Inactive [FUN/WGEN] Random Trees - What could possibly sprout next?! [1.3.1-R1.0]

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    Version: v1.1.1

    Random Trees makes every new tree you plant and grow, have a random block type instead of leaves. This could be absolutely anything from Cobweb, to Diamond Blocks, to TNT, to Lava, to Glowstone, to Enchantment Tables, to Glass... the list goes on! What could possibly sprout next?!

    This is of course totally random, so the player has no way of selecting what block grows, and hence could be surprised at the result, and can't just grow 50 diamond block trees if you know what I mean.

    For more informations go to bukkitdev.

    • Plant a sapling and let it grow with bonemeal
    • Only planted saplings with bonemeal will be random trees
    • Enable or disable the feature for yourself
    • Random blocks instead of leaves
    • List blocks that you want to have on trees
    • /rt on - Turns the plugin on. (It's on by default)
    • /rt off - Turns the plugin off.
    How to install the plugin?

    latest version from dev.bukkit (may need some time to get approved)
    latest version from Dropbox (always up2date and fast) - coming soon

    latest version 1.1.1
    • Update for latest RB
    version 1.1
    • Implemented Wool color support
    • Implemented /rt on/off cmd
    See the full Changelog here.

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