[FUN/WEB/INFO] BoxxWorldMap 1.4 - Map your players in the REAL world! [1.0.1-R3]

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    BoxxWorldMap | Version 1.4 | BukkitDev

    BoxxWorldMap is a remake of RaddaMap. The developer seems to have disappeared and RaddaMap's servers no longer exist. The primary difference between RaddaMap and BoxxWorldMap is that this is hosted on your own server. That means no ads and no unexpected downtime!
    For those of you who don't know what this or RaddaMap is:
    This creates a world map (powered by Google maps) and places pictures of your players' avatars' head on the map, according to where they are in the REAL world. So if you live in Newyork, United States, it will put you on the map where Newyork is!

    • Real world map
    • Hosted on your own server - Local or external!
    • Optional Player list
    • GeoIP location mapping
    • Ability to show players that are currently online OR all players that are online or offline.
    • Automatic map refreshing - Live data!
    How to install:
    For BukkitHTTPD (you don't have a webserver):
    1. Download BukkitHTTPD, and place it in your plugins folder.
    2. Run your server so that the BukkitHTTPD files generate. Stop your server again.
    3. Configure BukkitHTTPD how you like it.
    4. Forward port 8107 (or whatever port you have BukkitHTTPD on)
    5. Download BoxxWorldMap and place BoxxWorldMap.jar in your plugins folder.
    6. Place the "worldmap" directory in the BukkitHTTPD folder.
    7. Start your server. The BoxxWorldMap config files will generate, and GeoLiteCity.dat will download+install.
    8. Edit your BoxxWorldMap configuration and enjoy!
    For JSONAPI (you have have a webserver):
    1. Download JSONAPI, and place it in your plugins folder. (both the jar and folder)
    2. Configure JSONAPI how you like it.
    3. Forward port 20059 (or whatever port you have JSONAPI on). This port also may need to be forwarded on your webserver.
    4. Download BoxxWorldMap and place BoxxWorldMap.jar in your plugins folder.
    5. Edit config.php which is found in the "worldmap" folder that came in the BoxxWorldMap zip download.
    6. Upload the "worldmap" folder to your website.
    7. Start your server. The BoxxWorldMap config files will generate, and GeoLiteCity.dat will download+install.
    8. Edit your BoxxWorldMap configuration and enjoy!
    How to view your map:
    For BukkitHTTPD:
    1. Navigate to http://YOUR-SERVER-IP:8107/worldmap/
    2. Observe the map. :D
    3. (please note that the port (the :####) may change depending on your BukkitHTTPD configuration.
    For JSONAPI:
    1. Navigate to http://YOUR-DOMAIN-NAME.com/worldmap/
    2. Observe the map. ;)
    3. Please note that the URL will change depending on where you put the worldmap folder.
    Screenshots & Real Examples:
    Screenshots (open)

    Real Examples (open)

    JusticeCraft: http://justicecraft.net/worldmap/
    Want your server to be added here? PM me your BoxxWorldMap URL and I'll add it!

    #This section shouldn't be messed with unless you know what you are doing.
      #Should be automatically download the database for you?
      autoDownload: true
      #Where should be get it from?
      databaseURL: http://boxxians.com/downloads/GeoLiteCity.dat.gz
    #This section is for BoxxWorldMap settings.
      #Should we display offline players, or just online?
      #false: only display players that are online
      #true: show all players that have entered your server
      showOfflinePlayers: false
      #If you display offline players, what's the max number to display?
      #(this is to prevent lag.) Max = 1000
      offlinePlayerLimit: 250
      #Should we display the player list sidebar?
      showSidebar: true
    To configure BukkitHTTPD, see the BukkitDev page here.
    To configure JSONAPI, see the Bukkit forum post here.

    What is BukkitHTTPD? (open)
    BukkitHTTPD basically creates a website hosted on your Bukkit server that is accessible from web browsers! This allows you to create websites for your server without renting from a web/VPS provider.
    BoxxWorldMap uses BukkitHTTPD to let the map be hosted on your own server, unlike RaddaMap.
    So don't be scared of BukkitHTTPD (like I was). It's very useful and efficient.
    What is JSONAPI? (open)
    JSONAPI allows for communication between your webserver and Minecraft server, using JSON. It's awesome! :D
    I can't see my map! (open)

    1. Make sure your BukkitHTTPD and/or JSONAPI settings are configured correctly.
    2. Make sure you typed in the map URL correctly
    3. Make sure that if you change your BukkitHTTPD or JSONAPI port, you change it in the URL. The default is 8107 or 20059, respectively.
    4. Check that your server is online.
    5. Check your BoxxWorldMap configurations
    6. Look for any errors in the Bukkit console or logs.
    7. If all else fails, ask for help.
    Do I have to use BukkitHTTPD or JSONAPI? (open)
    Did you copy RaddaMap? (open)
    The concept? Perhaps.

