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    Vicincantatio - The magic plugin based on Incantatio:
    Version: v0.2.8
    Below are links to our page on google code, as well as the documentation there. Feel free to look through. Note: I will be phasing out to use the wiki there due to size constraints. P.S. That donate link below is FOR NICE PEOPLE! We, the team, DO NOT NEED money of any sort! It is there if you feel we DESERVE cash for our blood, sweat, and tears doing something we LIKE to do on our own ANYWAY. Any money received this way will be put towards a universal team pizza-programming day, just to put it in perspective.
    Useful Links: Download - Wiki - Donate
    Keeping in tune with its noble roots, it works with Latin of course! Everyone knows Latin sounds all exotic and powerful and mysterious, and it turns out once you put this plugin into your server, it too will know to bend to the will of Latin! For example, I want light. But I don't want to use torches, I want to use MAGIC! So, I look at a block that I'd like light from and utter the word "lux". Lo and behold, the powers of LATIN make the block under your cross-hair magically appear a Glowstone Block! There are quite a few others here, some (alot) more - ahem - powerful than this one. Read through yourself and see what we mean :rolleyes:
    Release of Permissions:
    And this is the relase of permissions, (Thanks Orion304!)
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    • jackrakan:
    • Hey, me and a bunch of my friends got quite into your mod, and we seem to have liked it so much we would like to modify it, add some spells and fun things. Would it be alright to use your code to expand on? (Felt it wouldn't be right to just 'steal' it)
    • jackrakan, Tuesday at 11:22 PM
    • jackrakan:
    • We would very much so like to expand it while keeping it in tune with your noble roots. It will still be text driven, a multitude of 'creative' new spells, persistance (such as spell durations) and permission support (because we have a pyro who likes exponentially increasing the size of praemium). We would very much appreciate your approval on this so we can go public, but still understand if you decline. Thanks, fellow developer, Nick
    • orion304:
    • You are very welcome to modify it to your liking and even posting it, provided you feel it's different enough to post. In fact, someone else has done just that with my permission.
    • I very much appreciate you checking with me first, it's rather kind. I'm also very glad you've enjoyed it so much.
    • Once Bukkit for 1.8 comes out, I'll be releasing Incantatio v2.0, which will have a lot of changes. If you'd like to wait for then, you could potentially have a much better framework to work with as I'm writing the code from scratch after having a better idea of Java (Incantatio 1.0 was written with a rather minimal understanding of Java).
    • If you don't want to wait, that's fine too, it just might be easier on you otherwise as I'll be incorporating things like durations on spells and a lot more configuration options.

    • There are a whole lot of spells, (approaching 50) that can be cast
    • There is a configurable food cost, where, if enabled (defaults to not enabled), all spells cost some of your food bar. If you are starving, it will take it from your health instead. Default values are listed. (I will refer to units of food, which refers to the food bar on the bottom right of the screen. When I say 1 unit, i mean 1 food icon, which equals 10% of your meter)
    • Hooks into MuddersMilk and Spout for added effect
    • Easy to install, just paste the .jar file into the plugins folder and then start the server- its that easy
    Behold, a video of the awesomeness just to tease you with:
    Video Demo


