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    Authors: matejdro and oliverw92

    Have you ever wanted to have portal gun in minecraft? Have you ever wanted to make your own portal test chambers and make your friends solve it? Now you can do this!

    PortalStick is plugin that tries to emulate Portal Gun as close as possible in Minecraft without client mods.

    Demonstration video of the plugin:

    (map from the above video: CLICK)

    Shorter demonstration video created by user of the plugin (sorry, can't remember name right now.):

    See BukkitDev page for more information and download links:
    (you can use your minecraft forum username and password on BukkitDev)
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    any chance of getting this with permissions support? i'd love this on my server, but my co-owner only wants it for donators, and it seems a good donator reward, but atm there's no way to limit it. if i'm wrong, let me know, and i'll happily install this. until permissions is supported, so we can limit who can create portals, i won't be installing unfortunately.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    Um, what are you talking about? This already supports Permissions. (If you're using PermissionsBukkit, just be sure to install SuperpermsBridge as well.)
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    Bukkit permissions support is coming in new version, but i cannot give an ETA. But currently you can still use plugin permissions.
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    For some reason I can't teleport at all when entering any of the portals.
    I made the portals on a wall of smooth stone and tried to enter it, but nothing happened.
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    I can't seem to allow multiple portallable surfaces on CB 1000.
    This is the default:
    Show Spoiler
    - 1
    Which works completely fine.

    When I try:
    Show Spoiler
    - 1
    - 2
    - 3
    - 4
    - 12
    - 13
    It gives me this error:
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    2011-07-22 20:56:14 [SEVERE] null
    org.bukkit.command.CommandException: Unhandled exception executing command 'port
    al' in plugin PortalStick v2.3.3
    Caused by: while scanning for the next token
    found character '\t' that cannot start any token
    in "<reader>", line 51, column 1:
    - 2

    But when I try:
    Show Spoiler
    - 1,2,3,4,12,13
    I am not able to place portals on anything.

    What am I doing wrong?
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    W00twut , I download it as and when I extract 'em I get those files . No simple jar... :S
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    help i try to change it to were it says allow portal on any block to true and then it wont work for the server at all
    i redownloaded it so no it works but only on the stone
    btw what is compact portal?
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    hmm strangely when I change config ( regions.yml ) it always overwrite it self to default after reboot :-/
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    @nilxchaos you are using tabs as indentation. Use spaces.

    @Noobicius there is no The download is actually jar file.

    @porcupine008 if you turn off this, can you place portals on stone? Compact portals are smaller portals, but they don't work as good as big ones.
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    Notepad+ auto-indents. I see it now. Thank you.
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    Some Mods was automaticly made as .zip File Types, I edited it into .jar and now it works. :p
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    What can i do against deleting portals if i reboot the server?
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    I put a portal on the roof and the floor and threw a peice of dirt in it, it was going so fast that it duplicated so many times that it filled up the whole room with those tiny dirt blocks, it crash my server :( but when I turned it back on it was all compacted into one little circle in the middle of the room for a couple minutes before is disapeared. It wasnt so laggy after that. 2011-07-24_14.57.15.png
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    I just found out that I get this weird bug when using this plugin. Diamond blocks suddenly works as bounce blocks... Meaning that whenever a player is near them, they bounce away like 100blocks or something. We're also having problems when walking on wool:red. People experience some sort of lag or something. It's nearly impossible to control your character when walking on it. All other wool colors work fine.
    Anyway there are no signs of error in the console log or anything, everything with the plugin itself is working 100%. The bugs I described all go away when I remove this plugin. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

    I'm using MC 1.7.3, CB 1000 and PS 2.3.3
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    Celtic Minstrel

    That's a feature, not a bug. Disable them in the config file.
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    Lol, ok. Sorry 'bout that then :)
    So the diamond block I can understand. We've had alot of fun with that one. But what is the point of the red wool thingy?
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    Diamond blocks are aerial faith plates and red wool blocks are red gel blocks.
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    How do I go about changing grill to give me a bow instead of a stick, It wont do anything when I change the config file, the portal is the bow but the grill gives me a stick.
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    I got that :) I just cant see any practical reason for the red gel thingy...?
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    @kingoscar16 there is config option to change what will grill give. Look for unique-inventory-items.

    @HpN have you ever player portal 2?
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    Can permissions for the portal stick be added so it only works in a selected area?
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    You can define regions.
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    Celtic Minstrel

    @HpN – I believe it's simply because they're something that exists in Portal 2, or something.
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    OMG !!! EPIC !!! THX BRO !!!
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    No, and that didn't answer my question at all ;)

    Ok, thnx :)

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    Yes, this is red gel block. An element from portal 2 that makes you go faster. See the update videos for demonstration.
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    ok lately when im using this plugin, its been a bit glitchy (since aout CB1000)
    for one thing, sometimes when i walk normally into a portal, it shoots me out really REALLY fast (this glitch is rare for me)
    another is when i get momentum (like say falling into a portal) it doesnt shoot me out of the other potral, but only places me right outside of the portal, so i just fall straight down (with no added speed)
    and the third and most annoying glitch is the 'Moving too fast :( (Hacking?)' glitch...
    when im coming out at fast speeds, it kicks me (being admin and op) and anyone else who gets shot out fast.
    I have Flying enabled, a anti flying plugin (NoCheat) which allows me and the people who are testing this for me to fly, but yet it still gives them that annoying error...
    is the third glitch to do with this plugin? anyone help pls
    much appreciated!!
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    I just wanted to thank you for this mod, it's amazing, and works very well, I have no problems using it, and will probably get started on my own portal level now


    [diamond][diamond][diamond] [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond]

    It's Diamonds.
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    @Deathlysteve- Do you have v2.3.3? I thought i fixed that bug long time ago.

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