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    Authors: matejdro and oliverw92

    Have you ever wanted to have portal gun in minecraft? Have you ever wanted to make your own portal test chambers and make your friends solve it? Now you can do this!

    PortalStick is plugin that tries to emulate Portal Gun as close as possible in Minecraft without client mods.

    Demonstration video of the plugin:

    (map from the above video: CLICK)

    Shorter demonstration video created by user of the plugin (sorry, can't remember name right now.):

    See BukkitDev page for more information and download links:
    (you can use your minecraft forum username and password on BukkitDev)
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    Same issue, the '0-0' changes back to 0-0
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    try using double quotes
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    I managed to get it to '0-0' by copying and pasting a copy of region file where I had changed the faith-plate-power to '0-0' in to my PortalStick folder while the server was running. Then reloading the server. This also seemed to fix my error. Thank you so much for your helpful and quick response. Awesome plugin great job man keep it up.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    The quotes are unnecessary; don't worry about them disappearing.
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    Major bug here. If you place two portals on the ground, and throw an item drop into one, the item will falsely duplicate each time it travels between portals, causing extreme lag to the point of disconnecting all players nearby. Aside from that I notice at times there is a bug with the velocity not carrying through portals properly.

    These happen with the default config settings.
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    Please add a turret:)
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    EDIT: Sorry... Was just reading through the bug posts and noticed I'm experiencing the same as this:

    Curious... Is anyone else experiencing portals deleting but not reverting block color back to original?

    Ex. portallable-blocks: '35:0' portal hole deletes when leaving area, blocks stay blue and orange instead of going back to white. It also keeps reverting to 35 w/out quotes on exit/load.

    Is there documentation for "fill-portal-back: -1", mine is set to that. I'm assuming it means fill back any type of block? I tried changing it to '35:0' which changes it back to -1 on reload and without quotes changes it to 2100. Wiki docs are very informative but lacking a few things...

    I just want to have white cloth 35:0 as my only portallable material and cannot get it to switch colors back properly on portal delete/move...

    Thanks. I really do enjoy this plugin :)

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    BRYAN IS #1

    one word spout
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    @Bdl2 I will take a look at this. Please add it to issue tracker, so i won't forget it.

    @danil290s is planned, but i cannot promise anything.

    @Acidnine are "dead portals" appearing away from you or close?

    Try using double quotes

    Fill portal back it means that it will fill back of the portal with some materials. So if you shoot a portal on 1 block thick wall, you won't have a hole behind it.

    @BRYAN IS #1 planned, but only to enhance PortalStick for example with better sounds. Gameplay will be the same, regardless of Spout for now.
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    How? I don't see an option in the config file. Awesome plugin btw, I started liking it a lot more once I found out that it has so many features

    Nevermind, it's in the 'regions' file.:oops: I thought it was in the config file. But you should tell people how to change it on the main post because it's a really important option. Once again, thanks for a great plugin.
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    I'm going to assume my problems are because I'm running build 1060. I'll be happy to try to test any new builds (but I can't compile from the git repository, so I'd need jars). I tried using double quotes, loaded the server and after exiting it re-wrote it in single quotes.

    Thank you for the explanation. I used ice as a work-around to wool. I've also noticed that when exiting an area i get my items back but all colored wool in my inventory are returned as white wool (maybe it's because i'm running build 1060 and you have listed build 1000... my bad).

    I also noticed these strange errors in the console when trying to place portals from a distance (again, build 1060).

    Sorry for coming to you with errors while running 1060 instead of 1000.
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    is this updated to 1060?
    because i just reinstalled the whole plugin coz it broke... and its not letting me place portals... nor use the command /portal help... when i do type that, it just says the same thing u get if u type /portal...
    is it broke on 1060?
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    Great plugin, would it be possible to request that the emancipation grid be available as a separate download?
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    Question, how do I remove it so when I go next to the diamond blocks it doesn't push me back? I know it probably is that enable blue-gel blocks, but people in spawn start flying away cause it's made of some diamond blocks lol. I tried setting it to false, but it keeps setting itself back to true once I do a server reload or restart. It may be a bug, so please check it out =).

    Also just wondering, since there are plugins that make players see other things with spout, you should try making cool effects with this plugin with spout, but completely ignore it if you think it's stupid (or I'm just being stupid), I kind of have no clue how these things work lol. Well anyways, great plugin!
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    @poswimol there is a link to the wiki where everything is explained

    @Acidnine You either have a problem in Portal Blocks or Transparent Block settings.

    @Acidnine @Deathlysteve- yes, it works with 1060. There were no major changes between 1000 and 1060 so it should work.

    @Crimsonfox just disable everything else and you got emancipation grid!

    @Lunthus disable faith plates.
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    Ok i somehow got i all working again...
    but i have an annoying problem which you have probbaly seen... fixed and am annoyed that i am telling you now...

    When i jump into a horizontal portal from a high point, and come out of another portal ebing shot across an area, it stuffs up...
    what i meam is that when i go through the first portal, i come out the second zooming out, then straight away go back out the first portal... wtf?
    any fixes to this?

    EDIT: when i get shot of the first portal after being shot out of the second portal, i get shot out with POWER (more than how much i get shot out of the second portal)
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    Yeah, I figured I could do that but does it actually completely disable the other options, ie. stop them executing any code? Just want it as lightweight as possible. Cheers for the quick reply. =)
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    @matejdro Just wanted to say, this plugin is made of WIN! :)
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    Whenever I try to use the portal-stick ingame it says "cannot place a portal there!" whenever i try make one. I am an op and I dont know why this aint workin


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    @Deathlysteve- Add to issue tracker please

    @Crimsonfox there are still some options running, although without any effect. Will include more options to disable stuff in v3.

    @khamseen_air thanks :)

    @CaptainPrice943 you need to use stone by default or check your config
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    @matejdro Well, that didn't. I am not sure what you mean also
    I tried using the stone as the object to place portals on, and the object TO place portals. Wtf is wrong? It says my default portal tool is a stick
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Uh, don't use stone for placing portals... how then are you going to place stone?
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    Are you still working on this?
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    when i walk up to dimond bock walls it sends me flying back more than 50 blocks!!!!![creeper]<------sad creeper
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    That's because diamond blocks are the default block used for aerial faith plates.
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    @CaptainPrice943 is your portal area big enough?

    @OnFire Sure, why not?

    @malcomforde disable aerial faith plates.
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    I figured it out myself
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    This is the first time I test a Plugin as awesome and amazing *-*!
    Really well done matejdro!

    Otherwise, I do not know if this is because the plugin is not for the latest version of Bukkit, but I'm the owner and operator of my server, PortalStick works. But for other players, even with the same rank (owner and operator), it can only ask the portals, teleportation is not: (

    An idea of ​​where it might come?
    (Sorry, i use google translation u_u).
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    *screams and yells for an update/conformation that it works on newest RB* :p

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