    Salio – 'hop': Let’s start with the basics. You want to go from point A to B, B being the cursors location. You don't want to walk (or sprint, this _is_ 1.8.1 after all) and want to be all wizard-like. Use this. Note: we cannot be held legally responsible for drunk teleporting and getting stuck in a block.
    Note2: this guy can be augmented with movement. Food Cost: 0.5 units
    Respiro – 'breathe': So, you've gone and done it; suffocating on a stone block and not much feeling the need to look up the vanish spell. Great work, really. Didn’t expect this, but here, it will change the block your FACE is in into air. How you manage to say respiro while inside a block is baffling. Food Cost: 1 unit
    Mutatio – 'mutate': Endermen rearranging your house? Creeper chasing you? Zombie trauma? Great, use this. It will change all mobs near your cursor into harmless critters. Food Cost: 0.5 units
    Vello – 'pull': Now that your Creeper is a fluffy chicken, let's have some (humane) fun, shall we? Use this spell and it'll fling any creature around your cross-hair towards you! Careful, if you use this too close to yourself, it'll affect you too! (Surprise) Food Cost: 0.5 units
    Urgeo – 'push': Or maybe you want a different way to deal with that Creeper issue, and you're being MANLY about it and still reading while it's chasing you. Well you should screw with it with this spell! It's the opposite of "vello", and it pushes creatures near your cross-hair away from you. Spiffy! As with the previous spell, this one will affect you if you aim it too close to yourself. But you don't care, you're a MAN! Food Cost: 0.5 units
    Lux – 'light': Queue LoL reference. Should be self explanatory; creates glowstone at cursor location. Nifty, especially when lazy and want to light up your home. Food Cost: 1 unit
    Ignis Perpetua – 'perpetual fire': Hehe, any dark wizard who is anybody knows this spell. For added effect, look straight down when casting. And now you are probably wondering why you are on fire. This guy sets down a netherrack block and lights it for you. Food Cost: 1 unit
    Extinguere – 'extinguish': Nothing can possibly save you from what you just did to yourself following my previous instructions. OK, i lied. Use this and you will stop burning (from any sort of situation where you become lit on fire) at least if not still standing in that fire you magicked at your feet. Stop drop and roll are for the illiterate! Food Cost: 0.5 units
    Remedium – 'heal': So, if you are doing wizards duels the right way (or perhaps random fire trauma) you would be expecting a heal. Use this. It will restore hearts over time, or you can expend a book in your hand and instantly heal for a bunch. This spell should become a staple during the learning phase. If not, YOU'RE DOIN IT WRONG! Furthermore, if you use this while starving, nothing will happen. Food Cost: 1.5 units
    Accendit – 'enflame': Remember how you may or may not have set yourself on fire? You should look at the ground and use this. Really, nothing could go wrong. Except flames engulfing the area around your cursor. Large radius too. Any pyro's bread and butter. Food Cost: 1 units
    Praemium – 'explode': Soo, need more explanations? Yes? Boy you sure like to push my buttons. Without a book, it spawns multiple primed tnt in the general vicinity of your cursor. With a book, huzzah, for it will now instantly explode and have a naturally larger radius and if you further augere vi this, it will spawn fire. Now run little man, run. Food Cost: 1 units
    Fulmen – 'lightning': You make Zeus very angry at your cursor. With a book, he likes to throw even more bolts of charged particles. This is a very special spell; it holds a special spot for us in our (the developer's) hearts. This spell can also be augmented with force, causing Zeus to throw down like no other. EACH impact will explode on contact with the earth. Great for removing those pesky forests. Food Cost: 1 units
    Arbore – 'tree': Did we say pesky forests? We meant gentle, giving, annoying features of mother earth. If you use magic correctly, you should notice a certain, erm, void of trees in your neighborhood, so use this and it will spawn a tree at your cursor, conveniently changing said block to a supportive, fertile dirt block. Tree huggin hippie. Food Cost: 0.5 units
    Frigidus – 'freeze': Had enough of fire? If no, keep scrolling. In an unrelated note, this purges all the heat out of your cursor's location, freezing all water into ice, all lava into obsidian, and gives the area a general coat of snow. Food Cost: 1 units
    Concalesco – 'thaw': OK, MOAR FIRE! Close in theory, but not quite fire, this will melt all ice into water at your cursor's location. Cannot remelt obsidian (configurable). Oh well, we have more fun things for it in store. Food Cost: 1 units
    Sereno – 'calm/sunny': Rain sounds lovely and all, but sometimes you'd just like some peace. This spell requires a reagent - a book - in your hand in order for it to work. It will clear all the weather for you so you can be anti-social in the sun instead of the rain! Food Cost: 1 units
    Pluvia – 'rain': And then there are those that actually want the rain. Maybe you're dealing with an above ground lava pool or combating a forest fire and changing the weather is your best bet. This spell also requires a reagent (book), but think of the trees you might save! (Or kill endermen) Food Cost: 1 units
    Tempestas – 'storm': Rain not good enough for you? Well this spell will create a storm for the cost of 1 book in your hand. Of course, there's no telling how long the storm will last, but you don't care do you? You just want your thunder. Food Cost: 1 units
    Chasma Tempestas – 'meteor storm': Thunderstorms not up your alley either? Sheesh, so picky. This sucker calls forth flaming bits of space rock to rain down on your cursor's location FOR 5 SECONDS. You have now become a full fledged meteorologist. (See what I did there?) This is special as well, because if you augment it with force and are holding a book, you accidentally bump Zeus over the head with meteors on their way down, which makes him very angry at the ground. Food Cost: 1 units
