Inactive [FUN] Vicincantatio v0.2.8 - The Powerful Magic Experience - Based on Incantatio [1.0.1-R1]

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    I found this plugin and i love it. but maybe. just maybe. you should make a tidal wave spell. with squids in it. and it wouldnt flood the map. just a suggestion

    magnum Diluvium Means great flood. seems cooler than "tidal Wave"
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    For those concerned souls, I have not forgotten the plugin. To those interested, I have to apply to grad school, Batman is graduating come December, and WeepingAngel has multiple clubs to oversee. We are all quite busy, and will update once peace has settled in once again.
  3. Hey, I really loved Incantatio. Too bad it doesn't seem to be continued. But your plugin is like incantatio*5. I really love it and I hope you will update frequently.
    I also have some suggestions:
    - 1.0 is finally out, maybe you could use some new things like potion effects to make new spells or make the old one better
    - I just read something about "20 minutes to life, forget it and then die" :p . How about instead of just randomly dying, you could curse him, so that bad things happen very frequently: For example if a creeper can spawn behind him, there WILL a creeper spawn behind him, or if its thundering, then he should be like a living arrester. Of course there could be still some time limit, like a crucial mishap like having a dozen mobs spawn behind him after like 20 minutes.
    - The food consuming-magic is not a bad idea, however, I think it would make wizards very dependant of food(because Wizard Needs Food Badly). I mean , 10 ordinary spells reduce the meter to 0, leading to damage over time, not to mention that you need health for every other spell. Instead, I would suggest some kind of exhaustion/mana meter via spout. Of course the spells could deplete some hunger as well, but not an entire unit. The new meter could recover a little over time, other than the food meter which always depletes. After all, I guess it would be better if the food depletation would be a side effect, rather than a key aspect. As far as I know, many wizards in romans, television and more get hungry from casting spells, but worse than that tired. Of course being hungry is one of the causes of being tired, but being hungry alone doesn't make them completely useless, they mostly faint of exhaustion.
    - Some kind of evil magic(dark magic-/-evil magic) which is very powerful, but always has significant disadvantages. For example a spell which makes you absolutely invulnerbale for a period of time. Disadvantage? If the time is over, you will get all ignored damage in a single blow(there's no kill like overkill, I love quoting TV tropes). Or, if it gets updated to 1.0 with potions, making you undead, meaning heal means damage and damage means heal. However, this are just ideas, think about some yourself. The main idea is just some kind of double-edged spells(REALLY double-edged, most of the spells now are only dangerous if not used properly)

    However, this are just suggestions.
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    All nice things. Well, lets get started:
    • 1.0 bukkit hasnt been released yet unfortunately, because Jebus, theres alot more neat stuff I could do; you are completely right.
    • "20 minutes to live, forget it and then die :p" is an idea i have: its a debuff on the player that forces a burden of knowledge on them. They must remeber what the debuff means and how to remove it. In this case, its a debuff that lasts for 20 minutes. If it's timer expires, the victim player dies. To remove it, I was thinking of making the player eat 10 mushroom stews or something, maybe drink a couple potions of a certain type since 1.0 came out.
    • The Wizard Need Food Badly does precisely what I wanted it to do: make the player food addicted. It does the same thing as mana, without the starvation effect and a slight tweak on the regen. I CAN make a mana config option, I mean I have been using Spout like theres no tomorrow, but it just doesnt really fit with the philosophy of the plugin. Maybe I'll add it anyway because its something new to code.
    • The magical drawbacks and double edges are some things to add for sure, no questions.
    • Anywho, I've gotten really lazy, I have to update this; i currently have a tueri rework, a summon slime army spell, and a forray into buffs coded and ready to go. Ive just been busy working on my damned statement of purpose and I cant write for shit, sleeping, or cheating on Vicincantatio (I'm sorry you had to find out this way) I am making a second plugin called World Of Minecraft that basically covers all the complaints I have gotten on Vicincantatio. Basically, World Of Minecraft is Vicincantatio with HOTKEYS, as in the player can map abilities to any keys, press the key, and the spell is cast. It also adds game mechanic changing RPG elements like classes and stats that affect combat. Also has procedurally generated loot drops, which is quite cool to do. See Dev page here
  5. FUCK, NO! The best about this plugin are in fact that you can cast them anytime, providing you have the knowledge. The whole plugin is based on knowledge, thats the most awesome about it. I sometimes use it in combination with bookworm to let the players write books with the spells in there(a dictionary if you want). You can of course make some kind of other rpg-plugin, but PLEASE continue this one.

