Inactive [FUN] Vicincantatio v0.2.8 - The Powerful Magic Experience - Based on Incantatio [1.0.1-R1]

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    Can you please make a Permission for ALL of the spells? I have to type it out as Co-Owner of a server and it gets tiring. =/
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    The permissions section is formated to just be copied and pasted. Also, that's where superperm comes in. In the servers permissions.yml u can define a spells.* that allows all when put into pex

    V0.2 is now out! Note, if downloaded before this post, you may have gotten a bugged version. Redownload if so.

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    Mathew Alden

    Yay food costs.
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    So, community, my thread has run out of room for me to type stuff. If I add even one more spell, I cant add it on the main post. [zombie]
  5. epic chat spam
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    This is quite an awesome plugin! I mean like... I want to install it just for the heck of it...

    But does it come with a tophat?!
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    Is there any link where I can see the permissions? Or is there a format/example permission that I could see? And I don't know if this is normal, but when I installed this everyone could use the plugin...
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    I thought i made it clear so heres another post; First of all, if you choose to use a permissions plugin (it works fine without one), it ONLY SUPPORTS PermissionsEx (PEX). Second, this is the PEX plugin.yml format
            - default
            default: true
            - salio.allow
            - chasma tempestas.allow
            - ultima.allow
            - cubus.allow
            - fimus.allow
            - ignis perpetua.allow
    here, herpderp is a user. He belongs to the default group. From the default group, he is able to use salio, chasma tempestas, the size ultima, the component spell cubus, the component fimus (dirt), and ignis perpetua. The rest are not allowed and will proc an error message if herpderp ever tries to cast something not listed here

    Also an aside, if anyone knows or has a server running my mod, who would be willing to post the ip for the master to troll? [creeper]

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    MegaDarkAngelLP <- The IP to the server I'm on. We use it all the time. =3
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    As soon as I can get the perms up (some time tomorrow - hopefully) I'd be honored to have you troll us ;)
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    I love the work you've done with this, but unfortunately, I'm having some trouble. Specifically this lil' error:

    This is on the latest RB, 1337.

    Any suggestions?

    EDIT: Unlikely to be anything in the config; I haven't changed it at all.
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    Hey I really want to use this plugin on this server because honestly the spells look AMAZING!! However the permissions plugin we use on our server is now bukkit version 1337 while your awesome spell plugin is 1317. I'm just wondering when you will be coming out with the 1337 version. And wow I just noticed that the latest bukkit version is l33t.
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    Things shouldnt be too obscure for it to not work with the build, also that just came out. In any event, it will come out when more bugs are fixed and I feel that theres enough new content to release it.
    Also, @ kaiser_czar, that crap is from my failed attempts at fixing tueri. I will remove it to make it streamline ina quick patch relatively soon
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    Hey man... where i find the file to make cast spells use Food ????

    (and how spell MURUS work ???)
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    Food is in the config file. CTRL-F for food_enabled and change it from false to true
    murus is temporarily removed at this time to make it more modular (sorry)
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    Alright, fair enough. Will be looking forward to it!
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    Dev Notes:
    Ok, for a while now I've been drifting in that semi-conscious limbo state during classes with little sleep. Today I brought scratch paper to write down what I have been thinking about, and surprisingly alot of exemplary ideas for the mod appeared. Most are in the form of questions at this point, indicating I dunno if I want to incude them (I think) but have decided to post them here for peer opinions:
    • First of all, to implement spout. Spout does some really neat things that can really be taken advantage of. For example, could possibly make a mana bar with it (but i like the food more currently), custom sounds could be made on the user's end based on spell cast (for example, play the famous clip of Requiem if the player summons a giant). It can also be used as the medium for a couple of other ideas, which are a buff system (which would be visible) as well as rework tueri entirely into a shield that is visible on the side of the screen.
    • Then there are some self derogatory comments like "learn this shit" or you dumbass"
    • Then theres stuff like make homing projectiles (some outrun-able)
    • More neat stuff; disarms. Target drops held item.
    • Magic nullification zones - both as a spell and for 'responsible' smp servers. What I mean is as a spell, in a bubble around you anything magicked will disappear. So for example, if this is cast and you are inside it, chasma tempestas will vanish once they penetrate the bubble, lightning would cease, and you would be fine. Then for the latter comment about 'responsible' servers, i mean a command that could be used to designate areas where absolutely no magic could be used unless you are an admin or greater (i.e. Notch)
    • Then come some more scibbles I dont necessarily agree with, but will list anyway; a leveling system, mana, and spell backfirings. All combined makes something not terrible. What i mean is that a newb can possibly cast everything, but not likely. You gain exp for using spells, and the higher level means more mana availability and probabilities of backfire go down. Backfiring can range from just no spell effect to the hilarious suicide. Not sure where I want to go with this. Last of all, this would naturally lead to specializations. In my zombie state, i scribbled down defensive, offensive, and buffs as specializations. This would (ignoring how the leveling system would work) lead to specialization specific spells, like only those who master buffs can cast the buff berserk, where they gain a speed boost, an attack boost, and cannot die for 30 seconds (or something); and I cant fault this to being against the philosophy of the mod, but cant justify it.
    Now that all has been said - FEEDBACK! Lemme know what you guys think. I cant justify some of my ideas based on the philosophy of this mod, but, hell, I could just make it configurable, as well as give me something more fun to code. (Challenge accepted)
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    I know that feeling all too well...
    Spout is becoming a truly beautiful thing. Support from this plugin would be great. As for mana vs. food... What about a hybrid? It takes a base mana to perform a spell, but as you do higher power spells, it might take food also? And, foot not only heals health but can add a small amount of mana back also?
    Only the best type of encouragement!
    Personally, as long as this remains configurable-out, then go for it. It would be pretty fantastic fun to see this stuff, but, I'm already struggling to balance the power of some of this magic against other forms of combat, for use in PVP. I like how any style of combat can more or less beat the other depending on how good the person is; let's not make magic so overkill that the others stand no chance. I suppose this wouldn't be a concern for everyone though.
    Easy enough and useful.
    Now, this would be beautiful. Thing is, I'd almost ask instead for a block protection option, which will disable *any* block change done by magic. I'd like players to have fun using magic in the map, but that becomes hard if the map is either their creations or crafted for a specific purpose. Also, I have to mention that usually shield spells need some sort of downfall, since they usually end up way overpowered. Perhaps make the person unable to move while under the shield spell?
    Man, I can honestly say that this made me think. Starting with the easy part: Most definitely backfires, but with configurable chance of occurring. If you're doing mana, I'd say it's probably very wise to have some sort of way to increase mana over time. Perhaps make it a config option at what "level" you get what spell? Also, cannot die for 30 seconds? Overkill powerful. Nix that.