    Noctem – 'night': You're the adventurous type. You want to go caving, fight for your life, then come out to the SUN? How inconvenient, you can't prove your manhood when all of the baddies above ground are dead thanks to not wearing sunscreen. Instead of crying EXTREMELY heterosexual tears at the lack of blood you get to shed, use "Noctem". It'll cost a book, but that pesky sun will be on the horizon and getting lower, making the night YOURS for the picking. Food Cost: 1 units
    Lucem – 'day': WIMP! This'll cost you. Yep, your soul. And a book. It turns the hands of time to the start of a fresh day. You have a complete arsenal of spells at your disposal and you want to throw it all away. Dark Lord JackRakan disapproves. Food Cost: 1 units
    Langueo - 'starve': This spell, when used, will set the players near your cursor into a state of depravity the likes of which have never been seen before. They will be lucky if they don't start to die of hunger (cuz thats a thing now). Oh the things we do for fun eh? Food Cost: 1 units
    Implete Aquas – 'replenish water': On a completely unrelated note, if you're using the PROPER amount of magic, your world should start showing signs of unseemly holes from 'accidentally' disintegrating large sections of water (as well as the tree issue). This nifty spell will fill in all the water in a small plane at sea level where you're looking. Basically, it's to un-disintegrate (not to be confused with integrate, which will be on the test later) that water you may or may not have sent into the void. Food Cost: 0.5 units
    Itero – 'repeat': Did you just cast "ultima chasma tempestas augere vi" and don't feel like typing all that out again? Well, if you use "itero", it behaves as if you repeated the last thing you said, be it a spell or not. This will be used A LOT.
    Tueri – 'protect': Something the matter? Deside to try to praemium grief someone only to be thwarted by the vigilant good sumaritan's entomb spell? Nothing can save you from your lapse in judgement. Nope. Nothing. Lalalalala. Space. Wanna go to space. Still here? Eh, so if you kept reading, I was stalling your demise. This spell will absorb the next 50 hearts worth of damage scott free. The downside is, after that, you're on your own. This badass baby has a cooldown of 30 seconds so that all duels don't end as a Mexican standoff. Also can be recast by itero, but why would you, it’s the same number of keystrokes and syllables.
    HADOKEN – MOTHER F. HADOKEN: Ever play streetfighter? Couldn't resist adding this one. This spell requires it being typed in all caps. Due to minecraft's limitations, this shoots a wad of 100 arrows at your cursor's location. Food Cost: 1.5 units
    Sagitto – ‘arrow’: So, want a gentler spell to use? This may not sound all that flashy, but it packs a punch. It lets forth a scatter shot of multiple arrows in a cone in front of you. Food Cost: 0.5 units
    Sagitto Pluvia – ‘arrow rain’: Want more arrows? Here ya go. This causes a downpour of arrows from the sky at the cursors location. Great for spamming that Herobrine message. Food Cost: 0.5 units
    Vorto – ‘invert’: What kind of mage at the pinnacle of power doesn’t know how to warp reality? Use this and it will take an area around your cursor’s location and rotate it pi/2 radians (90 degrees you heathen) VERTICALLY. Can you say sideways trees? We sure did. Food Cost: 0.5 units
    Domus – 'home': Was this experience a bit much for you? If you're going to chicken out like a little girl, then you might as well do it with magic. This spell will consume a book in your hand and teleport you to your world's spawn point. You're welcome. Wimp. Food Cost: 0.5 units
    Ostium Tartarus - 'Hell gate': Every dark wizard has to start somewhere. This spell will create a portal to the nether at your target location. Better than getting all that obsidian yourself am I right? Food Cost: 0.5 units
    Globus Ignis – ‘fireball’: Ever see a ghast’s fireball? No? Use that nifty hell gate spell mentioned earlier. I’ll wait the 5 seconds. … Back? Great! Welcome to the world of ghast aiming. That said, you should know that the 5 by 5 by 5 block behemoth can’t hit the broad side of a barn. Still, you can size this guy to the point where you don’t NEED to aim. (Teehee) This spell also does something nifty when augmented with force. It will shoot the spell behind you as well as infront of you when that happens. Food Cost: 1 units
    Chunkus Erasus – ‘chunk eraser’: The most earth shattering spell available. This will obliterate an entire chunk at your cursor. I mean GONE. There will be a 16 by 16 square absence of material in the world, including bedrock. The epitome of destruction. Food Cost: 2 units
    Chunkus Renero – ‘chunk renew: The definition of hippie. This spell will ‘get back to our roots man’ and ‘get in tune with mother earth’. This will permanently alter the chunk you target back to its unadulterated, untouched, natural state. If you ever feel the need to fix the world man. Hippies. Bah! Food Cost: 2 units
    Libro – ‘hover’: Plummeting to your doom? Did someone erase the very chunk under your feet? No problem (in theory)! This spell uses more MATHS to help you. When used, this creates an equilibrium state by enacting a normal force equivalent to twice the force of gravity every .2 seconds for the duration of 7 seconds! Basically, you hover. This alone doesn’t get you out of the erased chunk, but you have LATIN at your disposal (I have faith that you can figure out a plan of escape). Food Cost: 0.5 units
    Rapio - 'speed': Need a sudden escape? Goody. This will fling you towards your cursor with great force, so be prepared for a rough landing. Food Cost: 0.5 units
    Impedio - 'entangle': Now for something completely different. This will root your target in place for a little while. Only stop player movement, not other magical effects (i.e. teleport/salio) Great for sniping those slower players. Food Cost: 0.5 units
    Inebrius - 'inebriate': Time for some moonshine. Not you, but your targets. If you have the plugin MuddersMilk, it will make the players close to your cursor behave as if they had drunk some milk. To those who don't know, MuddersMilk is a plugin that makes you drunk when you drink a milk bucket (WoW style, which means random chance to add an 'h' after typing an s, and random chance to go '..hic' after each line of text, as well as movement staggering) This is especially fun in this case because you drunk type a spell and it doesnt work due to spelling :p (GO GET IT) Food Cost: 0.5 units

