[FUN] Wrath of Charlie! - A more exciting way of death[1.2.5 R1]

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    [FUN] Wrath Of Charlie - A more exciting way of death [1.2.5-R1]:
    Version: v0.1

    This plugin is quite simple it adds a more exciting way of killing yourself instead of the boring old /kill command. The use for this plugin is simple all you do is /charlie and you will experience The Wrath of Charlie which is just killing your self!

    (I know this is a crappy plugin but i just wanted to see some <font color="#000000">suggestions </font><font color="#000000">for plugins!)</font>

    * My plugin makes an exciting way of killing your self!

    Changelog:Version 0.1
    * First release of my plugin - Wrath of Charlie!

    Future Idea's:
    Version 0.2
    1. Add PlayerListener!
    2. Add different ways of death!

    Plugin Download: <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    You will experience what? What does /charlie do?
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    'Coupla things,

    1) no mediafire links, maybe use bukkitdev?
    [quote uid=90592733 name="Pilgrims007" post=1076747]<Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    As legomaster181 and Iron_Crystal said, two threads by the same member for the same plugin? maybe TnT or mbaxter should have a look at this
    [quote uid=90658740 name="legomaster181" post=1079295]http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/fun-new-plugin-the-wrath-of-charlie-1-2-5.70633/[/quote]

    3) I have nothing backing my saying this, but did u even make this? you haven't been online since you made this thread, and you have only made two posts, this thread and the other thread for this plugin, I don't really think you are a bukkit developer? I could be wrong, as this is only a guess
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    i know i accedently made it
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    double post removed, happens.

    garrett2smart87 what's wrong with mediafire links?

    but really, I too have plugins using 5 lines of code, but I do not release them, if eeryone did it we would have a million plugins doing practically nothing and what will users do then? search through them all?

    I think you really should make a proper plugin and release it, not release this tiny stuff. If it's a starter plugin it's really good, but why release it?

    Anyway not saying WHAT it will do is not acceptable for a plugin submission post.
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    I was told that they are discouraged...
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    so do i need a different download link
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    Maybe you should tell us what the wrath of charlie does.
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