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    Volcano - The Volcano Plugin:
    Version: v0.89

    -- On BUKKIT DEV --

    Mine on the volcano where lava is transformed in severals differents blocks (coal, gold, diamond...).

    image (open)

    video (open)


    • Lava is transformed in blocks
    • Multiple volcano can be created
    • They are configured independently
    • Explosif eruption
    Download The Volcano Plugin
    Source Code


    - ATTENTION Backup your world map !
    Create a simple volcano : /volcano create test 20 0.5 diamond_ore 99.5 stone
    I created from my position a volcano with 20 block height, with 0.5% diamond ore and 99.5% stone.
    Add layer : /volcano layer test 10 0.5 iron_ore 99.5 stone
    I added layer with 10 block radius from the center of volcan with 0.5% iron ore and 99.5% stone. From center at 9 block around, its a diamond ore and stone, from 10 block and more, its iron ore and stone. The layers are stacked cubes.
    For start it /volcano start test
    Veresion 0.89
    • Eruption without TNT :)
    Veresion 0.88
    • New command : /volcano move <name> - Move a volcano on new position (not the blocks).
    Veresion 0.87
    • New command : /volcano crater <name> <radius> (the volcanoes files have changed.)
    • Fix
    Version 0.86
    • Fix and License (for Hoot215 :p
    Version 0.85
    • New commands : timerExplo, delayExplo, nbExplo (the volcanoes files have changed.)
    • Volcano activation distance is larger
    old changelog (open)
    Version 0.81
    • Permission for ops only
    • Bucket empty isn't allow on volcano
    Version 0.8
    • Volcano multilayer
    • World permition
    • Mode eruption effusive or explosive
    Version 0.7
    • Explosif eruption
    Version 0.6
    • A crater may fall
    • Add command timer and flowed
    • In volcano file, conversion of rate
    • In volcano file, time is second (was millisecond)
    Version 0.5
    • Configuration file separate volcanoes
    • File of block permission
    • Allow a rate for a block in the allow.txt (ex: TNT 5% maximum)

    DONATE if you like my plugin.
    Join me on irc://irc.librenet.net:6667/minicraft
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    Still won't spawn tnt in explosive mode for me
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    mine does not work very well
    Edit: Fixed (made a new world)
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    Hmmmmm, last time i got this it did not work but ill try it again... did you fix anything?
    also i love this idea and i am going to try it again im a bit nervous about it.

    And judging the other comments looks like we are still having some problems...:oops:
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    Well it worked on my first map and now it says it cant create a volcano on my new map! :((
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    Says I can't create a volcano on my world, but it's listed in config files. Help?
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    the volcano's wont load lol >.<

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