    Componential Spells

    All spells here have a basic food cost of 1 unit.
    Annulus – ‘ring’: This creates a circular wall around the caster. Who needs roofs? Not you, I mean, it’s not like it’s going to meteor storm above you or something. Can be augmented with size, force, and motion.
    Bulla – ‘bubble’: This is a special case. This word alone will create a spherical shell around the caster. If used as an adjective, however, it will make any other componential spell hollow. Useful for when you want to capture someone so they can watch themselves die. Can be augmented with size, force, flight, and motion.
    * Cubus - 'cube': Spheres not up your alley? CUBE IT. This will create a symmetrical cube at cursor out of the material of your choice. Can be augmented with size, force, flight, and motion
    Demis – ‘lower hemisphere’: creates a hemisphere below the target. Can be augmented with size, force, flight, and motion.
    Discus – ‘disk’: This creates a disk at the target. Can be augmented with size, force, motion, and flight.
    Evanescere – ‘disintegrate’: Stuck in something? Use this. This removes a hemisphere above the player. Can be augmented with size.
    Gradi – ‘platform’: Ever want a fast get-away, but there’s nowhere safe to run to due to explosion crazed havoc? Use this, as this will create a small platform at the cursor. Nifty for movement. As this IS supposed to be a nifty spell, if no material is specified it will default to stone. Can be augmented with motion, flight, and size.
    Libyes – ‘entomb’: Well, you’re target is screwed. This creates a smaller sphere around the target out of the specified material. Can be augmented with size, motion, and flight.
    Murus – ‘wall’: This spell uses MATHS to do strange things. It makes a wall (of a component) that is a plane whose normal vector is parallel to the x and z components of your eye's directional vector. Basically, it makes a wall. Can be augmented with size, force, and motion.
    Restituo – ‘restore’: This is a lazy man’s finesse spell. It will replace the target block with a material of your choosing. So lazy, you can’t even mine it and replace it yourself. That’s OK, at least you’re using Latin.
    Sphaera – ‘sphere’: This creates a sphere around the player. Can be augmented with size, force, motion, and flight.
    Scalae – ‘stairs’: For when you want to be fancy and have stair appear before you. This creates a spiral staircase at the target. Can be augmented with size, force, and motion.
    Tholus – ‘upper hemisphere’: creates a hemisphere above the player. Can be augmented with size, force, and motion.
    Turris – ‘cylinder’: Tada, a tall cylinder. Can be augmented with size, force, motion, and flight.
    Uanescere – ‘vanish’: Evanescere is nice and all, but sometimes you want to be a jerk at a distance. This will remove a sphere around the target, and can be augmented with size.