    The last thing I can think of wanting is perhaps more permission nodes (I know, I know, it already seems ridiculous). But, perhaps we want people to have certain levels of Spell A, but not higher levels of Spell A?

    Overall, I see this going places. Keep up the good work.

    EDIT: The more I think about it, the more customizability, the better. I'd love to be able to make some spells much more expensive. Things like so would be beautiful.
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    I like your ideas. Also, I have an idea for a spell. What it does is turn water into ice as you walk on it, and it turns back into water when you're not on the ice anymore.
    And a spell that gives you immunity to Fire/Lava for... maybe 10 seconds? 15 possibly?
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    Nutrio - 'Nourish': Turns the dirt around you into grass, and plants wildgrass and flowers. Cost 1 food and a sapling of any kind.

    Just an idea! Love this mod, unfortunately I'm using GroupManager so everyone is using spells. Causing a lot of strife! Great mod.
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    I like Oscargray's idea. Nutrio sounds nice.
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    Put this on my server, a guy joined, I spawned a giant, tried to kill it (ultima sagitto pluvia & ultima accendit), and I wound up killing that guy like 4 times. I LOVE THIS THING!
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    i have good news and bad news:
    good news: sagitto pluvia ultima!
    bad news:
    sagitto seems not to be working, whenever i use it it just drops many arrows infront of me, sometimes they even kill me.

    and one request:
    it would be very nice to bind spells to tools as this
    libro ultima
    libro ultima
    gets anoying
    allso a mage would be able to give cetrain spells to other users

    and a special thankyou to chunkus renero:
    it helped me to change to 1.8

    aand there are some permissions missing in your list.
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    Ok, got lost in coding.
    • Shouldnt be too much longer for next update: so far, i masively reworked tueri. tueri will be a shield spell with finite charges but infinite timelength with a cooldown of 30 seconds. It will absorb 50 hp of damage before you get hurt (which is NOT alot, fire will eat shields and explosions are POWERFUL). If you have the amazing Spout, it will give you a visual bar on the left side of the screen with a shield icon :D
    • Added a damage reduction buff. Currently needs tidying up, but it cuts incoming damage by 2. So, if you are in fire, lets say; fire only does 1 point of damage, but very rapidly. If anyone knows anything about programming, they know that 1/2 when cast to an integer is 0. The point being that this buff will stop all fire damage (or damage of any sort if it deals 1/2 a heart). Good news is that it will have a huge cooldown and last fora very brief period.
    • Next, i have introduced the slime army spell, summons (size based) # of slimes at target. They bite.
    • Finally, to come are damage over time spells (DoTs). These will range from the basic to 'you have 20 mins to live, you will forget and it will be hilarious' to damage through shield spells etc
    But for now I got shit to do so ...
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    Does the config creates is self? I don't have one.
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    this would be the best magic plugin if it wasnt text base and you had to tpe all the spells..
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    Looks gorgeous! However, i'm not a fan of latin. I would've enjoyed old norse or old english instead. Is there a way to change the spell names in config?
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    1) config creates itself after first server restart after installing
    2) yea the 'press button for spell cast' idea is good and all, but not in the philosophy of this plugin - sorry. When this one matures, maybe I will start on something like that >.>
    3) unfortunately, spell language is non-negotiable right now. It can be changed at some later point via config, however. All ideas for the idea board and pizza programming day.
    4) Ive been very busy; its getting close to crunch time for preexisting obligations. Update soon hopefully.
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    Thanks for replying. It would be great to be able to change the spell names. I'd like to be able to make a forest spell being summonable by a long poetic phrase such as ''Great forest spirit, grant me green-bearded poles a-plenty!'' or somesuch. Up to you though :- p

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