switched back to an older version randomly, even though the post said 2.01 the download was for 2.00 for a while. I have since fixed that, though my guess is that is what happened to you as well and your running the 2.00 version by accident.

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