[FUN] Volcano v0.89 - Create your volcano [1337]

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    Volcano - The Volcano Plugin:
    Version: v0.89

    -- On BUKKIT DEV --

    Mine on the volcano where lava is transformed in severals differents blocks (coal, gold, diamond...).

    image (open)

    video (open)


    • Lava is transformed in blocks
    • Multiple volcano can be created
    • They are configured independently
    • Explosif eruption
    Download The Volcano Plugin
    Source Code


    - ATTENTION Backup your world map !
    Create a simple volcano : /volcano create test 20 0.5 diamond_ore 99.5 stone
    I created from my position a volcano with 20 block height, with 0.5% diamond ore and 99.5% stone.
    Add layer : /volcano layer test 10 0.5 iron_ore 99.5 stone
    I added layer with 10 block radius from the center of volcan with 0.5% iron ore and 99.5% stone. From center at 9 block around, its a diamond ore and stone, from 10 block and more, its iron ore and stone. The layers are stacked cubes.
    For start it /volcano start test
    Veresion 0.89
    • Eruption without TNT :)
    Veresion 0.88
    • New command : /volcano move <name> - Move a volcano on new position (not the blocks).
    Veresion 0.87
    • New command : /volcano crater <name> <radius> (the volcanoes files have changed.)
    • Fix
    Version 0.86
    • Fix and License (for Hoot215 :p
    Version 0.85
    • New commands : timerExplo, delayExplo, nbExplo (the volcanoes files have changed.)
    • Volcano activation distance is larger
    old changelog (open)
    Version 0.81
    • Permission for ops only
    • Bucket empty isn't allow on volcano
    Version 0.8
    • Volcano multilayer
    • World permition
    • Mode eruption effusive or explosive
    Version 0.7
    • Explosif eruption
    Version 0.6
    • A crater may fall
    • Add command timer and flowed
    • In volcano file, conversion of rate
    • In volcano file, time is second (was millisecond)
    Version 0.5
    • Configuration file separate volcanoes
    • File of block permission
    • Allow a rate for a block in the allow.txt (ex: TNT 5% maximum)

    DONATE if you like my plugin.
    Join me on irc://irc.librenet.net:6667/minicraft
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    him i cant get your plugin to work every time im in the game it says cant build volcano on my world?
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    /volcano world <nameWorld> - Allow/Forbidden a world for the volcano plugin. (op)
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    now my volcano doest appear and then when i put /volcano start haha the thing just saids /volcano help

    i get this error 14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] blista77: start haha
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: -1
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: fr.diwaly.volcano.Volcano.randomBloc
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: fr.diwaly.volcano.Volcano.initFirstS
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: fr.diwaly.volcano.Plugin.onCommand(P
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.exe
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: org.bukkit.command.SimpleCommandMap.
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.d
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandle
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandle
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandle
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.a(P
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandle
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenTh
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer
    14:10:32 [INFO] [Volcano] Error on command: net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApp

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    Maybe a probleme in the file. Delete it, restart your server and create a new volcano.
    Or type /volcano load haha
    Send me a private message if you still have problems.
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    How long does it normally take for a volcano to erupt? I want the command /erupt back :D
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    LOVE THIS PLUGIN! very easy and yet very customizable volcanos!....We run a faction server and the volcanos r a sudden and very contested landmark! And I can make them anywhere. Thanks for your work, love this plugin.
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    So...you can't make it just erupt? Its completely random? Thats cool and all but it would be nice to have it erupt on command...
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    Yes, i will change that soon

    Draconos, i don't understand your reply, sorry :)
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    i mean can you make a plugin that make lava or water do something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fzZJ4GaTzg
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    oh good idea :)
    But it will require more performance for the server.
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    Can I delete this plugin after creating a volcano?
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    so dose that mean you will give making a plugin like it a shot?
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    Just the intermediate state which is interesting.
    For example, lava transformed in cobblestone, then stone.
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    Lol - I annoyed my players by placing a 60 high one in our main town, :D evil i am!
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    hehe :)
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    I've modified the source to use SuperPermissions (e.g. PermissionsBukkit) instead of the op system. However, I have LITERALLY no experience whatsoever with Java. Never coded a single sentence before, so there may be some bugs, and the code is a bit messy (It took me about an hour with the help of a tutorial or two). It seems to work correctly, however I didn't modify many sentence involving the word "op", so there will still be some messages that don't make sense (e.g. There is the the "/volcano ops" command, even though it should be renamed to something like "/volcano permits"). Also, ops get permission to use all commands by default, but you can change that by setting the node "volcano" to false (Will also disable help). I will most likely make some revisions to this, unless diwaly would like to take over (Which I would really like, especially seeing as this is the only thing I've ever programmed in Java).