    To the other points:
    • I know it's not released, I meant when the time has come.
    • Oh well, that sounds pretty neat too, however, I would love a 'very bad luck'-buff, then :p
    • Ok if you want it so, I only meant it would somewhat limit the duration of a mage fight, considering that, as I said, 10 normal/easy spells would completely empty the food bar, not to mention you can also use powerful spells which you can strenghten with an ultima prefix( an infinity plus one spell). I only guess it would be more sense to make some kind of exhaustion meter as soft limit(not spamming spells all the time) and the food bar the hard limit(not able to cast anymore, starvation makes someone borderline useless). This way, wizard can stand a battle way longer while not totally god like. I also can't understand why you think this would be against the plugin philosophy.
    • Okay, but be creative with that ones, creative gambling makes freaking fun and lets the intelligent pro-wizards seperate from fireball-spamming beginners :D
    • Looked the other plugin up and I have to admit some things really look neat(especially the real rpg-like stats). But as I said, please also continue vicincantatio. WOM(World of minecraft) could be a normal rpg-plugin and vicincantatio something else(I can't assign this amazing plugin to a group, it's too unique).
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    Hey now, I didnt say I would give this one up, as you said it is quite unique. I merely used WoM as an example of stuff that I am doing.
    I have to admit, WoM has some unique coding challenges that are so interesting they consume me. Can you program procedurally generated loot based on a chance on death of a mob? That shits intense. As for Vicincantatio here, creating the algorithms for the construction spells are intense. Making a computer obey in such a way to create a tetrahedron isnt so simple either.
    • Basically, if the food meter wasn't based out of 20 points (each point being half a food icon or 5% of total food) and was instead of some arbitrary number of, say, 1000, it would work out much better. One salio, a staple, simple spell, using 5% of your total stamina/exhaustion? It needs to be fine tuned.
    • The philosophy as I took from incantatio was essentially what was portrayed in the Harry Potter series; any wizard can cast whatever they wished as long as they enunciated proper latin and had no limit. Therefore, creating a limiting factor of any kind irked me, but if I was gonna make one, why not Wizard Need Food Badly
    • Hehehe, Oh I've got creative gambling ideas all right
    All in all, besides the shit I gotta do, its amazing to program both of these guys, and I'm slow at it. Each thinger i add in, usually in pieces, I rigorously test out by myself and with Batman and WeepingAngel, besides coding so slowly. Still, errors still abound in the released version, which is unfortunate, and I feel compulsed to fix before adding more shit. In summary, it takes a long time, and I am still working on both.
  7. Huh, then I misunderstood you, because, well, "cheating on the plugin" is like saying "I don't like it anymore, so I betrayed it :p"(which is, if I think about it, pure nonsense).
    Nice that it brings many challenges with it. And actually, I couldn't program it... in java and/or bukkit(I actually could maybe program it in C++ and programmed something in VB in my practicum, I still prefer C++).
    • Well, in fact you CAN split it up to be more balanced, if you know how minecrafts food meter does work. Though I don't know how dynamic it behaves, I will try to cover every possibility of an error:
    1. You could just check if the difference between the intern "foodExhaustionLevel" and 4 is bigger than the level you want it to reduce. If it is bigger, go to step 3.
    2. As I don't know if minecraft does handle "foodExhaustionLevels" over 4 on his own, this goes here. If the level to reduce is higher than the difference between foodexhaustion and limit(4), it should reduce the food bar one level and subtract the difference between foodexhaustion and 4 from the reduce-level. The depleting of one food half on the bar should reset the foddexhaustion-value to 0(if not, do it yourself).Then go back to step 1(Yes, its a while-loop)
    3. You add the remaining reduce-level to the "foodExhaustionLevel", which should equal 0 at this time.
    This leads to the following: Imagine there's a spell which reduces the foodExhaustionlevel by 12(one food point on the bar equals 4 levels). And now imagine we just walked around a bit, so the foodExhaustionLevel now equals... um... say 2.7. Now the plugin will check: 12>1.3. So now the plugin will reduce the reduce level(12) by 1.3 levels and delete one half of the meat on the hunger bar(which also should reset the foodExhaustionLevel to 0, if not, do it yourself).​
    The game will check again: 10.7>4. Still higher, the process gets repeated: 9.3 is 5.3 now, second half of meat goes away.​
    Check: 6.7>4. 5.3 is now 2.7, third food half goes.​
    2.7<4.Finally(I choosed a bad example XD ). 0 goes up to 1.3. So, we exactly depleted 3 food halfes. Not only is this method more precise, but imagine salio would have 0.5 reduce level. This means that you can cast this spell up to 8 times per food half.​
    I'm sorry for all mistakes I made(I'm not english, american or something like that) and I hope this will help you(if you didn't already knew it)​
    • Huh, I guess there's still a small limit in harry potter: In my opinion, some spells really draw on the wizards energy. But I do not have any evidence, nor would I bet that this is true. I only think that sometimes... they look a little bit tired :p
    • That's good, could you give an example? I would really like to see which ideas you have, maybe that gives us new ideas. Because easy standard spells are... well ok, not boring, but they are kinda easy to perform them without any risks(it's kinda justified, because salio and things like that should really be a casters standard). And the greatest powers are the greatest hazards(an example of it is With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, though this can't be simulated by the game ;P. Again, I love quoting TV tropes, its so addicting, you should really check it out).
    It's not bad that you need long to code, nobody's perfect. Just give your best and make the plugin as awesome as possible. You should not release a version before a bukkit update anyway, it's senseless as it will stop working with a new MC-version when it's updated to it.

