Inactive [FUN] ZeeSlag v1.2.0 - Play the BattleShip game against the server and each other [CB 1.1-R3]

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    ZeeSlag - Play the BattleShip game against the server and eachother!:
    Version: v1.2.0

    Ever wanted to play the ultimate BattleShip game in minecraft? Now you can!
    It supporting more games being played at once so everyone can play!

    This plugin moved to the dev-bukkit pages. This page will not be updated anymore so for all changes, new updates and questions visit : ZeeSlag v1.2.0.

    Thank you.
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    LOOKS COOL Kudos for you buddeh :3

    one question does this work with GroupManager :eek:?

    *EDIT!* HELP HELP PLEASE FIX THIS i cant seem to use /zs surrender yes!
    Using Latest CB 1337 and Latest Version :c
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    hmm are you playing against the computer or playing with someone else?
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    With a friend!
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    yesterday I and another human player zeeslag against a human player. after both having placed our boats and typed /zs ready we played half a game. Then i typed /zs surrender. The game ended but the jail mode was still active. i could not get out of the jail area, nor use commands like /spawn and /tp. Can you please make it so /surrender also turns off the jail ?
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    Ronny Hålmås

    This plugin look very awsome for my war server XD
    Now when I take a breake from the wars, i can relax with this awsome game.
    And like Perfk said, IConomy support could be perfect! Then my players could use the money they win in the stores XD
    Keep working at your plugins, because the people loves them, and for a good reason :p
  7. Goedemiddag!
    Thanks for this great plugin! Is it possible to add Register or Economy 6 support? Thanks a lot :)
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    when you use "/zs surrender yes" check your server logs... you'll see an error there. this is a known error but forgot to mention it in the bug list. srry for that
  9. is ther a "boat sunk" message when you killed a boat?​
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    yes there is. There is a message every time you hit a boat. and a separate message when you sink a boat.
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    so pretty much, once you start playing, you cant stop, because i get this problem too

    and also, one thing i think it should do is create a horizontal board at the edge of each playerfield that you hit instead of your field to mark where to attack the enemy. make it so that you enter creative mode when playing so you can fly and hit the board. that way your own boats wont be in the way when attacking.
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    Tof! Eens een NL versie ;)
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    Is it possible to make this plugin multiverse friendly? When I created a battleship field on my server, it got created on every world, causing many problems. i'm using bukkit 1597 with the latest version of this plugin.
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    I really don't know what is causing that... this plugin just gets the word by name and places a block there. I'm not looping trough all worlds and placing it in every world so this is almost impossible... maybe it has something to do with your bukkit version? I cannot confirm this bug, so if anyone else has problems with this please tell it.
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    Is it possible that a new battleship field is created when someone does the /zs command in a different world then where i created it? If so, i might as wel just remove all zs permissions from other worlds.
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    hay, nice plugin... i found a bug i think, i placed a few peaces of netherrack above and next to the field... i made wanted t make the field bigger but the netherrack won't disappear. please help me.


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    hey, got the awnser to my own quistion... just push the block away with a piston..

    goeie plugin btw alsnog... realiseerde me opeens dat zeeslag een nederlands woord is XD

    translation: good plugin btw... suddenly realized that zeeslag is a dutch word XD
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    maybe the /zs restore would do its thing. it will remove all blocks above the field (4 blocks high if i say it right). i think that would help for the next time :p
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    please take this into consideration and reply when u have decided if to do so. it would be really nice if you could just type a simple command to just spawn then name a battlefield so you can just jump right into a game
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    that is ok, if you would tell me what the default width must be ok? than i will also place a wall in between ok?

    @Katorone can you start an conversation with me and give me your server ip? i really want to know whats going on here... i have so many questions :p

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    I really love this plugin, but would it be possible to make a setting to automatically reset the field?
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    uhhh just make it the same as it was in the video. tell me when ur done so i can download the plugin,,, THANKS :D
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    there is? automaticallyCleanUpAndTeleport does this?
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    Does it? i never paid attention i was to worked up over finally playing this on minecraft haha.
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    Dramatic Chug did an amazing job on this plug in. I've played it a couple of times and have really enjoyed it. The only problem I've experienced is that whenever me and my son log off of Minecraft after playing ZeeSlag and then log back in, the field is no longer playable. When this happens we have to build another field and wall. Any suggestions? I just downloaded the jar file to our server hosted by ServerCraft on 01/02/12 so I'm assuming this is the most up to date file. I know very little about coding so you will not hurt my feelings at all if you explain this fix to me like I was a 6 year old. Ha-ha!
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    nope tried that. but its fixed now so doesn't matter. thnx for the reply anyway
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    i have a little question. is your server public? or can i join your server for some how? i really want to check this out cuz ive never heard about that before? and if i look back at the code... its nothing that would do that. the only thing i can get in my mind is that it cannot create PlayerFieldLocations.yml. please do the following thing to confirm this:
    look in the plugin folder /zeeslag/ and check if there is a file called Settings.yml and a file called PlayerFieldLocations.yml. if this is not the case do this: start your server. spawn a field. us the command "/zs save" and confirm that there was no error while doing this. if there is an error you can post it here. if there was no error please check the plugin folder again and see if both files are created.

    thank you for posting this.


    EDIT: please post any error that occurs in the console here, thank you :p

    ahahaha :p thank you, i guess :D

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    Dramatic Chug

    Thanks Jucko13...not only am I impressed with your game, I'm also impressed with the speed in which you reply. This means a lot to me! Honestly, I'm thinking this is user error on my part. Both .yml files were in the plugin PlayerFieldLocations was 0.0 B size. When I used the "/zs save" command, the file size went up to 458.0 B and I've closed and reopened MineCraft and the playing field is still there!! All that to say, I apparently was not saving the darn thing before closing out!!! Good grief...I'm an idiot!!! Thanks for your patience and I'll certainly post again if I run into any other "user errors"! Ha-ha!
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    and i must thank you for using my plugin :p and of course it was no big deal at all to help you :p
    i hope you wont run into any more errors hahaha ;)

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    can someone give me a recommended size for a field? (w1) (w2) (space).
    I like both fields to be even...
    This plugin is great by the way, i haven't come across any bugs. And I hope I never do. if I do however, i will be sure to report them!:p
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    Really nice plugin but could you update it please to 1700+?

    I'd like to make a (german) video about it :)

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