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    Volcano - The Volcano Plugin:
    Version: v0.89

    -- On BUKKIT DEV --

    Mine on the volcano where lava is transformed in severals differents blocks (coal, gold, diamond...).

    image (open)

    video (open)


    • Lava is transformed in blocks
    • Multiple volcano can be created
    • They are configured independently
    • Explosif eruption
    Download The Volcano Plugin
    Source Code


    - ATTENTION Backup your world map !
    Create a simple volcano : /volcano create test 20 0.5 diamond_ore 99.5 stone
    I created from my position a volcano with 20 block height, with 0.5% diamond ore and 99.5% stone.
    Add layer : /volcano layer test 10 0.5 iron_ore 99.5 stone
    I added layer with 10 block radius from the center of volcan with 0.5% iron ore and 99.5% stone. From center at 9 block around, its a diamond ore and stone, from 10 block and more, its iron ore and stone. The layers are stacked cubes.
    For start it /volcano start test
    Veresion 0.89
    • Eruption without TNT :)
    Veresion 0.88
    • New command : /volcano move <name> - Move a volcano on new position (not the blocks).
    Veresion 0.87
    • New command : /volcano crater <name> <radius> (the volcanoes files have changed.)
    • Fix
    Version 0.86
    • Fix and License (for Hoot215 :p
    Version 0.85
    • New commands : timerExplo, delayExplo, nbExplo (the volcanoes files have changed.)
    • Volcano activation distance is larger
    old changelog (open)
    Version 0.81
    • Permission for ops only
    • Bucket empty isn't allow on volcano
    Version 0.8
    • Volcano multilayer
    • World permition
    • Mode eruption effusive or explosive
    Version 0.7
    • Explosif eruption
    Version 0.6
    • A crater may fall
    • Add command timer and flowed
    • In volcano file, conversion of rate
    • In volcano file, time is second (was millisecond)
    Version 0.5
    • Configuration file separate volcanoes
    • File of block permission
    • Allow a rate for a block in the allow.txt (ex: TNT 5% maximum)

    DONATE if you like my plugin.
    Join me on irc://irc.librenet.net:6667/minicraft
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    Screen shots or video?
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    sure, voila :)
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    Neat, but why is netherrack forbidden?
    Does this support block ID values?
    How long does one usually last?
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    recommended CB version missing from the title
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    Oups, I add for the next release, but you can yourself the added.
    Block ID values, why not.
    Sorry i am not sure to understand.
    By default, i put 60 second between flowed. It's long at beginning but short at ending.
    Modify this value for to have a large volcano quickly.
    I think add a command for modify this parameter in game.
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    oh and I suggest using a SPOILER tag for those pictures, just a hint
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    A video would be nice. :p
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    Yes it's nice but i haven't the tools for make a video. :)
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    I type /volcano test 10 and it says 10 doesnt exist
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    He missing rate and block, type. You must specify which block the lava will transformed

    /volcano test 10 100 dirt
    100 is a rate and dirt is the block.
  12. I'd love to see this expanded more...Maybe have a 'layer' system, with different rates for the different layers. So, for example, you could have a core consisting of obsidian and diamond ore, and an outer shell consisting of stone, gravel, etc.
    It'd also be neat to see it generate a magma chamber below it, if that's possible..
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    Good idea and its possible :)
    Just the configuration files of the volcanoes and creation command will be more complex.
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    /errupt needs to be redone. It should have the top part of the volcano blow up, and lava rocket into the sky and spread out (or have it configured to where tons of lava flows from the top). The thing about it just placing tnt and blowing up.... Not very good for an eruption....
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    You aren't wrong but i don't know to do otherwise
    And the tnt is fun, no ? :)
  16. wait i dont understand. does the volano constantly keep producing material till you tell it to stop? cant you make it so it keeps flowing lava but doesnt create mossy cobble or any other material?
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    No, the lava doesn't flow when it gets to the top.

    With the eruption, we need a creation of block for the crater reconstrution. I finish the volcano layers, but i think to a simple implementation of your idea.
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    I make it but it doesnt show up....
    I need example command.
  19. no permissions? i dont want any1 to make volcanos

    i like it otherwise but /volcano del <-- it only ends the lavaflood? or what? it didnt delete the volcano and fix the ground it were placed to spawn?
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    Yes :)

    it's a problem, i don't know where begin the volcano and the ground.
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    Perhaps the volcano could erupt explosively periodically or at random intervals (command-set).
    Also, you could spawn fire/lava on spots where the bombs hit (similar to actual volcano bombs).
    Finally, there needs to be a limit on how long a volcano grows (in steps or in minutes), as it will eventually reach the top coordinate.
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    It's already more or less random.
    Why not.
    If you change timer, growth also change. You don't know how long a volcano grows, but you cannot all controled. :)
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    Few questions. Onces a volcano is created, say .5 diamond 99.5 stone, is there a way to change it. or add different stone/block layers so the diamond is covered up. or what should i do. how can i edit it, i dont understand the layer commonds in the config spoiler.
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    Sorry, i hadn't explained.

    Add layer : /volcano layer test 10 0.5 iron_ore 99.5 stone
    I added layer with 10 block radius from the center of volcan with 0.5% iron ore and 99.5% stone. From center at 9 block around, its a diamond ore and stone, from 10 block and more, its iron ore and stone. The layers are stacked cubes.
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    uhhh i was testing this out on our server and made a HUGE fuck up of a volcano, i stoped and deleted it but the volcano isnt going away, any chance i could get some pointers to remove it?

    What is accecptable names for items, or can i just use data id numbers. Also thanks for the quick reply =) any idea how to remove a giant screw up of a volcano once u stop/delete it? (besides digging)

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  26. World Edit for the win?
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    A suggestion: That you let vulcanoes spawn random with the terrain generator.
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    The erupt ocmmand is buggy. Also it never seem sto erupt, I see no explosions.
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    Yes World Edit for the moment for delete the blocks.

    well well well :)

    I changed this command on v0.8. It's too dangerous to explode with a command. Explosion is random.
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    Leon Philips

    NEAT! I realy like what I saw in the video! I could use this for my skylands perhaps :p(diamonds are hard to find)
    but is there an option as said before random generation that it detects if there's land (skylands :rolleyes:) and places a vulcanoe?
    and also, would be awsome if an vulcane spawn's kthe ground goes up a little (by moving blocks up and replaceing the air that has made with lava?) , Im watching this thread! ;) its a realy cool idea!

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