    The code however was NOT copied. With the exception of BukkitHTTPD and the GeoIP library, this was 100% made from scratch by me. How could I copy it if his server (where the website was) is down, and his source isn't given?
    Can you add a feature? (open)
    Sure! Go ahead and request it. I'll look at it and try to add it.

    BoxxWorldMap 1.4 for BukkitHTTPD (no webserver required)
    BoxxWorldMap 1.4 for JSONAPI (webserver required)

    Known issues:
    • None.
    Version 1.4
    • Web overhaul!
    • Added a scrollbar to the player list
    • Changed size and location of the player list
    • Added a title to the player list
    • Implemented automatic map refreshing - live data!
    • Changed playerlist font to Andy.
    • Added click-goto feature. Click on a user in the playerlist and it will zoom to them!
    • Added a player count to the playerlist
    • Added hats to the avatars on the map and playerlist
    • Added border to the playerlist
    • Fixed plugin.yml derp
    • Fixed onDisable() derp
      1. Replace BoxxWorldMap.jar with latest.
      2. Delete your /worldmap/ (web) folder, this includes config.php for JSON users.
      3. Place the latest /worldmap/ folder where the old one was (BukkitHTTPD folder for BukkitHTTPD users, your web server for JSONAPI users)
      4. For JSONAPI users: Configure the new config.php.
    Version 1.3
    • Added support for running BoxxWorldMap on an external webserver using JSONAPI by Alec Gorge.
    Version 1.2
    • Fixed a bug with hosting on local networks. If you connect to the server on the server (i.e. home server) then you will appear in the ocean near Africa. (better than breaking, right?)
    • Files to replace: BoxxWorldMap.jar
    Version 1.1
    • Made the playerlist sidebar optional via config.
    • Files to replace: BoxxWorldMap.jar
    Version 1.0
    • Initial release.
    Like this plugin? Show your appreciation by donating.​
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    No New Zealand on this map? :(
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    Wow, this looks really cool!
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    There is; but it was out of the cropped area on the screenshot. xD
    Thanks. I worked hard on it. :D
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    Thanks for making this! After I test it out I will donate to you (if you put a donate button) for allowing us to host it on our own server!
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    No problem man. Glad I could help. And I really appreciate the (hopefully) future donation.
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    I get this error when going to the IP:port shown.

    INTERNAL ERROR: Given homeDir is not a directory.
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    did you configure BukkitHTTPD correctly? That's a BukkitHTTPD error, not mine.

    Hey I need some feedback (like is it working?)

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    where can I download the geoIP library? want to add it to my chat plugni :D
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    You can get the Java API here.
    You'll want to get the GeoLiteCity database to use (that's what I use) which you can get over thar:
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    Got it working great, sent you a PM requesting something.
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    Nathan C

    Looks awesome!

    Although, I don't care to have a webserver bound to Bukkit...just more for it to handle.
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    do i have to portforward? again?
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    Probably for BukkitHTTPD, yeah.
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    The "offline players" feature does not work. I have it enabled and I have it set to show 300 offline players (heh).
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    it works when I test it.
    What does it do? Blank page? Show nobody?
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    Nice plugin!

    Would it be possible to make user names under the avatar because of the default skin?
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    If you mouse-over the avatars it will show names.
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    all i'm getting is a blank page. Also would it be possible to make this work in a standalone mode? i have another VM that handles my webserver and would rather be able to configure the plugin to point to a specific folder on the other VM where to store the data.
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    k let me magically identify your problem and magically fix it.
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    I dont think you're allowed to continue this unless you have permission from the plugin author of RaddaMap.
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    lrn2 read idiot.

    "Did you copy RaddaMap?"
    The concept? Perhaps.​

    The code however was NOT copied. With the exception of BukkitHTTPD and the GeoIP library, this was 100% made from scratch by me. How could I copy it if his server (where the website was) is down, and his source isn't given?​
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    Well I'm reading from a iPod, and there's nothing mentioning code in the post. It was just an assumption that this was a fork. Geez, no need to flame me.
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    sorry, was in a hurry yesterday, i have the port open on my serve i can get the page to come up including what i assume is the side bar(its grey). other than that the page is blank. the geoIP downloaded and i see the plugin load. I haven't seen any errors in the log about it either.
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    hmm.. are any players connected to the server? did you edit any web files? What does your config look like?
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    well now its making me look like a liar LOL. rebooted the server one last time and its now displaying. My other question remains still, any possibility of changing it so that the user can use bukkitHTTPD or if they already run a web-server the plugin just reports to the location specified?
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    lol. :p

    it has to use BukkitHTTPD, and it will never change. :D
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    approve pl0x :D
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    Missed out by a couple minutes, latest rb :p
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    jesus lol.
    Do I put 1537 or w/e or do I put 1.0.1 RC-1 or w/e

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