[FUN] TeleHeal 1.0 - Heal & Teleport at the same time! [CraftBukkit 1.2.5-R4]

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    V. 1.0 (V. 1.1 soon! Doing a full re-write)
    What this plugin does is teleports you (or another person) to a target player whilst healing them / feeding them to max food level all in one command. This command is useful if you don't want someone to die, but want them in a certain place.

    /tph - teleports and heals you.
    /tph <target player> (to teleport to another player, and heal yourself)
    /tph <player1> <player2> (teleports player1 to player2 and heals player1)

    Perm Nodes:
    tph.use - allows use of the /tph command

    Change Log:

    v 1.0- Made the plugin. That is all


    Please leave comments below. Thanks guys!

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    I prefere change file hosting. 2nd thing is that I do not see any usable thing in this plugin. Sorry but this is my own way of thinking. If I do not understand idea of this plugin please tell me.
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    This plugin is meant for mod/admin/op use only. If you have players on Survival mode and want them alive (because they have say, stolen items) and would like to retrieve them yourself. You can use the /tph command and get them to you healthy (full health) and retrieve said item. This can help you if you want to prevent Lava Death, Void Death, & Fall Death. I made this mainly to test my current knowledge of Java Programming, and I wanted to release a plugin that is somewhat meaningless to see how to approval and bukkit dev process goes, Thanks for the question. Any suggestions?

    Download link changed

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    Oh, well I see it's usability now. But isn't that more useful to make plugin that can do more (cusotmizable) things when you teleport. I would be really happy if there appear for example "teleport and freeze" etc.
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    What exactly is your suggestion? Sorry, I am not understanding what you would like to me implemented.
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    Duplicated thread, locked and moved to inactive.
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