Inactive [FUN] TieDyeSheep v0.1.1 - Determine what colors sheep are when they spawn [1597]

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    TieDyeSheep - Determine what colors sheep are when they spawn.
    Version: v0.1.1

    Should sheep come in all colors of the rainbow? Perhaps your world is a post-apocalyptic industrial nightmare where all the sheep are sooty black and brown. Ever thought about coloring your sheep to match the holidays?

    This plugin catches your world's sheep as they spawn and colors them based on the ratios specified in its config file. If no config file exists, it automatically generates one. Change the file to the ratios you prefer, reload the plugin, and watch those fluffy creatures spawn. For example, if you only want purple sheep, set PURPLE to 1 and all other colors to 0. If you want twice as many black sheep as white, set BLACK to 2 and WHITE to 1 and the other colors to 0.

    • Sheep spawn in the color ratios determined by the config file.
    • Auto-generates config file if it doesn't exist.
    Download The Plugin:
    Source Code:

    • Protect from a sour config file.
    • Multiworld support if there's any interest? (different ratios for different worlds.)
    • Color consistency with shearing etc?
    Version 0.1.1 (tested with 670, 677, 684, 740, 818, 928, 1000, 1185, 1317, 1597)
    • Bug fix. (re: setting all colors to 0.)
    Version 0.1 (tested with 670)
    • First release. My server's small. Let me know if you have problems.
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    Could you apply this to wolves? just saying would be SIIIIICK!
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    Wolves only have one color, gray. I think Notch was thinking about having different colored wolves, but for now it's not possible.
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    You have to put tested version in the title always. Remember that for updates.
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    Pics or it didn't happen ;)
    Just kidding, it is a tip, although. I really like this idea.
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    :D Got a particular color set you'd like to see?

    What do you want listed if the same jar is good with a couple versions? Just the latest, a csv list, earliest and latest with a dash? (Sorry, this is my first published plugin here.)

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    The latest recommended build compatible
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    awesome plugin! Short and sweet and my members love it
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    Ran a quick test with 677, and added a pic for sShaDOhsS' amusement. ;)
    Thanks ctshiner!
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    Not working on 684, keep giving this error but only when I edit the config to change a value (everything as 0 except white and black wich are at 2 and silver, gray, pink and brown wich are at 1) :

    01:24:24 [INFO] TieDyeSheep version 0.1.1 is enabled!
    01:24:24 [GRAVE] null loading TieDyeSheep v0.1.1 (Is it up to date?)
    at info.avatartoolbox.kaba.TieDyeSheep.SheepColorPercentages.<init>(Shee
    at info.avatartoolbox.kaba.TieDyeSheep.TieDyeSheep_EntityListener.update
    at info.avatartoolbox.kaba.TieDyeSheep.TieDyeSheep.readConfig(TieDyeShee
    at info.avatartoolbox.kaba.TieDyeSheep.TieDyeSheep.onEnable(TieDyeSheep.
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManage
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugins(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.e(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.d(
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    It was unable to read your config file. The file is in the yaml format that many bukkit plugins use, if you are adding tabs or have spaces in the wrong spot the software can't read it.

    Reply if you are still having trouble, I can put up a working config file with your ratio for you to download.
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    Didn't know it was a special format, I was using wordpad wich messed up the code, using notepad++ now and everything is working fine! Thanks for this great plugin keep up the good work!
  13. If you use wordpad you shouldn't allow it to use any text formatting stuff, I use wordpad (from WinXP, running Win7 tough) and it works just fine for editing anything :p
  14. A really good idea - I've been looking for a plugin that randomly produces different coloured sheep, other similar plugins I've come across seem to rely on commands - which I don't particularly like using - this gives a more 'in-game' experience to having different coloured sheep. I'm currently using bukkit #711 and I have a rainbow garden of sheep going on in the back garden - great plugin. It doesn't need to be any more complex than it is - fantastic.
    .... many thanks.

    I've just seen on your 'todo' list about multworld support - I've gone to a couple of other worlds, and the sheep are rainbow'ing it up just as much as they are on the original world, so it already seems to support multiworld - unless you mean something else ?
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    My guess would be per world config.
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    Works [720]
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    works on 733 just peachy
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    Would like to confirm. Works fantastic, no errors, and we love our rainbow sheep!

    Edit: new RB today, just noticed, still working great on 740.
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    What Tahg said (different worlds could have different ratios.)
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    Works great thanks! I've spent ages trying out all sorts of coloured sheep mods and they all haven't worked...

    So thank you!
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    Does not work on 812. :(
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    I'm sticking with recommended builds of bukkit. I'll test with 1.6 when it matures.
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    Tested with mc 1.6.6 and craftbukkit 818. Working great!
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    As silly as this is, a rare colored sheep every few hundred regular sheep would be cool, and setting the ratios myself seems interesting. Holiday colored sheep! :p
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    this plugin is awesome :)
    but i have to assure all new players that they are not stoned and that what they are seeing is completely normal :D
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    this works on build 953 great. no problems so far
    this plugin is just awesome!! :)
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    Yay, now my dyes won't be a total loss!
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    @kaba : I would like to enable "random color spawning sheeps" in only one world.
    I'd like to have normal sheeps ( white, pink, brown, black ) in the main world, and all colors in the pixel art world.

    So, yes, Multiworld is needed. =p
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    Link is down? Wanted to download this on my new server, had loads of fun with it on my previous one :(
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    Not intentionally - DreamHost is having a rough day.

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