    •Adamas: Diamond
    •Aeris: Air
    •Aquae: Water
    •Aranea: Web
    •Arena: Sand
    •Aurum: Gold
    •Cactus: Cactus
    •Explodium: TnT :D
    •Ferrum: Iron
    •Fimus: Dirt
    •Folia: Leaves
    •Glacies: Ice
    •Herba: Grass
    •Ignis: Fire
    •Lapis: Stone
    •Obsidianus: Obsidian
    •Silice: Lava
    •Vitrea: Glass


    This will be a soon expanding section, since the only thing here is 1 spell :/
    Surge Gigas - 'arise giant': Behold, the power of a behemoth! These juggernauts have 50 hearts worth of health and deal 7 hearts of damage on attack. Many Whelps, Handle It! Food Cost: 1.5 units
    Exercitum Limo - 'slime army': Good God, theres literally an army of slimes at your cursor, ready to flop on some unsuspecting players. Food cost: 1.5 units


    Almost all spells here can be augmented according to size. The size parameter goes in front of the spell you’re casting. For example, magna fulmen. The sizes are the following:
    Infera – This is the smallest size, for when you want to do finesse work, or are being a wimp. This is so small it uses less magical power than the unaltered version, which saves you 0.5 units of food.
    Parva – This is small. Don’t get your hopes up for something quite exciting from this guy.
    Magna – This is one size larger than un-augmented. This is also the highest size available if you have disabled the world_maiming parameter in the config file.
    Supera – Maybe we are a little destructive. This is QUITE large and sure to strike fear into your enemies. This will cost you an extra food cost of 0.5 units.
    Ultima –OK, we are MEAN. Use this when you feel the urge to obliterate a whole CHUNK, just at the EPICENTER. Not recommended for the weak cpu. This will cost you an extra 1 unit of food.
    Augere vi – ‘augment with force’: Appending this to the end of a spell for a forceful added effect. Augmenting a component spell with this, in particular, will replace ALL blocks affected by the normal spell, both above and below the surface, with your defined component.
    Augere motor – ‘augment with motion’: This is a nifty little augment that will teleport you to the top of the center block of the component spell you cast, or with salio.
    Augere silentium – ‘augment with silence’: For when you want to be sneaky. This makes it so that the spell is not broadcast in chat. Go assassins, go!
    Augere volo – ‘augment with flight’: This is used for componential spells. This will, depended on the size casted with, allow component spells to be cast IN THE AIR. (Woah) The size tells it how far away you want it to be formed.
    Augere mora - 'augment with delay': This is a special lil' gem. Ever have the urge to go like, 'man, you know what'd be awesome? If I entombed that cow with web, yea *type type* crap he moved. Now what?' Fear not, as that typing was not for nothing. This augment, when used, temporarily stores your spell for later use. You can do whatever else you need to do (like being sneaky) and then release it without warning by typing 'libero' (release)
    It should be stated at this point that you cannot augment with force AND silence.

