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    Authors: matejdro and oliverw92

    Have you ever wanted to have portal gun in minecraft? Have you ever wanted to make your own portal test chambers and make your friends solve it? Now you can do this!

    PortalStick is plugin that tries to emulate Portal Gun as close as possible in Minecraft without client mods.

    Demonstration video of the plugin:

    (map from the above video: CLICK)

    Shorter demonstration video created by user of the plugin (sorry, can't remember name right now.):

    See BukkitDev page for more information and download links:
    (you can use your minecraft forum username and password on BukkitDev)
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    I am having a problem with the red gel, i have seen on multiple videos that it is red wool, but i put red wool down and it just makes me slide, not make me go faster. can you help? thanks for making the plugin anyway
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    Increase speed multiplier in config.
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    The Red Gel Block isnt working for me its set to true and the block is red wool. I even set the speed multiplier to 100 and i still didnt speed up. I have some cool puzzles in mind but i need the red gel block.:(
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    yes i do... :L ill try redownloading... :L
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    Gah! No matter what I do or edit, it always says "You cannot place a portal there!" What's going on?
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    This is my new favourite plugin. Can't wait to see the hard light bridges in the next version!

    You might want to consider adding a donate button.
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    Actually one thing that would be good - a global ability to disable vertical faith plates.

    Floor ones are awesome, but iron blocks are anvils in our server, and this big iron ship someons made is an insta-death bouning mechanism :p
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    Would it be possible for you to make the Grills a separate plugin, please? I would like to use them for certain areas but I'm not wanting to have the entire Portal plugin on my server. Thanks.
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    I dont understand clearly on how to make grills
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    I Have a Reccomendation, Make it So Portals Can Be on ANY Solid Block!
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    Sorry to ask if this has been asked before.
    I love this mod. the portals are much fun.
    My most favorite use is that it transports items. this is a god send in my server.
    Is there a way i can set it up to keep a portal there forever?
    Right now i have one of my four accounts log on and create a portal and log off.
    But i would like to be able to have more than 4 sets of portals.
    Is there anyway to set them to stay if you type a command or hit with a block?
    I have tried other portal plugins but this one works flat out the best.
    I know its more ment for game playing but its so good at its job perhaps it can be set for standard travel use?
    i donate to things i like btw.
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    @robinjam Hard light bridges are part of v3.0 release, which will not be released soon. You may test it by downloading and compiling source code. Then place 2 iron blocks with space between and put redstone torch on each one (yes image shows gold blocks, but you have to use iron ones for light bridge). Then light on fire one of the iron blocks.

    @TehJammers please add this to issue tracker, so i won't forget it.

    @Pythros You can disable everything else and leave only grills on.

    @Adri.Hoster check second video at around 2:55

    @tootybob you can already do this.

    @kiyoukan add that to issue tracker, please.
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    @matejdro It says You Can Not Place a Portal Here. They Only Work On Stone.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    @tootybob – Change your configuration.
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    is there any way to just use the gel blocks and plate? I just want my players to use the blocks for transportation, because they grief houses with the portals haha. And is there also a way to remove the /portal commands? Thanks
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    You can disable everything else in config file and remove commands by not giving permissions to players.
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    What do you make the grid out of? because it doesn't say in the config - or on the wiki
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    Mossy cobblestone by default, but you can change it in config.
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    thanks and can you make so that in the next version you can portal on any block [Config]

    How to do this as its not in my config file..

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    Celtic Minstrel

    I'm not sure, but I think somewhere in the configuration is a list of blocks that portals can be placed on.
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    I would like to know how to activate this plugin
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    This error spams my console every time a player moves. I have tried deleting permissions and it doesn't seem to help. I have looked everywhere and cannot find a solution to this. Please help I really love this plugin and just want it to work correctly.
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    Can you show me your config?
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    Um, regions config please.
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    I have played with this in attempts to turn off everything except for the Grills. This is most likely the source of the problems.
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    Set faith-plate power to '0-0'.
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    Every time I set the faith-plate-power to '0-0' and reload the server it says "This file has been modified by another program. Would you like to reload it?"

    When I reload it the faith-plate-power resets to 0-0 without the ''s.

    I am using notepad ++.
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    use /portal reload

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