    Edit: Made a critical mistake: foodexhaustion goes up over time instead of down, so it starts at 0 and ends with 4 and not vice versa. I fixed many things, but maybe there are still some mistakes, so don't get confused.
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    Yea I already knew of ways to work around the food meter. that method you described will work nicely, but its a little too over done. consider just a simple tracker of each spell cast. in a balanced way, it will convert what spells are cast to an exhaustion meter, and then alter the food bar to reflect this.

    Anyway, one of my fun ideas was an absorption spell; it absorbs the next magical damage and augments the next spell you cast to do an extra effect. there is a strict time limit though as doing this will drain HP.
    another idea is to arm oneself with a spell. what I mean by this is that you can infuse the power of a spell you cast into your body, granting new effects. so for example, arm yourself with fulmen and gain the attributes of lightning for a while, which include godlike movement speed etc

    Thanks for the input, and I have got stuff to program alright
  9. Cool that my idea would work. But I guess you would be right. too. So you want to make an exhaustion meter after all?

    The absorption spell sounds very much like a pokemon attack, do you know bide? Anyways, I had the idea of instead storing the power for the next spell, I would rather make the caster slower after casting(crouch-like). Now, he will remain slower until he use some "release" spell/maybe prefix(don't have some good latin dictionary, how about expedio). This unleashes

    A)All spells he suffered on the target, at one time. Meaning if you got hit by 1 fulmen and 3 praemium, you will summon the doomsday in form of 3 times as much tnt and some thunder on him.

    B)A spell one its own which changes strength and effect depending on the suffering. For example you could burn the place on you crosshair accendit-like, maybe with some extra effects. And on max suffering, you could let the place on the crosshair explode multiple times in a row, simulating you perforating the entire landscape with your angry gaze. It would add some to the dramatic effect if a thunderstorm would come up with more and nearer thunders than usual and you ascending in the air(the "eyebeam" and "hover and storming" are both more or less X-Men references ;P ). Could also be a trigger for some kind of rage mode XD

    C(if as a prefix))If used as a prefix, you could use special spells to release the power in one. For example, while urgeo is just a harmless push, expedio urgeo would release a 360° blast wave which even could blow the leaves from the trees if they are too near. This would of course work with vello, too. This would make urgeo/vello a very, very dangerous spell if in the right hands, effectivly making yourself a living vacuum which can blow or pull an entire army to another island(with a very long fall, of course). Or imagine accendit with the power to turn an entire forest into a desert, or frigidus in the nether. You would change the nether from the usual hell into eskimo hell. This would of course not work with all spells, but quite a few. This is also the variant I like most.

    Well, the spell infusing is... oh well, not an idea I am really confident with. I think it's more fun to have different spells for offensive/defensive and buffs/debuffs. You can, of course, do it like you want... It would add the possibility of mage classes which can only use certain elemtal spells. For example a thunder mage, could use things like tempestas and fulmen. Together with speed buffs, he could really count as a fragile speedster, if he doesn't have any defense spells or his movement buff adds armor drain.
    Huh, if I think about it, mages could really be class based if elemental...