    Permissions and Configuration

    Now, it is time for the less savory aspects of the spells, permissions. This plugin can be standalone, but it also directly supports PermissionsEx (if you don't know how to use PermissionsEx, please go to their wiki now, or forever hold your peace). If it doesn't detect an installed PermissionsEx, it will default to everyone, as defined by the config file. More on that later. Anyway, the way this works is it searches through PermissionsEx for the spell nodes, which is:
    So, for example, if a player has
    - accendit.allow​
    linked to their name/group in the permissions.yml of PermissionsEx, that person can cast accendit, otherwise there's an error message. Knowing the inconvenience of this, there will be a following list of spells in alphabetical order to copy and paste.
    The config file:
    The plugin comes with its own, mangled config file. Yay. Every spell will have multiple configurable components, like whether it uses a book, can be augmented with size, force, etc. or even whether its enabled on the server. It will default to how it is described on this wiki. It must do this for each of the 50+ spells, so its a nasty file. I reccommend using CTRL-F and changing the true/false if you want to change something. It should also be stated that the config file takes precedence over the permissions nodes, i.e. if its disabled in config but players have the node, they still wont be able to use it. (Note: the config file contains the clause world_maiming which, when true, enables both ultima and supera)

    Note: all of these have the proper 8 spaces before the hyphen as prefered by PermissionsEx, copy paste away.
            - accendit.allow
            - arbore.allow
            - chasma tempestas.allow
            - chunkus erasus.allow
            - chunkus renero.allow
            - concalesco.allow
            - domus.allow
            - extinguere.allow
            - frigidus.allow
            - fulmen.allow
            - globus ignis.allow
            - hadoken.allow
            - ignis perpetua.allow
            - implete aquas.allow
            - langueo.allow
            - lucem.allow
            - lux.allow
            - mutatio.allow
            - noctem.allow
            - ostium tartarus.allow
            - pluvia.allow
            - praemium.allow
            - remedium.allow
            - respiro.allow
            - sagitto.allow
            - sagitto pluvia.allow
            - salio.allow
            - sereno.allow
            - tempestas.allow
            - urgeo.allow
            - vello.allow
            - vorto.allow
            - annulus.allow
            - bulla.allow
            - cubus.allow
            - demis.allow
            - discus.allow
            - evanescere.allow
            - gradi.allow
            - libyes.allow
            - murus.allow
            - sphaera.allow
            - scalae.allow
            - tholus.allow
            - turris.allow
            - uanescere.allow
            - ultima.allow
            - supera.allow
            - adamas.allow
            - aeris.allow
            - aquae.allow
            - aranea.allow
            - arena.allow
            - aurum.allow
            - cactus.allow
            - explodium.allow
            - ferrum.allow
            - fimus.allow
            - folia.allow
            - glacies.allow
            - herba.allow
            - ignis.allow
            - lapis.allow
            - obsidianus.allow
            - silice.allow
            - vitrea.allow
            - impedio.allow
            - inebrius.allow
            - surge gigas.allow

    Note: This plugin will be constantly evolving; as an example of our things to do, many new spells plan to be added still. Currently there is a poll up on the dev site here:
    Vote for the focus of our v0.3!
    Show Spoiler

    For example, for those adventurous types, there are 2 spells I didn't mention because they are in the works, yet are coded in this release :) One of these is a failed version of Vorto that looked so awesome I had to keep it. I don't even know how to describe it, so i just called it 'foobar'. Type 'foobar' and you will know what I mean. The second of which is an incomplete component spell called Tetra. It currently does nothing, but will soon create a tetrahedron at cursor location. :)
    Also in the works is a bunch of terrain modifiers, i.e. making a canyon range at cursor, mountain generator, etc.
    Upcoming Changes
    • Releasing a plugin has many things to balance. For example, how much work until it can ship? What flaws need to be patched right away versus in a week? When will it be updated? (Hint: this next question is the driving force here) How much material must be added to warrant a version release?
    • Well, thats what this section is for (supposedly). Here I will keep you up to date on all the stuff we (the dev team) are doing so as to not give the impression we are just sitting on our asses (here I would like to say Batman enjoys working on many projects at once).
    • Anyway, to come soon are:
      • Necromancy, however, its the functionality thats the problem; i.e. minions that obey you and follow you around, not spawn then kill the master >.>
      • WeepingAngel, hand me my coding gloves. Its tornado time. (cracks knuckles)
        • (Expect this by 0.4 earliest)
      • as well as the fixes that have been striked off in the know issues section


