[FUN] WaterMonster v1.2 - Create a monster in your server's seas [1317]

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    WaterMonster - Create a monster in your server's seas
    Version: 1.2

    This plugin creates a water monster. The monster can only be seen by the depression it makes in the water and its splashing. It is invincible, but touching it causes damage to players and mobs.

    There is only one monster per server, which is always located within 100 blocks of a player (it despawns if it leaves this range). If the monster has despawned, then it will respawn nearby another player.

    Note: Credit for the idea of a water monster comes from Frictional Games's Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    • Avoids harming passive mobs (so it doesn't kill them all in 1.8).
    • Attacks players and hostile mobs.
    • Can outrun players

    (I apologize for the poor sound in the video)

    Downloads are available at BukkitDev
    Until I fix the repository (assistance is appreciated), the source can be found at http://hg.bukkit.org/minecraft/watermonster/mainline/file/6e1b14cf27cc/

    Version 1.2
    Fixes a bug which can damage structures and terrain on the server.
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    Version 1.1
    Increases damage
    Version 1.0
    It works

    • Clean up source code
    • Add configurability
    • Add permissions support
    • Improve pathfinding
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    Can we get a video or something?
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    I realized after posting that it needed a screenshot... but a video is a much better idea. I'll work on it.
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    Seems cool, but I'd like to get a screenshot or video just to see what it does :p
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    I'm working on it, but I'm having trouble getting Decent video, sound, and no lag all at the same time. Also, I'll post a link to the (currently ugly) source, for those who don't trust that it's not a virus :p.
    EDIT: Video and source link posted (in the original post).
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    OMG, thats sooo epic.

    I was watching the video like it was so type of horror movie. Thats gonna scare the hell out of players which means this plugin is awsome!
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    Holy shit it's a Kaernk. I'm not sure whether to be excited or terrified. >.<
  8. Amazing, can it dive, too?
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    No, it stays at level y=63. That being said, it may choose to wait above the player (or mob) until they surface.
  10. feature requests:
    - Let it spawn in waters above/under sea level, too.
    - Maybe (if that don't look to bad) let it dive if the target does that, too.
    - Punch the player/mob behind when he/she is hitted by it (like in MC 1.8).
    - Maybe (if it looks nice) make a (small) smoke effect when the player/mob gets hitten.
    - Let it move through non stationary water, too (hint: remember block.getData() before replacing the block to air and when you set it back to water use setData() ;))

    And again: Amazing. <3

    //EDIT: Has this a API so other plugins could, for example, disable the mob spawning everywhere and place it in an arena? maybe even more of it? :D
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    That's going to need a lot of work, but I'll add it to my todo list.
    Maybe I could do this for mobs, but not for people. I think it's a bit more terrifying to know that it's up there (and you're running out of air) than to be actively chased by it. Do you disagree? (A configuration option would work, too).
    Do you mean to cause the player to be knocked back? Good point, I should implement that.
    That would be nice. Also, I want to change the sound it makes to a splashing sound (by dropping items that can't be picked up in the water).
    Why would that be needed? I don't think it'd be too hard, but I feel that it'd increase the risk of damaging bugs for little benefit. (By "damaging", I mean bugs that don't go away if the plugin's removed, such as turning flowing water into stationary water.)

    Thanks for the compliments:)
  12. Mobs (expept squids) wont dive... :/
    Yes :)
    Wouldn't it look bad if there are items where the mob was? Coul also lag the server like the experienceOrbs.
    Because it's unrealistic when I can go away from the mob simply by going into moving water...
    as flowing and stationary water are two different things this shouldn't happen, just save what kind the water was and when it was flowing the data value, too. The chance is higher that a water block stays as a air block after removing the plugin. ;)
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    Necessary good idea I will put in your server ;)
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    True. I guess it would just chase squid then :p. When I have time, I'll look into making it configurable. As you mentioned earlier, though, there might be issues with appearance.
    The items would be something that would blend in (like water). The items would automatically be cleaned up when the monster moves away (and couldn't be picked up), so no lag.
    Good point. I'll look into it.
    Currently, the _only_ variable in which corruption would cause damage is if the monster's location gets corrupted (and the location code is pretty simple). I feel that adding complexity, while relatively safe, is asking for bugs. Again, this sounds like a nice feature, but I'll put it at the end of the todo list (the effort/reward ratio isn't very good, at least to me).
    Well, only if it crashes (or experiences data corruption in the location variable) -- it restores the block that it's in when it's unloaded. State is not saved between unloads and reloads.

    Thanks for the suggestions :)
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    P diddy

    I'm toot lazy to read all the other posts (whole one page) but I have a suggestion.

    If we throw meat in the water, it should also go for that. Make it take like, three to five seconds for it to eat it, giving you a chance to slip by, or throw it off your tail.
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    That's a good idea -- I'll have to work on it sometime.
  17. otherwise good idea but kind a stupid: u cant go over water places without getting hurt or dieing completely, u cant kill the water beast itself and u cant even outrun it?
    how bout if u use boat? if destroys the boat and kills ya?..
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    I believe that when I tested, it still killed you when you're in a boat. However, that will likely be changed in the future.
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    It would be nice if you could implement regions trough worldguard/edit ... so I can set up a monser in a lake or something.
    And also some events to stop the monster.
    (Would like to use this in an adventure temple, where they have to stop the monster first before getting trough ;)
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  20. On my server, there is no monster and looks as if the plugin did not work
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    and that really helps, do you have a console you can paste ie pastebin?, have you check to make sure you have the .jar and folder to make sure it was actually created in your server? your information is severaly lacking
  22. The monster was. He appeared in the fountain. Led to water and flooded half the city.

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    Amnesia monster? XD
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  24. If there's not enough water to scare you it will generate some. It's a feature, not a bug... No really, could be a cool feature... ;)
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    Either way, it's fixed in v1.2.
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    Perhaps a option for servers that can handle the lag - make the monster bigger, and emit some smoke particle effects as well as the water ones... currently a bit hard to see.
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    That would not be difficult -- and this plugin certainly doesn't use up a lot of resources. However, I'm currently pretty busy, and only have time to maintain the plugin (speaking of which, there's a new CB RB...). In the future, I plan on cleaning up the code -- after the cleanup, then a larger monster would take fewer resources than the current small monster.

    Better effects are also on my todo list.
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    hm and interesting idea...
    you should add the sound of the water monster from amnesia so when it gets close it freaks people out more :D

    maybe bigger splashes but i dont think ur supposed to see it

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    I uploaded this to my server RB 1185, rebooted the server, my console says the plugin is loaded, I can also see it loaded when I /pl on the server, I have tried every group, op and non op, and numerous players swimming, No one can seem to find the monster? Are there any known conflicts with other plugins such as towny, worldgaurd, etc?
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    There aren't any known conflicts -- if I have time, I might add a command to tell you where the monster is.

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