    Fire(fireballz, accendit)=glass cannon(symbolic:While fire is dangerous, its easy to put it out if you know how: He could infuse himself fire, making him stronger but easier to defeat).

    Earth(obviosly things like meteorit rain and caasting earth/stone walls/etc.)=Tank(he can use earth as weapon, so maybe he can cover his skin in stown, effectivly making him last longer. Also, symbolic: Earth is hard and hits hard if thrown or different things).

    Thunder(fulmen, tempestas)=fragile speedster(While being insanely fast and strong, a ligthning cannot stay forever).

    Wind(urgeo, vello, some other nice things)=Some kind of offensive and fast supporter(while wind itself isn't dangerous, wind can affect things like sailing and flying positive and negative).

    Water(obviosly frigidus and componental magic using some form of water)=Maybe Helaer/Buffer/Debuffer/The one that makes your life pesty if you fight against him(Water is our basis of life but also one of our biggest threats, because its dark, it lowers our sight and leads to drowning... I can't say the word without thinking about the creepypasta).

    Destroying/Vanishing(the first really evil one here, uses many things that disintegrate things instantly, like some componental spells and chunkus erasus)=???(No other game really has a class like this, because normally you can't just let the landscape vanish. The symbolism should be clear. It's like the very dark magic, disintegrating matter without worrying about it).

    Creating/Appearing(Chunkus reneros, many things that create or manipulate, also mutatio)=???(Same things as Destroy. It's the very light magic, effectivly changing thing that don't belong to the world(undeads, giant spiders and destrying of course), renewing the landscape to its very natural state and manipulating it. Together they could symbol the infinite loop of appearing and vanishing... man, I'm philosophic today).

    Special note for necromacy: The elements could summon specific monsters, of course. Fire could summon blaze, Water squids and snowmen(maybe even slimes, they are in fact out of fluid) and wind... maybe ghasts. Destroy summons undeads and stuff and Create... oh well, they can use mutatio, so they could counter necromacy(which is indeed symbolic too).

    Oh yeah, things not listed which are very neutral could be used by everyone.

    Lol, I actually didn't wanted to write that much, I only dreamed how awesome it would be... but as you said, it goes against the purpose of the plugin... maybe use it for you rpg-plugin. I would really love to see something like this. If you want to implent something like this in vincantatio anyway, go ahead :D
    Hope you aren't angry because I think about going the spirit again D: It was just an idea to make the spell infusing smart and cool XD
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    I think im going blind... but I don't see it anywhere :x
    I just installed this epic plugin, used it to screw up my world :D (long live making backups!)
    but now i wanna edit a few things inthe config... but omg D: after installing+restart server there was no Vicicantatio folder >.< (let alone a config file) any ideas? :x
  11. There is a XML configuration file in the server folder(not plugins folder). You can open it with the wonderful microsoft editor and edit the stuff you want to edit.
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    ah yes.. just found it Dx
    didn't expect it to make a file in the bukkit folder ^^" ty anyway! :D
  13. No problem. But you're right, the destination of the file is quite unusual. Maybe the plugin dev will make it so that it has to be in the plugins folder, would make more sense in my opinion.
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    aye yes, in time. Its been months since an update. Its aboot time to fix all the problems and add a few new ones.
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    Oh and by the way ;o as for editting the config... would it be possible to change the word you have to say?
    just for a fun skyrim easter egg, i wanna change "urgeo" into the over-famous "FUS RO DAH"
    the guys on my server would love that xP
    anyway, still an EPIC plugin :D
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    finally updated!!
    tueri is now a shield of 50 hp that uses spout to have a guage on the left of the screen to visually show you the remainder, added slime army spell, and fixed the location of where the config file is. It is now properly located in the plugins folder
    Run the server with 0.2.5 on it once, and the folder will self generate
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    Just tried to install the update...
    deleted the old config and everything, reloaded server, BUT now hte spells dont work anymore >.<
    reading through the error i get from my server file, I thought that maybe I would NEED spout to make it work(1)
    so I went and installed spout... but that didn't load because "jar does not contain plugin.yml"(2)
    any idea what im doing wrong? :x
    [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_CHAT to Vicicantatio
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/getspout/spoutapi/gui/Widget
    and then some more stuff...
    --could it be that groupmanager/essentials is interfering here?
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    Not essentials interfering, it sounds like I got careless with spout. First, I think u got a bad spout copy, and I didn't double check that you had spout in the program. either that, or I derped in my upload and forgot to include the plugin yml
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    Corrupt or you forgot to include plugin.yml and/or depend: [Spout]
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    I am leaning towards corrupt now that I have a chance to look at the files.
    So far there have been 69 downloads of the update and 5 derps who re-downloaded the old version that was up there for bookkeeping. Sorry to say, statistics indicate you have a 6.7% chance of derping, and no other complaints atm :D
    -> The issue im willing to bet money on that is the problem is your version of Spout
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    Is spout required?

