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  1. Tetris
    Version: 0.5

    How do you mean addicted? I just play tetris in minecraft!
    With this plugin, you can play Tetris in-game!
    Also, It has permission support, visual effects etc.

    • Load up tetris at any location (or change settings to limit it to locations)
    • Original tetris, blocks are the same.
    • Highscores + server-wide anouncements (if configured)
    • Various graphical effects (Red-screen of death, startup counter, more are planned)
    • Restore support after game-over that supports all blocks
    • Permission support
    • Plays the original Tetris theme (TM)
    • Spectating
    • Admin-only areas

    v0.5 - Download here
    If you really appreciate my work, please support me so I can create plugins faster in the future.
    Frequently Asked Questions (open)

    Does it lag the server?
    I've got an public Tetris server which has been tested with 5 players playing at the same time on an 1gb server, and it was lag-free.

    How do I make predefined Tetris locations
    In the settings file, change "canUseTetrisEverywhere" to false and "MustStandOnBlockType" to an uncommon block id (sponge/jack`o lantern etc)

    Will this break any terrain?
    I've made the Field.Restore() in the script so it supports any block (chest/sign etc) and prevent any dupes thats caused with that.

    I've got an error in the console
    Please post it on the topic and include your settings.txt with it too.

    How to reset the field?
    type /tetris again and it will go away

    What is the permission node for /tetris ?
    Its 'tetris.use'

    How to I rotate / move the blocks?
    After the game starts you'll see gold/iron/diamond blocks on the side of your screen, if you 'press' them (left/right click), you'll move them
    Currently gold is left/right, iron is rotate and diamond is down.

    How do I spectate tetris players?
    /tspec <playername>

    How do I make admin-defined tetris area's?
    With 0.4+, you can change the settings to use ONLY admin-defined areas, thats useful for tetris arena's.
    So here's how you make them
    - In the settings.txt, change "CanUseTetrisEverywhere" to false, and "UseAdminLocation" to true
    - Reload the server
    - In-game, people which are OP or have 'tetris.create' permission, can now use /tbuild (short for TetrisBuild to place blocks where tetris can be played on.

    Heres a graphical example:
    [grass][grass][grass][grass] -> [grass][wheatsprout][wheatsprout][grass] -> [grass][wood][wood][grass]
    [dirt][dirt][dirt][dirt] -> [dirt][grass][grass][dirt] -> [dirt][dirt][dirt][dirt]
    */tbuild* again
    Now people can play tetris when they stand on the wood

    How do I change my button binding?
    In the settings.txt when updated to 0.4, there should be a part with Button Binding and several shortcuts, Its all explained there what all means.


    Review by @jamescosten

    Planned for 0.6:
    V0.5 (12 Nov):
    • Updated for RB #1337
    • Added light @ night/dark area's when playing
    • Removed PermissionsPlugin depency (built-in permissions now)
    • Classic mode support (doesn't spam messages in chat in classic mode)
    Older versions (open)
    V0.4 (27 May):
    • Fixed restoring the field when old data contained wallsigns
    • Tbuild mode to make admin-only areas (see FAQ)
    • You can now change button binding to your own liking (I got too much complaints about this), see settings.txt / FAQ
    V0.3 (25 May):
    • You can now spectate tetris players using /tspec <player> (short for TetrisSpec <player>)
    • The game will anounce (if configured) whenever an player beat somebody's highscore
    • Music goes faster when the blocks go faster
    • You can "scroll blocks down", if you scroll with your mouse, the block will go 1 space down so you can make it go faster down if you want.
    Oh and the version number will show the 0.3 now too, instead of 1.0.0

    V0.2 (24 May):

    • Fixed 5th highscore not saving
    • Added /highscore so you can check highscores (not sure if this conflicts with other plugins)
    • Added music boxes that play the tetris theme
    v0.1 (23 May):
    • Initial release with all the main functions
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    could you make an example for using WASD keys?
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    Tommy James

    my friend is going to jizz when he sees this!
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    lol, no, good work so far I am enjoying this greatly, i'll put in a suggestion/request for some checkers, i think you could easily do it, but i can understand work load, lol.
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    easily the most fun plugin i have :)

    but is there any way that there would be in option in the config that set which block the border is made out of? because players in my server are complaining that they can't see the game when playing night tetris, so i thought it would be cool to be able to make it out of glowstone
  6. 0.5 ;) it will change to glowstone if its too dark