    Permissions nodes:
    *Note*: These are SuperPermissions (e.g. PermissionsBukkit) ONLY! They will not work on plugins like Permissions 2/3!
    volcano.* //Gives access to all "/volcano" commands. Default: op (otherwise false)
    volcano //This is required to use any "/volcano" commands, unless you use the volcano.* node. Default: True
    volcano.help //Gives access to the "/volcano help" command. Default: true
    volcano.create //Gives access to the "/volcano create" command. Default: false
    volcano.layerhelp //Gives access to the "/volcano layer help" command. Default: true
    volcano.stop //Gives access to the "/volcano stop" command. Default: false
    volcano.start //Gives access to the "/volcano start" command. Default: false
    volcano.list //Gives access to the "/volcano list" command. Default: false
    volcano.del //Gives access to the "/volcano del" command. Default: false
    volcano.load //Gives access to the "/volcano load" command. Default: false
    volcano.timer //Gives access to the "/volcano timer" command. Default: false
    volcano.flowed //Gives access to the "/volcano flowed" command. Default: false
    volcano.erupt //Gives access to the "/volcano erupt" command. Default: false
    volcano.timerexplo //Gives access to the "/volcano timerexplo" command. Default: false
    volcano.delayexplo //Gives access to the "/volcano delayexplo" command. Default: false
    volcano.nbexplo //Gives access to the "/volcano nbexplo" command. Default: false
    volcano.info //Gives access to the "/volcano info" command. Default: true
    volcano.near //Gives access to the "/volcano near" command. Default: true
    volcano.allow //Gives access to the "/volcano allow" command. Default: false
    volcano.world //Gives access to the "/volcano world" command. Default: false
    volcano.permitted //Gives access to the "/volcano permitted" command. Default: false
    volcano.layer //Gives access to the "/volcano layer" command. Default: false
    volcano.modlayer //Gives access to the "/volcano modlayer" command. Default: false
    volcano.dellayer //Gives access to the "/volcano dellayer" command. Default: false
    volcano.erupt.explo //Gives access to the "/volcano erupt <volcanoname> explo" command. Default: true
    volcano.erupt.effu //Gives access to the "/volcano erupt <volcanoname> effu" command. Default: true

    v0.9 (See changelog)

    Plugin (JAR): Here Source (ZIP): Here Source (TAR.GZ): Here GitHub: Here

    Show Spoiler
    v0.88 (See changelog)
    Plugin (JAR): <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    v0.87 (See changelog)
    Plugin (JAR): <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    v0.86 (See changelog)
    Plugin (JAR): <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    v0.85(b) (I never changed the version number, therefore codenamed v0.85b, although it will still say v0.85 in the console)
    Plugin (JAR): <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>

    - Fixed (hopefully) glitch where not all of the TNT would explode on eruption
    - Uploaded to GitHub! Also added TAR.GZ download option
    - Now licensed under the GNU GPL v3 (Thanks diwaly)
    - Added new permissions nodes: "volcano.erupt.explo" and "volcano.erupt.effu"
    - Cleaned up code a tiny bit more (Missed a few brackets)
    - Should now say whenever you don't have permission to use a specific command

    Show Spoiler
    - Cleaned up code a bit more (Made brackets have their own line (Less confusing), only in Plugin.java
    - Renamed source "CraftBukkit-VolcanoPlugin" to avoid remaking the project in Eclipse every time I release an update
    - Cleaned up code a little bit (More to come)
    - Changed command "/volcano ops" to "/volcano permitted"
    - Added SuperPermissions support