    I'm not having much luck with this in 1564, when I incant a spell, it doesn't do anything. Maybe it's just not compatible with that version? Or maybe I have unmet dependencies?

    Are the dependencies listed anywhere?

    I'm getting these:
    16:05:35 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_CHAT to Vincantatio
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class me.lubinn.Vicincantatio.VicincantatioSpell
            at me.lubinn.Vicincantatio.VicincantatioPlayerListener.onPlayerChat(
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:108)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    16:05:35 [INFO] <myusername> salio
  22. Nice, slimes out of nothing and a really cool new tueri mechanic. Good job :D
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    Spout helps, but is not the cause of that problem, at least directly. It might be broken from that (unstable) 1.0 bukkit you are using, if I had to guess.
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    It gives me the message that it has loaded it successfully; However, when I say one of the spell names, it spews out errors. Version: (From console, I'm a noob to MC, I don't want to mess it up.) 18:33:16 [INFO] This server is running Craftbukkit version git-Bukkit-1.8.1-R4-9
    5-g7895ba6-b1566jnks (MC: 1.0.1) (Implementing API version 1.0.0-R1-SNAPSHOT)
    Anyway, here are the errors:
    18:32:45 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_CHAT to Vincantatio
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/getspout/spoutapi/gui/Widget
    at me.lubinn.Vicincantatio.VicincantatioSpell.<clinit>(VicincantatioSpel
    at me.lubinn.Vicincantatio.VicincantatioPlayerListener.onPlayerChat(Vici
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.jav
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.j

    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:108)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.getspout.spoutapi.gui.Widget
    at$ Source)
    at Method)
    at Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    ... 14 more
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    Deleted user

    Not anymore xD. EvilSeph and his team removed the Plugin Developer tags from everyone, INCLUDING ME T.T
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    Lol. I know.

    Hopefully it's not something that too many people complain about....
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    THANKS SO MUCH I FOUND THE ERROR HAHAHA. The result is ...........
    1. Spout is required! I got careless and for those who do not have Spout installed server side, the program doesnt double check this, and instead goes forth trying to use Spout API that just isnt there, and goes PFFT. It does this because it makes all the Spout-reliant stuff as needed as the players chat; specifically when the players chat a spell. So it goes, "kay, that der's a spell. ah kno, letsa herp derp over here, and urm, what is this? HELP I DONT KNOW WHAT THIS IS ARGH! I know, I'll stop doin everything and spew stuff onto the console nobody understands and then I'll get help"
    2. Easy to fix; get the latest Spout installed and all should be fine.
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    10:27:01 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_CHAT to Vincantatio
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.getspout.spoutapi.gui.InGameHUD.attachWidget(Lo
    at me.lubinn.Vicincantatio.Spells.Tueri.test(
    at me.lubinn.Vicincantatio.VicincantatioSpell.CastSpell(VicincantatioSpe
    at me.lubinn.Vicincantatio.VicincantatioPlayerListener.onPlayerChat(Vici
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.jav
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.j
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at org.getspout.spout.SpoutNetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at org.getspout.spout.SpoutNetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:108)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(
    10:27:01 [INFO] <lvha> tueri
    So... in short: tueri wont work D:
    also, implete aquas does nothing when i use it o.o in fact, when i look in the uhm... whatya call it... the .cmd window thingy, it doesn't even recognize Implete Aquas as a spell, while it is enabled in the config file... so is this a little bug, or am I using it wrong? (aiming at a hole in the water at sea level-62Y, chatting implete aquas)^^"
    rest works perfectly fine
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    <3 Thank you, installed spout and it seems to be working.

    Three words:

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    Not sure if it's intentional or not, but I just discovered concalesco melts obsidian back into lava.. Nice way to close a portal ;)

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