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    Volcano - The Volcano Plugin:
    Version: v0.89

    -- On BUKKIT DEV --

    Mine on the volcano where lava is transformed in severals differents blocks (coal, gold, diamond...).

    image (open)

    video (open)


    • Lava is transformed in blocks
    • Multiple volcano can be created
    • They are configured independently
    • Explosif eruption
    Download The Volcano Plugin
    Source Code


    - ATTENTION Backup your world map !
    Create a simple volcano : /volcano create test 20 0.5 diamond_ore 99.5 stone
    I created from my position a volcano with 20 block height, with 0.5% diamond ore and 99.5% stone.
    Add layer : /volcano layer test 10 0.5 iron_ore 99.5 stone
    I added layer with 10 block radius from the center of volcan with 0.5% iron ore and 99.5% stone. From center at 9 block around, its a diamond ore and stone, from 10 block and more, its iron ore and stone. The layers are stacked cubes.
    For start it /volcano start test
    Veresion 0.89
    • Eruption without TNT :)
    Veresion 0.88
    • New command : /volcano move <name> - Move a volcano on new position (not the blocks).
    Veresion 0.87
    • New command : /volcano crater <name> <radius> (the volcanoes files have changed.)
    • Fix
    Version 0.86
    • Fix and License (for Hoot215 :p
    Version 0.85
    • New commands : timerExplo, delayExplo, nbExplo (the volcanoes files have changed.)
    • Volcano activation distance is larger
    old changelog (open)
    Version 0.81
    • Permission for ops only
    • Bucket empty isn't allow on volcano
    Version 0.8
    • Volcano multilayer
    • World permition
    • Mode eruption effusive or explosive
    Version 0.7
    • Explosif eruption
    Version 0.6
    • A crater may fall
    • Add command timer and flowed
    • In volcano file, conversion of rate
    • In volcano file, time is second (was millisecond)
    Version 0.5
    • Configuration file separate volcanoes
    • File of block permission
    • Allow a rate for a block in the allow.txt (ex: TNT 5% maximum)

    DONATE if you like my plugin.
    Join me on irc://irc.librenet.net:6667/minicraft
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    Any chance maximum diameter of the created volcano can be increased/set/configurable, so it's not necessarily such a tall volcano anymore? I would like to use this plugin to be able to fit a city inside a generated volcano
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    I thought make a crater smaller. lol
    But a crater bigger is good too :)
    A supervolcano is harder to manage in the code.
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    great plugin! thanks.

    I have a querstion.

    if i user: /volcano load <name>....
    ... it tells me: <name> is loaded.

    what can i do with this now?

    or am i stupid ? :)
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    Anyone have some crazy settings? ive done some cool ones but most are normal. trying to go from bedrock to about 120's but when i try 120 it goes to about 55. ------- EDIT>. I must have been lagged or some odd bug. but server crashed i came back to a MASSIVE HUGE volcano. lol glad I did it on a template world.
    /volcano create name 120 100 osidian. the obsidian in my tex pack looks sick. so its maxed at 55 not going any higher. guess I need to add layers.

    Love this plugin. Freekin amazing man. Ive started an adventure map with these :)
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    If you modified a file, it load your new configuration.

    lol, i don't know.

    I didn't put limit because there is a limit "natural" in the game. It isn't good raison you will tell me :)

    It's good idea to share your creation around the volcano. But here it isn't easy to do that. I thought to do a web site etc.

    I already lot of difficulty to progress on the permissions with my true work. I have many ideas and you too. I hope to progress in good condition in a few months.
    wait and see :)

    ps : Volcanoes are planned in the next Update of Minecraft ^^
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    I love this plugin, but I'd prefer it if I could get my volcano to stop exploding, so it could keep growing. How do I stop explosions?
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    EDIT : /volcano erupt <name> explo|effu - Mode of eruption : Explosive or Effusive (without explosion).
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    Ok cool, so setting it to effusive will stop it from exploding? Thanks :)

    Now my volcano won't spawn anything anymore (lava or the blocks)
    It isn't stopped.
    How do I fix this?

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    It's possible you have a obscure bug.
    Type : /volcano load <name>
    Verify your log.
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    There didn't seem to be anything wrong, so what I did is I deleted the volcano and recreated it. It seems to work now.
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    I hate to be a pest, but I am a grammar Nazi. "Explosif," is spelled explosive.
    Sorry ;p
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    What exactly does the new command in v0.87 do in terms of visuals?
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    The link to the new source code seems to be broken. Never mind, I see that you fixed it. Also, what does the new command do? :)
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    Please post an updated video on how to make volcanoes, I'm having some trouble understanding it.

    This reaches out to the community members as well, please :)
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    I would like a /volcano move command :)

    im having problems getting it to auto-explode the tnt or whatever its supposed to do... any help?

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    After bukkit update for 1.8.

    Good idea, but that will not block, just the position.

    Where ? In volcano plugin ? i generate an explosion on a tnt. It's possible that all tnt doesn't explode.
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    I can't get any tnt to explode itself at all through the plugin. It will spawn the tnt but not explode it. I have to manually trigger the tnt.

    And ya the /move would just move the location of the volcano seed not the blocks themselves! That way you can just move the one volcano to a new place when you want to start it over.
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    still having the issue with no tnt explosions/generation
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    with newes bukkit build, the volcano doesnt work anymore.

    it will rise, explode and at some point lava flows, but there is no block generation anymore (volcano doesnt grow)
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    Any errors in the console?
    EDIT: Also the TNT bug should be fixed in my version. Requesting a merge with diwaly's version, and then I'm probably never going to do any more coding on my version.
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    Hi, there is no Error on the console. it simply dont work.
    if i load volcano again, sometimes it stats to explode one times. but still no lava to block.
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    Same problem as DrNoD, it flows once or twice and than just stops...
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    Sorry guys, i don't know the cause of your problems.
    Sometimes just deconnexion and reconnection, it works. I don't know why.
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    what is rate NameBloc?
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    It's two different parameters, rate and namebloc.
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    when I try to make a volcano, it tells me that it isn't allowed in that world. I checked all of files and everything- the world is listed as allowed. how do i fix this?
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    Check uppercase characters or other special character.
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    found error, but I don't know how to fix it. about a second after the server command line says it's done, I get this error: " [Volcano] Error load properties : null". How do i fix this?

    also, by <rate nameBloc>, what do you mean? the type of block, and how often it appears?

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    Volcano crashes with the following error after a few Minutes:

    2011-10-06 11:18:29 [WARNING] Task of 'Volcano' generated an exception
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1
        at fr.diwaly.volcano.Volcano.randomBlock(Volcano.java:388)
        at fr.diwaly.volcano.Volcano.update(Volcano.java:231)
        at fr.diwaly.volcano.Plugin.run(Plugin.java:183)
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.scheduler.CraftScheduler.mainThreadHeartbeat(CraftScheduler.java:137)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(MinecraftServer.java:439)
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:374)
        at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:417)
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    fury and Gerous, can you describe all your manip before bug in private message please, thx.

    oups wrong place sorry Gerous ^^
    And i write too fast, i found your mistake. A layer always begin at zero.

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