[FUN] TimedLicense v1.4 - gives permission for a predefined time [1000]

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    Invisible Ink Extension

    Timed License extension
    Version 1.4
    By Lennart van Bremen
    Download TimedLicense.jar
    Total package (Invisible Ink, extensions and source)
    A timed license gives the user the ability to use certain commands for a predefined time. This way, your users can decide themselves when they really need the command, without using it excessively.
    To create a TimedLicense, use /createtimedlicense <Int> <String> <String>. The int, a natural number, is the amount of time the license can be used. It is defined in ticks (minecraft time). Without lag the game runs at ~20 ticks a second.
    The first String is a description of or the command itself which can be used with this paper. It is possible to use spaces in this string.
    The last String is the permission node that will be given to the user. You can usually find this in the plugin description and will look something like 'invisibleink.timedlicense' (ironically the permission node of this plugin!). Note that you shouldn't place a space after the command or it won't work.

    By left clicking with the paper, it will tell you the command that can be used and the amount of ticks it will be available to use.
    By right clicking you activate the paper and you can use the command associated with the paper. If your time runs out (the last 100 ticks/5 seconds) it will tell you so.
    This plugin won't do anything without permissions installed (duhh).
    To give a user the right to create a TimedLicense, define invisibleink.timedlicense.

    • v1.4 - initial release compiled against Invisible Ink v1.4
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    Nice Idea ;)
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    Could this be used for items, example: Diamond Pickaxe.
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    Is it possible for you to change the time to seconds, or milliseconds?
    If not, I'll just play around with the ticks and try to get used to them.
    Looks like a great plugin otherwise! :)
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    the problem with seconds is that it is lagg dependant, so on quick servers you will have more time while on slower servers you have less time. Just multiply the amount of seconds with 20 and you will get a good estimate.
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    Oh, alright!
    That makes a lot of sense now that you've explained it.
    I was thinking it was just a different measurement.
    Thanks Dutch!
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    Does this work for 1060?
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    I CanĀ“t download the Plugin :(

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