Inactive [FUN] Vicincantatio v0.2.8 - The Powerful Magic Experience - Based on Incantatio [1.0.1-R1]

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    yes thats from being out of date, every RB bukkit tries to make the code work with notch's (now jeb's) code. then in their free time they like to 'simplify' their code. It is simpler, but by doing so this aspect usually breaks plugins

    i have to update mine, but seeing as theres a new 1.2.4 im going to wait a bit while i tinker with spout
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    I'd like to say this is a wonderful looking plugin that I'd love to see updated, and I have a request. It'd be nice to see something along the notion of a snowball keyword, much like 'Sagitto,' but with snowballs. 'Nix' would work, unless Google lied to me.

    While I'm here, a new augment could be made. 'Fluctus,' meaning 'wave,' could be used to spread spells like 'Sagitto' or 'Nivi' across an area in front of (Flat dispersion of the projectile, infera to ultima could determine the size of the spread) or around the caster (Circular dispersion, good for crowd control/panic keyword). Not sure which, your discretion.

    I could name a few other suggestions off, but I don't want to overstay my welcome. Thanks for this, jackrakan. Keep up the good work.
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    out of my other obligations, I'm still trying to keep up with this. I may have let a little too much time slip by and am having to relearn the bukkit API. If I'm not mistaken those ideas were previously brought up before in an old dev post, so when I get around to it, expect to see some serious stuff. Also, when more time becomes available I will try my hand at my own art designs using some other mod packages (cant remember the name right now but it was posted somewhere)
    if you have read the posts, some people dont know how to hold back, and nor do I impose a restriction. feel free; the only limiter is how much time and typing you feel like doing.
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    Well, I don't want to come off as a pretentious asshole. That's one reason I don't write with reckless abandon. Another is that the ideas probably aren't new, and I don't want to subject anyone to listening to the same idea time and time again. I know that it's a given that a dev of anything will wade through countless e-mails all pertaining to one thing.

    I'll keep my mind open and write down some interesting thoughts. Maybe I'll come up with one that is original.
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    ok, Thats what i thought. Normally i would probably ask you to hurry but since i have started Taking Computer Science in school i've begun to realize how difficult some of this stuff really is... Anyways Love the mod cant wait for it to be updated.
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    Thanks for your cooperation. I am trying to expedite this, but it takes time. Will try my best, now here is some critical comments from the delevoper himself:

    The difficult thing is learning ALL of Bukkit API, and in my humble opinion, I have done jack shit compared to other mods out there. Ignoring single player mods, like Equivalent Exchange (alchemy is awesome btw), IConomy deals with the complexity of economy VERY nicely, MCMMO keeps track of info, provides a nice gui/hud, and has a target HP bar (I have been working on an RPG mod a while ago and I still cant figure out all the minor details of how it gets targets, let alone make a nice GUI). All I have done was rework a relatively non-trivial parser (most credit goes to Batman) to execute simple Notch MC commands. Making a fireball and explosions are 5 lines of code. The only thing I think deserves credit (which was ALL done by Batman, who is a professional programmer now) is the system to parse and execute commands, and if you feel pity, the creativity of the spells themselves. Compared to the gems of MCMMO, IConomy, Heroes, etc, its as if I were to present a stick-figure drawing of my family to Monet himself and hope for the best.

    But, as time goes on, I think I'm learning more, and become able to do more intense stuff. So, thanks for your choice in JackRakan's mods and enjoy the ride of my trials and tribulations.
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    Hello! I'm currently trying to set up an RP server centered around magic, and am casting about (Heh heh..) for a good plugin to manage the spells. This is by far the most complete I've seen, and very much fits the theme I'm going for.

    The only thing stopping it from being absolutely perfect for RP servers is the lack of a "Teaching" mechanism. As far as I can tell, all players have access to all spells, unless you set the default as all players have access to NO spells, then do individual permissions. How difficult would it be to add in a system such that all players start out without any access to spells, then moderators could use a command to grant access for a single player to a single spell? This would GREATLY increase the applicability of your plugin.

    Edit: I suppose a more immediate problem is the outdated-ness of the plugin. I got about halfway through and did a lot more reading. How have I not come across PermissionsEx before?? That ought to suffice for my above want for a limitation system. How long do you think it will be before the plugin is up to the latest version?
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    What I did on an old sorcery-based RP server is get the Citizens plugin. I would then make a quester citizen, where his reward was to execute a console command. The console command would use PEX commands to grant the interacting player a new spell. Here is an excerpt out of my old quests.yml file:

    ############### LEVEL II SPELLS ###################
            description: Frigidus training.
            completion: Congratulations! You can now use &9Frigidus&f!
            acceptance: Collect and return with 4 blaze powders.
                type: rank
                rank: HydromancerII   
        repeats: -1
                    type: delivery
                    npcdestination: 42
                    materialid: 377
                    amount: 4
                type: rank
                rank: Frigidus
                take: false
                replace: false
                with: HydromancerII
                type: command
                command: pex user <player> add "frigidus.allow"
                server: true
                type: rank
                rank: HydromancerII
                take: false
                replace: true
                with: HydromancerII

    So not only does this allow people to learn the spells, it serves as a self-service system! Moderators don't have to be logged on for people to earn their spells. We used this as a great way to promote our economy. If they really participated in the economy, they got more money and could buy more spells. Just a suggestion!
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    that is an amazing combo package, i like seeing these things emerge. Have become a certified bachelor, so I should have free time again and whip up something worthwhile in here
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    I CANT GET IT TO WORK! I've been working on trying to install this epic plugin but when i got spout it did not help install it. I have tried to get this plugin without spout and dosen't work either. If you could, can you send me the link to the spout plugin i need to install this?!
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    this plugin needs major dusting off. It was made for 1.1 and I havent updated it recently
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    Well goodluck, as I would love to see this plugin updated, as well as some new feautures (jk its perfect). Your plugins is the finest of them all, you explain everything in detail on your posts.
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    Any word on whether this will be updated any time soon? or alternatively if you could allow downloads from the svn repo so I can update it myself? Just found the source on your google page, will have to check it out. Cheers

    P.S. I just made a bukkit forums account specifically to ask this because man, this plugin looks amazing! Great work!

    P.P.S. I have worked as a java dev previously so it's not just hot air when I speculate on updating this myself.
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    Hello again all

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