    Todo (Unless diwaly wants to take over):
    - Clean up code (Done)
    - Clean up messages and commands (Done)
    - Change version number (Done)
    - Add permission error message for individual commands (This may prove to take more time than I thought) (Done)
    - Fix Bugs (If any) (Fixed TNT Bug)

    *Note*: The source contains some extra files, such as the build.xml file. Sorry for any inconvenience.
    *Note*: All builds compiled against Bukkit #804 (Current RB)
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    Good work :)
    Thank you for me simplify the work :)
    The better will be to add your work in the volcano plugin directly.
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    Thanks! And no problem. Also, I would recommend licensing your code under an open source license (Like the GNU GPL v3), because technically, I wasn't allowed to modify and distribute it.
    EDIT: I've release v0.86 with some minor changes, just in case you didn't see.
    EDIT2: Released v0.87 with very minor changes to the source
    EDIT3: What the heck is up with duplicated spoilers???
    EDIT4: I seem to have fixed the duplicated spoilers... For some reason they were being duplicated because of some unnecessary
    tags. (It wouldn't work if I didn't put it in a code tag)​
    EDIT5: Released v0.88 (See changelog)​

    Most people don't like reading walls of text... so I'll start a new post. Are you going to officially submit this as a plugin? Also, I know I posted this above, but you should really license this code (GNU GPL v3 maybe?), because I wasn't technically allowed to modify and distribute the source. Also, thank you for the awesome plugin (I forgot to mention that, sorry)!
    Off-topic: Any To-Do suggestions?

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    I will add the license to the next version. You can do what you want already now.
    This isn't the proper place to do what you did.
    Either you make a new post stating that it is a fork of the volcano plugin. I don't know if you have really the right of to do that on bukkit forum.
    Or you make a website personal and i will add a link in my post.
    It is probably also possible to make an optional plugin apart without touching my code.

    Ostensibly, you are motivated. I can which encourage you to find your own idea of ​​plugin.
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    Thanks. I wasn't really sure where to post it, seeing as the code isn't on GitHub or something. But I'm fairly sure that I still would NOT be allowed to make a fork (Even if I didn't post it), seeing as there is no license. As far as I know, when code is released without a license (Even if it is open source), it is the owner's property alone, and it's sort of like a read-only thing, regardless of whether or not you give credit to the original author. However, I really wanted to see this plugin with Permissions support, so I did it anyway (Without any knowledge of Java whatsoever I might add, which is also why I couldn't really make a separate plugin). Thanks for adding the license. :) Also, I can't believe I didn't mention this before, but you can of course just merge my version with yours (In fact, I recommend that you do), seeing as I just wanted to make a small improvement (Permissions is the future, and it's still backwards compatible with the op system). Off-Topic, even adding a very easy thing to add (Permissions support), I gained more interest in Java coding. I might just make that Finite Fluid plugin I've always wanted to (Inspired by the single-player mod "Finite Liquid").
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    You could just to ask :)
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    Well... I didn't think of that. :oops: But anyway thanks for adding the license. Also, once you release the new version, would you mind if I uploaded my version to GitHub? It makes managing code much easier. :D
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    Bug found! When the volcano start to explode not all TnT is activated, that leaves the TnT for the player to destroy and pick up.
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    OMg it's true !! !
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    Seeing as you never objected to me asking if I could post the code on GitHub, I have.
    Right Here
    Thanks for all of your support. Oh, and also I'm about to release a new version which *should* fix the TNT glitch.
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    So does it just keep expanding? Im kinda confused :p Looks awesome though!
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    Uhh I hate to get into this but it seems like your taking over this guys plugin without asking, IMO you should be working with the plugin dev and not on your own. It seems like your just running with this without concern of the plugin devs thoughts.
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    It will keep expanding until it reaches the maximum height that you set for it.

    I'm not taking over the plugin! I'm just improving it a bit. diwaly didn't have the code on GitHub, so I had to submit the changes manually. And when I stop developing my improved version (Which will probably be either now, or soon), diwaly (If he wants to) can just merge my changes and keep developing the plugin on his own. I just wanted to add Permissions support! That's all. Of course, I did a bit more than that, but still. Just trying to help out. :)

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    WOW,This plugin is the best plugin iv,e ever seen love it :D

    i agree you should make it so they spawn when terrain gens

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    LOVE IT!!!

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