[FUN/WEB/INFO] BoxxWorldMap 1.4 - Map your players in the REAL world! [1.0.1-R3]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by DrAgonmoray, Nov 27, 2011.

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    External web server support, please. I'd like to use this with my Apache!
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    Approved. You missed out before by soo little :p
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    Actually on second thought, I might work on this..
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    I would like to request an option to block players from being seen. I can already see an issue with some players liking their Privacy and others enjoying the plugin.
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    *New York
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    Made the following post over at http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/bukkithttpd/#comments not realising it might be better suited here.

    Any help would be appreciated, this plugin looks awesome!!!

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    You said it's running local on your network? That's the problem. You see, it finds players' locations based on their IP. Because it's on your network, it thinks your IP is, and because of that, the plugin can't find a location, so it errors.
    I'll release a new version in a bit, I suppose.

    Version 1.2

    • Fixed a bug with hosting on local networks. If you connect to the server on the server (i.e. home server) then you will appear in the ocean near Africa. (better than breaking, right?)

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    So no hiding players then? You know... Like /boxx hide [playername]
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    Oh, uh.... I'll think about it. :|
    If I do add it, it will be a permission node.
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    Well i don't get why i have to setup this BukkitHTTPD if ther's an Apache running on my machine...
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    BukkitHTTPD allows for communication with the Minecraft server with ease. If you don't like it, don't use BWM.
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    Hmm. Well, I have BukkitHTTPD running on port 8107 and I can access it via the web. worldmap is in the HTTPD directory but it's not coming up.

    I'm running 1597, no errors in the console.


    Ok, it's working sort of. I have to reload the page a few times for it to show up. Reloading again will sometimes display a page not found error.
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    That's odd. Are you using Google Chrome? If so, right click on the page and press "Inspect Element" Then press the "Console" tab and tell me if there are any red errors there.

    Also are there any errors in the server console?
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    When it fails to load the console in chrome shows:


    Seems perfectly fine in Firefox
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    is there a line number on that error? (should be on the far right)
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    Nope, no line number :confused:, just a big white space

    As a side note, it also put me in the wrong province lol. But that is not likely the doing of your plugin.
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    Hey, this is amazing, and I would like to use it to find out this secret hacker/griefer on my server, but I have a few questions:

    1. Can you use Hamachi server? I know how to portforward, but I can't find the user/pass to my router :/
    2. Every time I change the config for the BukkitHTTPD, it goes back to the original settings. How do I fix this?

    Thanks, hope you can answer my questions. I really do find this plugin amazing. Good job!
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    1. No idea. I never used hamachi, and I don't know how it works.
    2. No idea. Ask @V10lator
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    Haha, thanks anyways, you have created an amazing plugin, I hope I can use it later :D I'll be sure to ask him :)
  22. Read the manual of your router. Almost every one has a reset (to factory defaults) switch.
    Stop the server, change config, restart it. Or, even better, use the in-game commands to configure BukkitHTTPD. ;)
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  23. I can't quit figure this out. and ive followed your instructions to the T. unless there's something im not getting. ive port forwarded 8107, but i cant seem to access it I have tried both my internal, and external IP yet to no avail.
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    Hey man! Thanks a lot. It's working for me now. I finally caught the griefer :D
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    Torrey Leonard

    • Feature Request 1: Currently, the sidebar to the right shows 30 players. Add a scroll bar maybe? I want to see all 175+ of my players on this sidebar.
    • Feature Request 2: When you click on a persons face, it pops up with their username.
    • Feature Request 3: USE A GOD DAMN WEB SERVER NOT BUKKITHTTPD! This is quite important for me... :(
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    1. Hm. I'll look into it.
    2. If you hover over their face, it should show their name.
    3. Now I'm probably not gonna add any of these because you are a GOD DAMN ASSHOLE.
  27. Why is this so important? If you want to show it on another webserver use frames...
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    <iframe src="your.ip.here:8123/worldmap/"/>

    Or maybe they're concerned about the resources BukkitHTTPD uses. I don't think it's much.
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    Is it possible for me to run the website part of the plugin with apache2? It'd be nice if you could change the directory of where the files were stored on the machine, ex: I could put the web page files where my public HTML dir is.
  30. @langkid1: that won't work cause the files depend on BukkitHTTPDs internal scripting language. But you can use frames to embed it into another website.

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