    Version 0.2.8
    • This is just a quick fix for 1.0, sorry I didn't fix sooner
    • Fulmen doesnt have the visual component due to 1.0

    Known Issues

    Vorto's rotate point is the cursor, which is fixed to be the bottom left corner of the rotation. Wanted it to be the center of rotation.
    Ultima Sagitto kills caster
    Book+force meteor does not have lightning done
    parsing could use work, "blah salio blah" will still cast salio
    Thanks to Batman who rewrote everything that creates or edits a block for optimization, respiro is buggy. It makes your target block become air, and that is not necessarily the one your face is stuck / drowning / suffocating in. (its great poking fun at him knowing he cant troll the forums :p)
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    Good work, but i think permissions like vicin.accendit.allow would be better.
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    wow that was fast. Also, not a bad idea atm
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    Looks good. Approved!
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    Epic video :D
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    I cant use some spells?
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    you will have to be more specific than that. If its a server error, copy paste all the crap that spews out of the console right here. If thats not it, check your permissions. It only works with PermissionsEx at this point, and it makes sure you have it to implement. If you don't have pex, it defaults to everyone is able to use everything.
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    oh i need the permissions plug in ok
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    Can you describe exactly what you are doing, what other plugins you are using, etc? Step by step please
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    Precantatio lives once more!!!!!!! :D
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    I looked at the source code and my brain melted...
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    Vello will crash my server. Like all the time.
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    unfortunately, i need a little more information than that. Can you post all the giberish the console spews out so I can fix that?
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    It seems to hard freeze without any errors.
    Here is one error
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    2011-10-10 22:53:03 [INFO] Local|[A]mcapplbee: vello
    2011-10-10 22:53:06 [INFO] Attempted to place a tile entity where there was no entity tile!
    2011-10-10 22:53:07 [SEVERE] Could not pass event ENTITY_DAMAGE to Vincantatio

    But that isn't the one. Look here:

    Show Spoiler

    2011-10-10 23:09:19 [INFO] Spell name: vello
    2011-10-10 23:09:19 [INFO] G|[A]mcapplbee: vello
    2011-10-10 23:09:54 [INFO] Connection reset

    No log entries, had to manually restart the server.

    And here
    Show Spoiler

    2011-10-10 22:54:00 [INFO] Spell name: vello
    2011-10-10 22:54:00 [INFO] Local|[A]mcapplbee: vello
    2011-10-10 22:54:55 [INFO] Connection reset
    2011-10-10 22:55:12 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-10-10 22:55:19 [INFO] Read timed out
    2011-10-10 22:55:19 [INFO] Read timed out

    Also was getting a lot of these:
    Show Spoiler

    2011-10-10 23:13:59 [SEVERE] Could not pass event ENTITY_DAMAGE to Vincantatio
    at me.lubinn.Vicincantatio.VicincantatioEntityListener.onEntityDamage(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityLiving.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityHuman.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Entity.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.EntityPlayer.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at org.getspout.spout.SpoutNetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.Packet10Flying.a(SourceFile:126)
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(
    at org.getspout.spout.SpoutNetServerHandler.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:108)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.h(

    Although that could be caused by PlugMan
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    aha, first of all, flying should be enabled because of this. Second, the majority of these errors comes from the entity listener, which is outdated and still needs work (hence why I asked if I should tidy up the code on the poll on the dev site) To answer your question, it sounds to me like either the server PC is on the slow side, or something similar. That particular spell is nothing special, in fact I'll show you the snipet
    class Vello extends Spell
        public Spell CastSpell(PlayerChatEvent event, Material mat, int size, Map<String, Boolean> augments)
            Location location = ((Block)event.getPlayer().getLastTwoTargetBlocks(null, 500).get(0)).getLocation();
            Vector vector = event.getPlayer().getEyeLocation().getDirection();
            List<Entity> entities = event.getPlayer().getWorld().getEntities();
            for(Iterator<Entity> iterator = entities.iterator(); iterator.hasNext();)
                Entity entity =;
                if(location.distance(entity.getLocation()) <= 5D && (Vicincantatio.config.getBoolean("vello_affects_players", true) ||
                        !(entity instanceof Player)) && (Vicincantatio.config.getBoolean("vello_affects_self", true) ||
                        event.getPlayer().getEntityId() != entity.getEntityId()))
            return this;
    It just makes a list of all entities in existance (hence the burden slightly) and goes thru each one. If one of those is near your target, it imparts velocity
    so basically, i cant think of anything that could be the problem other than a weak pc with lots of entities (any living thing)
  17. Offline


