Inactive [FUN] ZeeSlag v1.2.0 - Play the BattleShip game against the server and each other [CB 1.1-R3]

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    ZeeSlag - Play the BattleShip game against the server and eachother!:
    Version: v1.2.0

    Ever wanted to play the ultimate BattleShip game in minecraft? Now you can!
    It supporting more games being played at once so everyone can play!

    This plugin moved to the dev-bukkit pages. This page will not be updated anymore so for all changes, new updates and questions visit : ZeeSlag v1.2.0.

    Thank you.
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    i am waiting for the newest bukkit for the newest minecraft because else i need to update it twice... you can try if the plugin works on the newest version. i guess it does..

    and thanks that you want to make an video about it :p allot of people did it already and soon i will post the links of those video's in the main post. just send me a PM if the video is ready ok ;) thank you for using my plugin :)

    ok guys i want a little tip from one of you :p i'm currently busy with the time delay scripts. now i'm stuck at the boat placement. what should happen with your money if you wait to long to place a boat? must it simulate that the opponent won? and what if both of the players wait to long? will both lose? or will they get there money back?

    thank you :p

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    if one waits too long and should win if the opponent should both wait too long to get back both of their money. I hope you do that it works with iconomy 6.0.7. I'm looking forward to the new version.
    a support for pex I'd be happy too
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    I removed the hooks for iConomy and Permissions. im using Vault now to interact with the Economy and Permission plugins. I did this becouse of so many different plugins... Vault supports allot of those plugins so i dont have to code more hooks for new plugins!

    also in the version i will put up shortly I fixed the multiworld bug. it will be fully supporting multi-world playing. also creepers cant destroy the field anymore. and timing will be implemented. also some mayor bugs are removed.

    im almost finnished so i hope I can put it up on the end of this week!
    ps. should a warning be implemented? that it warns you that you have an invite? and should it be 50% of the time that you can set for cancelInviteTime? cuz now the game gets cancelled if you just wait to long. no warning nothing just bam you lose opponent win? thank you for helping me :p
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    the least attention to the chat, but a message after 50% of the time would be good.;)
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    Don Redhorse

    I'm looking forward to it..
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    srry all for the long waiting :( I got a headache that prevented me for developing my plugin :( it has been almost a week now that i worked on my plugin and i really want to fix it all for you guys but i simply cannot do anything now :( oh and also the plugins next version will be ported to BukkitDev. thank you all for your patience. as soon i get better i will post a command that i continue developing the plugin.
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    Don Redhorse

    no sweat... get well soon.. and if the headache stays you should see a doctor... or stop hitting the head at the wall... option 1 is prefered I guess..
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    I also agree for option 1 xD
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    well i finally recovered from that stupid headache :p and NO it wasn't because of option 2 :p but for now on i'll be working on my plugin and thanx all for your patience!

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  11. It would be cool if u make people have to pay to play battleships and have like a lobby ( do not HAVE to pay)
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    that is a good idea. should i extend the "/zs inv [playername] [FieldName]" to something like this: "/zs inv [playername] [FieldName] [money]"? money will be the amound to pay (the other needs to pay the same thing)? and that the minimum you need to pay is a setting in the settings file? please come with suggestions thank you.
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    For the people that want to see the progress of the new v1.2.0:


    , Jucko13
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    should make it so after every game the boards resets
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    you should make your self so that you read the default setting file and stuff before saying something already exist.. allot of people are asking this, but it is already one of its features???
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    lol zeeslag, al die engelsen spreken het uit als ziesleg of zoiets :p
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    Yea.. he should have used the English translation of the game. :p

    Ook nederlands maar hou het altijd graag bij engels zodat iedereen het gewoon kan lezen. (Net zoals de plugin naam had moeten zijn :p )
    Also dutch but i like to stick to english so everyone can read it. (Just like the plugin name should have been. :p )

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