    RB 818 compitable, no update required

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    @Streammz Can you please make it so the arena doent go away? and how about allowing 2 players?
    so new commands/nods could be
    /tetris start <--tetris.use
    /tetris leave <---tetris.use
    /tetris make <--tetris.make
    /tetris destroy <-tetris.destroy (also ud have to be standing in the tetris arena)
    can this be done sir?
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    a video for you :D
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    im wondering, i want to use WASD to play, does it have to look like this:
    ######Button bindings######
    #####Data for button bindings, don't change if you don't know#####
    ##### shortcuts: #####
    ##### le = left #####
    ##### ri = right #####
    ##### do = one down #####
    ##### id = insta down #####
    ##### ro = rotate #####
    ##### - = nothing #####
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  11. :) I really appericiate it that you make an account on the forums just to reply in my topic :D
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    did you like my video :D
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    could u make it easier for the controls? the "hitting the frame blocks" is kinda inconvienent and hard to use
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    @ Streammz
    how about a way to play with the server :)
    so its 2 player game and u can invite outhers to play with you
    and what are the bindings to use the arrow keys?
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    Apparently when the game switches speeds and gets faster the pieces in the next box become inaccurate. This was noticed by a few people who got scores past 50,000.
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    Hello I AM INTRIGUED !!! However i have one hard hitting question before i can try your amazing plug
    Will the "arena" be able to plop into a worldgaurd region if the player is not allowed to build within it..
    there are protected regions like spawn or towns (obviously) and players plots , would this plugin allow people to place a game in an area that they are not allowed to build in ? (thus breaking regions or blocks within it) is is my only concern, and I WANT TO PLAY TETRIS ! please respond ... I WANT TO PLAY TETRIS ! :D
    also the placing of a game outside a region would it still get into the protected region (using /tetris just outside a region) ?
  17. @NEO
    inaccurate as how? wrong colours? wrong shapes?
    and which of the 2 get inaccurate? the next one or the second-next one?

    You can make an tetris arena so you can't play tetris anywhere else on the world, read the FAQ for that

    if I remember it right, if 2 players stand next to eachother and one of them does /tetris, both of them could play.
    however I could have changed that without me remembering
    edit: ... yeah i changed that
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    lol can u make it u can play agenst the server? a command like
    /tetris solo 2
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    @Streammz wrong shapes, next one.

    Also request to add a command for viewing high scores. Didn't see such a thing in the op. Also possible send user who spectate back to where they were after the game is over. I haven't had a chance to test that out yet.
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    Can someone please make an example for the Arrow Keys please? Thanks.
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    This is so fun....
  22. /highscore is already in there ;) i'll add that in the OP
    also, the spectate, i'll add that

    Okay guys, I'm getting sick of all the people complaining about WASD / Arrow keys.. Please stop it!

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    That happened to me, I was about to get to 54,000 then the blocks started to speed up really fast and was inaccurate and cause a major performance drop on the server, by spamming can't keep up.
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    Yes i watched the videos and read through the OP, i wish the documentation was a little better but i got most of it :D So far people cant stop playing this on my server. Always tons of people waiting in line :)

    Also if the platform you actually stand on when you play could disappear for 2 or 3 seconds after the game ends that would be great. With the amount of players waiting in line people tend to try to hog the game by going more than once, making them fall off would prevent this. Perhaps a config option to enable this :)
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    I love this plugin, and when my server comes up when Im done working on it, I think its going to be a great hit.

    1.6.6 Compatable.
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    If anyone would like to try and top my high score my server ip is I have an area set up to play near spawn next to the large pyramid.
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    Has any one had any issues with possible conflicting plugins? Quite often on my server the game will freeze...

    The blocks will stop moving, but you can still log out of the game.
  29. can you list your plugins please?
    edit: rather the ones that use timers
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    I figured out what it is...Thundertools. Whenever the other admin shoots lighting from the gold sword, it freezes tetris.

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