    Love it! Its a little too easy to overload the server but I guess I should just watch what I say.:D
  18. Offline


    interesting plugin :)
  19. Offline

    Mathew Alden

    This looks awesome, but there has to be something to limit the use of spells. I have some ideas if you want them.

    1. Ever read Eragon? Do it like that. A spell uses up food points. If you don't have enough food points, it uses up life points. If you don't have enough life points, it casts a smaller version of the spell and then you die. :p

    2. Uses some sort of item as 'magic dust' or 'magic mushrooms' or something. Using a spell makes one of those dissapear. You could assign different items to different spells. (Blaze rod for Accendit; glowstone dust for Lux; etc.) You'd have to have the item in your inventory to cast that spell.

    3. iConomy. Doesn't make much sense but it would be really useful.

    4. Using spells uses EXP??? :D
  20. Offline


    All have been considered. Trust me. I recently brought up the food usage but then that means we have to BALANCE all 50+ spells AND deal with the langueo spell, that kinda messes it up. This is actually my favorite option (JackRakan) but it will take a while (as I plan to make it configurable as well as balancing it) and it actually places a great deal of importance on fooding, hence why I like it so much. However, making resource management is counterproductive to the original's motives (orion304 and Incantatio), which is why if we do add the food usage, it will be configurable.
    Batman wanted to do a whole system like #2, to the point where if u disappear (uanescere/evanescere) you would GET the blocks magicked away and making the thing costs the blocks, which is also a balance issue. Not to mention trolls who have an infinite amount of this stuff (or an OP) and just faceroll the newbs who dont have the resources to use the OMG WTF spells.
    Using iConomy would essentially make a mana pool based on income. Not a huge fan.
    EXP is ok at the moment, but when it does get used by Notch, it would be rather detrimental dont you think, as well as you having to kill mobs or players to cast some spells.
    Mathew Alden likes this.
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    well i made an oops today. In making the first brave steps into necromancy, I ultima entombed a summoned giant in tnt and then lit it. Its been 20 minutes and my cpu hasnt dropped below 100%
    I think hes dead though
    EarlyLegend likes this.
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    Keep doing this and try to bin the spells on items like THIS Plugin :D
  23. Offline


    Oh my God. This is very heavy!!!
  24. Offline


    I have a problem.And that is that the spell name are very hard to remember.:p

    awesome work though:D
  25. Offline


    Can we configure wand items? With damage values maybe? Like book:12 ???
  26. Offline


    Configuring wand items is borderline against the philosophy of the plugin, i.e. magic is primarily based on correctly using a different language (see Harry Potter or other derivatives). A better term would be catalyst, or something that enhances the magical effect. We already have books that do that.
    Now to get to the heart of the matter, you want to configure the spells to do MORE damage?! Are you sadistic?
    (Its theoretically possible, but the majority of spells indirectly damage the player (i.e. spawn fire, spawn lava, explode) so to alter the damage means to alter how the environment deals the damage, and that is, well, catastrophic)
  27. Offline


    Thank you for the response.
    With "damage values" I din't meant more damage, but you made clear your mod won't support wand items so it doesn't matter.
  28. Offline


    while thats true, that doesnt mean no 'catalysts'. For example, maybe, say, some crafted stick with cake item that when held reduces the food cost of spells. The thing that absolutely crosses the line is any item that can be crafted and right clicked, and then a specific spell is cast instead of typing it out. (and sorry if that struck you as rude, was just poking fun at damage)
  29. Offline


    Can I suggest a spell?
    Luracio - This spell will turn a stack of sticks into half a stack of torches.
    Just something I thought would be cool.
  30. Offline


    Suicides... I dont understand the perms.....
    Could you show which perms affect which spell?
    Please :(.. Great plugin though

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